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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

I’m a licensed cosmetologist who has been acquainted with the beauty industry for the past 5 years. Shopping with reputable companies can  be more difficult than anticipated due to the rise of so many new companies.

On top of finding a good company, the hair plays a vital part too. Today I will be reviewing the company Alipearl Hair and specifically talking about one of their lace front body wave wigs.

The product was purchased out of pocket and no incentives were given in return. The goal is to give a 100% unbiased review.


Alipearl has a factory that has been around for over 20 years. They founded their official website 4 years ago to give their customers a better shopping experience. They sell high quality human hair that is highly sought after.

The site was easy to navigate and efficiently showcased the needed information. They also used customers’ photos to show how the hair will look when styled. The most helpful part would have to be the continuous discounts they offer to customers.

While the company focuses on wigs, they offer a wide range of customizations that allow you to switch up the look. They have over 4 different hair styles, over 8 different styles, and a variety of different colors. For an upcharge you are also able to customize density and the type of lace you prefer.

I personally didn’t have any experience with the customer support but many reviews rave over the help they receive. I tried to get in contact with the company via live chat but It wasn’t possible. Aside from live chat the company also offers email, phone, and Imessage.

The delivery of the product felt quite long. It took 9 business days, close to 2 weeks overall. I’ve shopped with many other companies that deliver in half the time. Another downside to the shipping was the package came crushed, although the product wasn’t damaged.

Majority of the reviews that I read about the company were positive. Customers admit they view the hair as investments but are satisfied with their purchases every time. This is a comforting thing to hear before deciding to shop with online stores.

What I Like

  • Density – The hair was thick throughout resulting in thick ends.
  • Customizations – The company offers a variety of different options to customize units.
  • Shine – The hair gave off a good amount of shine that looked healthy yet not too fake.

What I Don’t Like

  • Delivery – The hair took a long time to arrive and the packaging came damaged.
  • Pop ups –The site had too many distractions while trying to shop.
  • Customer support – I found it difficult to get in contact with a representative.

Hair Quality

Hair Strand 

This unit was purchased in a 16 inch body wave. Body waves are a great texture as they require little to no styling. As you brushed the hair out the texture remained consistent and didn’t fall straight.

The hair was silky and soft to the touch. This leads to the hair having little to no tangles. Tangle free hair means less styling issues and longer longevity.

Another thing to mention is the shine of the hair. It had the perfect amount that aided to the hair looking healthy instead of dry and limp. Healthy hair is desired whether on your natural hair or on a unit.


This wig came with a 5×5 lace closure. The closure was made out of Swiss lace which is a very durable material. This can give you confidence in the longevity of your unit and not getting ripped after a few uses.

The unit was pre-plucked and had baby hairs which both looked good. This almost always needs to be added to wigs and the fact that the unit comes done is helpful. Both of these features add a natural look to the wig.

The description claims the knots on this unit were slightly bleached. This helps the strands blend into the lace. While I think the company did an okay job, I think the lace could be too light for some skin tones.


The unit had a density of 200% which is the second highest density available. Other options you could choose from were 180% and 250%.

The hair is consistent  in thickness throughout which is a good thing to look for. Oftentimes a problem that can appear is the unit starts out thick but gets thinner toward the end. This produces “see through” ends that are sparse and look unhealthy.

The hair was just under $200 which, for such a high density, seems reasonable. I also think having the option to customize the unit further offsets the upcharges.


The hair is constructed well especially around the side hairline. This area can cause problems with closure specifically as the lace doesn’t fully extend. The wig had enough wefts available to cover the areas the lace didn’t reach.

Another area of interest is where the closure meets the cap. There was one section where the wefts overlapped causing a thicker seam. The hair still laid fairly flat, not affecting the way the unit would look.

There were a few strings throughout the hair strands that should have been cut. They were in certain colors like pink and beige, both of which stuck out against the dark hair. The company could have easily fixed this problem by cutting the excess closer to the scalp.

Cap Size

The cap size of this unit was average. It’s a universal cap size that is made to fit most people. They didn’t have the option to customize this area of the unit.

Majority of the wig is composed of the cap which is made from a lightweight breathable material. This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t like to feel like they are wearing anything on their head.

The cap is equipped with 3 combs, 2 on each side and 1 at the nape of the unit. There are also elastics on the lower side of the unit to further secure the wig.

Store Experience 

The ecommerce store was fairly easy to navigate, but they did have a lot of pop ups that could be distracting to the shopping experience. Aside from that they highlight current trending products along with sale items.

Their products are paired with real in use pictures of the hair being styled on a customer. This is great because you get to see how the unit falls on a live person instead of just a mannequin. 

While the pop ups can be distracting, they offer a great way to save some more money. Since they are constantly seen on a banner, you are reminded of deals and discounts.

Range of Products

Alipearl hair is most known for their wigs. One of the biggest benefits would have to be the ability to customize your desired unit. They have a variety of different features you can take advantage of.

Most of their units come with accessories such as different size frontals and closures. They carry over 4 different textures of hair as well as over 8 different styles. These can be paired with any type of desired wig.

Another highlight of Alipearl hair is the amount of different hair colors they offer. If you are buying wholesale, they even offer services for you. They customize what works best for your store.

Customer Support 

Aside from the initial email after the order was placed, I was not contacted by the company. Although the contact wasn’t consistent, I still received all the information needed. The company uses email, iMessage, and whatsapp to contact customers.

They advise that they reply to messages within 2 hours. They also claim to have a 24-hour online service where they reply to you in 24 hours. This sounds similar to a live chat but I wasn’t able to get in contact with anyone while using this method.

If you would like to inquire about an exchange or return, you will be able to contact a customer service representative in order to receive more information.

Delivery Time

This body wave unit took 9 business days to arrive, just about 2 weeks in total. The company used to send the package was FedEx which has an anticipated arrival time of 3-7 days. SInce it was delivered to the US, shipping was free.

Alipearl hair used FedEx, DHL, and USPS to ship their products. They ship to a variety of different countries and their shipping times take anywhere from 2-10 shipping days. Keep in mind the company doesn’t accept P.O boxes as a valid address and changes to the address will result in extra fees.

Not only did I find the shipping to be quite long, but the box came damaged as well. The unit was quite expressive and although it didn’t get damaged I would have expected a bit more from the company.

What others are saying

This customer was very happy with the hair she received. The shipping was fast and the customer service proved to be helpful. The company updated them throughout the entire order to ensure everything was properly received.

This customer was pleased with the quality of the hair. They had various different wigs from this company and all proved to be good investments. They talk highly about the company and recommend it to others. 


Can you bleach hair from Alipearl hair?

Yes, all hair from Alipearl hair is 100% human virgin hair. They suggest consulting with a professional to ensure the hair stays as healthy as possible. There is a disclaimer that advises bleaching is to be done at the customer’s discretion, the company is not to be held accountable if the results are not as intended.

Does Alipearl hair guarantee delivery time?

No, the company doesn’t guarantee delivery time because the post office handles your shipment. The company gives you an idea of when the package will arrive but it’s not guaranteed. Alipearl suggests making the order 5 business days ahead of time to have sufficient time for shipping.

Do we recommend it? 

Yes, this company is a great choice to choose when shopping for hair. They have a good reputation and deliver quality hair every time. 

The biggest downfall to the company proved to be their customer service, while I didn’t have any serious problems, if I needed to get in contact this could have proved to be a bigger problem. 

Since these are subtle problems I don’t find these big enough reasons to stop shopping with them. If you have the money, go for it, you won’t be disappointed.


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