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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

As a licensed cosmetologist, I’ve learned there are a few things you need to look for when dealing with hair additives. 

A benefit of being in the beauty industry is starting to realize the long term benefit of buying high quality hair. The industry has also taught me to do sufficient research on the company you are buying from.

Today, I will be reviewing Brazilian body wave bundles and a closure from the site Alimoda hair.


Alimoda has been around since the 90’s, ensuring to provide their customers with the best quality hair. In 2011 the company started to sell to buyers directly, including salons and distributors, all through their website.

The site is easy to follow and has an understanding layout. You can easily navigate to pages of interest. The company works with YouTubers to help better serve their customers and provides a variety of discounts.

Alimoda is most known for their weaves. They have bundle sets which are a great deal if you want to invest in a full weave. They have over 4 different hair types and up to 10 different textures to choose from.

Although the company didn’t reach out during the process they have options to get in contact. They provide help via email, phone, and provide a contact form that can be filled out. One downside was the lack of a live chat, these are helpful especially during pre-order.

The delivery of the items took longer than expected, 6 business days. While the shipping was long, the package arrived free from damage. The company ships worldwide so keep in mind the possible delays that may arise.

The reviews of this company were extremely positive. Customers were very happy with not only the quality of the product but also the way the store ran. The fast delivery times and helpful customer service were just a few areas that allowed for positive reviews.

What I Like

  • Price – The bundle set was very affordable.
  • Closure – The lace color was impressive along with the knots.
  • Hair grade – The hair was 8A which is one of the highest grades of hair available.

What I Don’t Like

  • Delivery time – The hair took over the expected time to arrive.
  • Density on closure – The density wasn’t consistent, the ends were slightly thinner.
  • Customer service – It would have been nice to have a live chat to communicate.

Hair Quality


The bundles are grade 8A hair which is clearly evident as soon as you brush through the hair. You can feel the strong hair strands which are a result of the high quality. Since the hair is remy and all the cuticles are lying in one direction, the hair is not prone to tangling.  

As the hair is unprocessed, you have plenty of options to customize the unit further without compromising the health of the hair. The hair comes pre-styled with a body wave texture that has a beautiful bounce. Even if pulled straight, the texture returns without falling flat.

The bundles aren’t very thick, but they are well constructed. They feel sturdy and don’t appear to easily fall apart. This is desired as it increases the longevity of the hair. Virgin hair typically lasts a year and paired with the durability, it’s likely to last longer.

The hair feels quite dense which is a positive. The set came with 3 bundles and that would be more than enough to create a healthy looking style. The fact that the hair is only 10 inches in length is a positive as well, the ends are just as thick as the rest of the hair.

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Hair Strand

The hair strands on the closure were very similar to the bundles. This being said, about halfway down the strand, the hair didn’t remain as soft as the upper half. The hair felt a little coarse and had a more intense body wave. 

While the texture felt a little different, the hair still didn’t shed or tangle. Both of these will lead to a longer lasting unit. While brushing through the hair you could notice the ends of the hair didn’t stay as defined. 

You could easily fix this lack of definition by adding a little bit of product.  The closure was purchased in 14 inches, the longer length could be what makes the hair pattern not remain as consistent as the shorter bundles.


The closure is made with light brown swiss lace. This tinted lace allows for a seamless blend and is especially desired by those who have a darker skin tone. The material of the lace is durable and likely to hold up instead of ripping after a few uses.

The hairline has a free part which allows for more styling options. The company also offers a middle part and  3 part option. You can choose from any 3 options without receiving an upcharge.

The closure also comes with baby hairs and appears to be pre-plucked. Both of these additions are desired as they allow for a natural looking style. The knots of the hair strands were reasonable in size as well.


The company advertises the closure having a weight of 30-55 grams. This can convert to around 3-5 percent which is not very high. It’s important to keep in mind this size of the closure is not very big which is why the percentage is not very high.

The hair felt thick near the lace. You could part the closure without seeing straight through to the lace. This is desired so the unit doesn’t look like it’s balding. 

The one downside to this closure is the ends weren’t as thick as the rest of the unit. The total price of the bundle was reasonable making this downside workable. It would have been nice to increase the density, even at an upcharge.


The closure came in the size 4×4 which is average. They didn’t have the option to alter the size as you are purchasing a set. I found the price to be reasonable and the lack of customization understandable.

Since you have little space to work with, the free part appeared to be a good choice as it increased styling options.

One benefit of the sizing was even though it’s small, they attached hair even to the outer edges. This ensures the maximum amount of space was used without getting wasted. You definitely get your money’s worth.

Store Experience 

The site is very easy to follow and has a clean, professional layout. The company clearly higlighlights the products along with best sellers. This allows a customer to have quick access to products that may sell out fast.

The company also works with YouTubers to advertise their products and show how to best style and install the hair. This is of benefit to customers, especially beginners.

Alimoda also offers a variety of different sales and discount codes. The landing page highlights the sales you can take part in. Although prices are affordable, it’s always a plus when you can save extra money.

Range of Products

Alimoda hair provides a variety of different products but specializes in bundles. They offer a variety of different hair types including Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, and Peruvian. They also have over 10 different hair textures.

Their wide variety of products provides an option for anyone.The company also provides “lots” which are bundle deals. You can receive the products to achieve a full weave at a lower price than buying each separately.

One area the company could improve on is their range of color. They offer a natural black, blonde, and ombre. These are all quite typical and it would have been nice to see some fun, vibrant colors instead.

Customer Support 

The company didn’t reach out at all during the order process. Although this is the case, you as the customer are able to reach out. They are available via phone, email, and provide a contact form.

The company advises you to include an order number when inquiring so they have a better understanding of the situation. This will likely lead to a quicker response time in the long run as they don’t have to look up your information.

One downside to the company was their lack of providing a live chat. Live chats are often the most helpful pre-order as they can help you during the buying process. They provide a quick response to buyers.

Delivery Time

Hair from Alimoda is typically sent out within 24 hours. They ship using the services DHL and FedEx. I received my package in 6 business days via FedEx. This was over the expected timeline of delivery.

Alimoda offers their products worldwide and provides shipping at a reasonable timetable. The longest they estimate a delivery will take is 7 business days. The company typically provides low invoices to ensure the customer doesn’t receive a potential tax.

Keep in mind the company doesn’t ship to PO boxes, this may pose a problem for some. They also recommend your shipping address is the same as set up in your Paypal account. If for some reason it’s not, you may cause the order to be delayed while they verify.

What others are saying

This customer had an overall great experience. The shipping was fast along with steady communication throughout the order. They were able to make the experience worth ordering again.

This customer was happy with the quality of the hair that was received. The lace allowed for a natural looking hairline. The strands themself didn’t tangle or shed  allowing for soft hair.


What type of hair care should I use with Alimoda products?

Since products are 100% human hair, you should treat it just like the hair on your head. Ensure to use high quality products in order to increase the longevity of your units. Also keep up on conditioning to keep the hair soft and tangle free.

What kind of payment does Alimoda accept?

Alimoda supports Paypal gateway. This allows customers to pay whether they have an account or not. If they don’t you can use Paypal guest to check out. They also accept visa payments along with a handful of credit cards including AMEX and Discover. 

Does hair from Alimoda smell bad?

No, the company offers 100% chemical-free hair. They are determined to care for not only the beauty, but also the health of their customers. They promise to provide a chemical-free smelling hair. SInce the hair is co-washed you may be exposed to a haircare smell.

Do we recommend it? 

Overall, yes. The company has a positive reputation and has been around for years. They truly provide their customers with high quality hair that is affordable.

While the hair is top notch, it would have been nice if they could have stepped up in other areas such as customer service. That being said, the grade 8A hair makes up for where the company is lacking.


A lover of all things beauty related whose been in the industry for about 5 years. While I'd love to say I'm a self-taught prodigy, I'm actually a licensed cosmetologist who has spent countless hours studying hair. I quickly learned sharing valuable information with like-minded individuals allows everyone to make the right choices when dealing with their hair. As a curly girl myself I love to experiment with different styles on a regular basis. While I do have a busy schedule between work, freelancing, and school; I always seem to find time for my hair.

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