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5×5 vs 4×4 Closure

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Last Updated: June 19, 2022

There are different sizes for closures and it can be confusing at first to know the difference between their properties. This article will go into detail about the differences between a 5×5 closure and a 4×4. 

5×5 vs 4×4 closure

A 4×4 lace closure is a closure that is made from lace with a 4 inches wide by 4 inches deep size. It is meant to close off a wig or weave in order for you to have a natural-looking part. 

Some people do not like the disconnect that is created with a 4×4 closure between the front and back of the head. Sometimes, with a smaller closure, you can see where the hair stops on the closure, and where it begins behind it on the wig. 

Closures come in bigger sizes such as a 5×5 – 5 inches wide and 5 inches deep – and are ideal for creating a deeper part. A bigger part enables you to make the crown of the head look more natural and it also enables you to have more parting options.


What is a 4×4 lace closure?

A 4×4 closure completes a wig or weave on the crown of the head. The smaller these closures are, the less parting space and hair coverage is included with it. A 4×4 is the smallest closure size. Closures are less time-consuming to style than frontals.  Many people gravitate towards the convenience of taking less time to make it look natural.

Due to the size of a closure, they are also significantly less expensive than a frontal. Closures are also easier to maintain. They are ideal for people who want a simple, less time-consuming everyday look.


  • Easy Customization – A 4×4 lace wig does not have a lot of lace that you would need to customize. There is only lace on the center portion that needs to be blended into your scalp. Many people choose this wig if they want to style their wig quickly. 
  • Parting Options – With a 4×4 lace wig you are able to part your hair in several places while still maintaining the natural look of your scalp underneath. You also have a natural look in the front of the wig, which is great for those who like middle parts. 
  • Low-maintenance – There is not as much maintenance needed for a 4×4 lace wig because of how small the lace is. Due to the 4×4 not needing as much maintenance as the 13×4, it also usually lasts longer.


  • Less-versatile – Due to the amount of parting space, a 4×4 lace wig is not as versatile as a 13×4 lace wig. Parting options are usually limited to a side and middle part. The hair on a 4×4 lace wig also cannot be pulled backward in the way that a 13×4 lace wig can. 
  • Small – A 4×4 is the smallest closure size, and while it might be easier to install, it tends to be difficult to make the crown of the hair look natural at its cut off point. 


What is a 5×5 lace closure?

A 5×5 closure is similar to a 4×4 closure, but bigger. It allows for more parting space and more lace in the front. It gives more hairline imitation than a 4×4 closure and can be parted towards the back of the head farther. Due to a 5×5 being bigger, it also requires more maintenance. It may also be more time-consuming to install. 


  • Parting Space – The part on a 5×5 is wider and can go as deep as 5 inches. It helps to achieve a more natural look and gives you different parting options.
  • Hairline imitation – A 5×5 closure has more lace in the front than a 4×4 which means that more of the hairline can be shown. It allows for the style to look even more natural, especially because you can style the baby hairs around the lace to mimic an actual hairline. 


  • Maintenance – Due to a 5×5 being larger than a 4×4, the closure will require more maintenance and installation time. Maintenance includes washing, styling, and styling around the lace in the front.  
  • Placement – The placement of the wig generally leaves you with a middle part. Unless you’re skilled with styling, it may be hard to change the part.

Do you need a closure to make a wig?

You can make a wig without closure by making a wig into a u-part wig. A u-part wig is a wig that is open on the top. Due to the wig being open at the top, it enables you to leave out your own hair instead of completing the top of the wig with a closure. When your hair is left out you are able to style it in the style of the wig.

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Can you do a side part with a 5×5?

You are able to do a side part with a 5×5 closure. Due to most closures already being styled in a middle part, you may have to repart it while it is still wet and blow dry it in the direction you want it to fall. Using a hot comb and hairspray will also help you to lay the hair in the direction you want. It is a little more difficult to create a side part on a closure, but can still be done with the right methods.

Does a closure need to be glued?

You do not need to glue a closure. If you are installing a closure to a weave, you can sew the closure instead of gluing it. If you are using a closure wig, you don’t have to glue the lace down in the front. You can use glueless methods. Glue can get messy and has the potential to get stuck to your hair if you are not careful. One of the glueless methods for a wig is using an elastic band or hair combs. 

The Final Word

The size of the closure you decide all comes down to the details. Different people may need different things from a hairpiece, so it’s always important to stay informed!


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