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Air Drying Weave

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Last Updated: June 23, 2022

Healthy hair is something everyone desires. Why? Quite frankly because it completes a look! While this is a desired look, how can you achieve it? One way is by avoiding heat.

In this article we will discuss weave and why air drying can be of benefit. Let’s take a further look to understand how the two go together.

Air Drying Weave

Air drying your weave is a great way to get the most wear out of the hair. With the lack of manipulation and heat, it can extend your weave’s life. Air drying your hair is a great way to go if you have expensive hair that lasts.

Curls essentially style themselves making it easy when air drying. Hence, air drying weave is a great option. The most effort you will have to put into the hair is ensuring you apply some sort of frizz fighting product to avoid an unwanted frizz look if that’s what you’re into.

Do keep in mind the way how your weave is installed – it can help determine if air drying your hair is the best way to go. If your weave is attached with any sort of bonding glue, air drying may not be ideal. The longer moisture is on the hair, the more likely it is to start to wear away.

If you have weave installed via sew-ins, air drying is a perfectly acceptable way to dry the hair without causing any further damage.

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3 Tips for Air Drying Weave 

1. Detangle

Detangling your hair right after it’s freshly washed is essential for getting good results when air drying. Detangling the hair allows for it to fall in it’s natural state and dry free of any tangles. 

Detangling while it’s at its wettest state will also help get through the hair and make it easier once you start to apply any products.

Sectioning the hair once you start to detangle is another helpful tip. You will be able to reach every strand of hair and get additional air flow throughout as you’re brushing or combing through the hair.

2. Apply Product and Style

Since air drying doesn’t allow you to smooth the hair cuticles with the aid of heat, applying products will give big help. Products such as frizz fighting serums or conditioner will be ideal when air drying hair weave.

Generously applying hair care products, specifically on the ends, will allow for a put together result. You can further style the hair by adding volume in specific areas. You can accomplish this through the aid of clips and other tools.

If you want a wavy effect or some extra body you can also braid the hair or wrap it around specific curly tools to have the hair set in a curlier state.

3. Don’t Touch 

Once you’ve detangled, and set the hair up for styling, don’t touch the hair! Touching the hair will cause you to disturb the drying process and create unnecessary frizz.

While this can be hard to do, thinking about this tip when styling can be helpful. Styling the hair in a way that is out of your face will be extremely helpful when trying to avoid touching.

Wait a good hour or two before you interact with the hair. The hair should be relatively dry before you put the finishing styling touches on the hair. If you follow this method, you’ll be sure to achieve the best results.

Benefits of Air Drying Weave

The two main benefits of air drying weave are the fact that you cut back on unnecessary manipulation and heat. When you blow dry weave it helps preserve the health of the hair.

While it can be safe to blow dry weave you need to ensure you take extra precautions to protect the hair. Air drying the hair may require some extra work in the styling area but that’s about it.

Once you’ve initially detangled your hair you’re pretty much done in terms of interacting with the weave. You can leave the hair to dry free of manipulation.

How to Air Dry Weave 

  • Detangle – Detangling your hair is essential in any style, not just air drying.
  • Apply product – Look for hair care products that have a smoothing effect and fight frizz. These items will be most helpful when styling.
  • Style – Use items such as clips to create volume in areas such as the crown. Also create body throughout the hair by braiding or using other tools that allow the hair to have some sort of curls.
  • Don’t touch – Touching the hair when it’s not fully dry will create unnecessary frizz. 

How long does it take to air dry weave? 

The overall dry time can vary depending on a variety of different reasons. The density, length, and climate can affect the length at which the hair dries. Typically within 2-3 hours the hair should be dry. Depending on the factors previously listed, the dry time could be a little bit more or less.

Can you air dry your hair faster?

Speeding up the drying process is a difficult thing to accomplish without the aid of heat. Some ways that can aid in the process going faster is sectioning or styling the hair. If you clip up portions of your hair it allows you to get airflow on more than just the top layer. The fastest way to dry your hair is using a blow dryer so you have to determine which is a better option for you.

How do you avoid frizz when air drying weave?

There are two main ways to accomplish this. One way you can cut back on frizz is by applying a hair product. There are frizz fighting serums and even a little conditioner can help in this case. Another way to avoid frizz is by using as little manipulation as possible and allowing it to dry without disruption.

The Bottomline

Air drying weave is a great option, especially if you’re looking to keep the hair in its healthiest state. 

There are a variety of different ways you can go about this but it’s fairly simple to achieve.

In little to no time you are sure to find the perfect regiment for air drying your hair. Hopefully utilizing these tips will be a great place for you to start.


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