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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

As someone who has been in the beauty industry for some time now, I’ve noticed there are some things you need to be aware of when shopping for hair.

Obviously hair of high quality is necessary, but the store itself needs to have some quality as well.

I’m going to be reviewing the company AsteriaHair to see if shopping with them is really worth it. The specific unit that was purchased was the straight lace front wig. Keep in mind this hair was purchased out of pocket and no incentive was given in return.


AsteriaHair is a company based in China that has been around for years. They’ve had their own factory running for over 16 years and launched their official site in 2016. The company aims to provide a consistently better shopping experience for their customers.

One highlight about shopping with this ecommerce store was the layout of the store. The site made perfect sense and accurately displayed all of the needed categories. I feel as if they could have been more descriptive in the explanations at times but covered all the needed inquiries.

The company is known for specializing in both wigs and weaves. I can really only speak on the wigs since that is all I’ve tried. Regardless, the hair is available in a variety of colors, textures, lengths, and sizes.

The company offers a wide range of methods to get in contact with. Although this is the case, I found It difficult to find a way to get a quick response from the company without taking time to email them. Since I didn’t have a live chat available my next best option would be to email them during their open hours. 

The delivery took 5 business days, a little over a week in total. This is quite reasonable, especially since the shipping was free. They ship everyday except Sunday and offer a variety of different services to be used.

The reviews for this company were positive. Most commented on the fact that they had ordered several times from the company and were happy every time. This is a great sign and the delivery also proved to be consistent.

What I Like

  • Layout – The site was easy to navigate and displayed relevant categories.
  • Hair strands – The hair is incredibly soft and silky.
  • Customizations – The unit allows you to customize 4 different areas of the wig.

What I Don’t Like

  • Customer support – They never reached out and didn’t have a live chat feature available.
  • Shedding – The hair sheds too much in a short amount of time.
  • Lacking details – Certain pages on the site were very simple making it difficult to learn more about the company.

What I like

  • Layout – The site was easy to navigate and displayed relevant categories.
  • Hair strands – The hair is incredibly soft and silky.
  • Customizations – The unit allows you to customize 4 different areas of the wig.

What I don’t like 

  • Customer support – They never reached out and didn’t have a live chat feature available.
  • Shedding – The hair sheds too much in a short amount of time.
  • Lacking details – Certain pages on the site were very simple making it difficult to learn more about the company.

Hair Quality

Hair Strand

This wig was purchased at 16 inches in length and has some of the softest strands I’ve ever felt. As you run your fingers through the hair they instantly slip right through. This is a huge benefit in hair as it means the unit is less likely to tangle. 

The straight hair texture also aids in showcasing the beautiful color. The color is in natural black and it lives up to that description.

The one downside to this hair was the amount of shedding that took place. The company claims to have shed free hair when given proper care. I only brushed out the hair a handful of times and during the process there were a lot of loose strands that came out continually.


The unit was purchased with HD lace but there was the option to choose. The company also offers swiss lace as an alternative. Since the lace was so transparent I found the knots to be a bit more distinct.

The knots start out thin and continually get bigger instead of remaining the same throughout. Since they are thinnest closest to the hairline it shouldn’t pose a problem unless you decide to style in a deep part. 

The unit was not advertised as being pre-plucked or to have baby hairs. Although It was not advertised, there were shorter pieces on the wig. These baby hairs are too long but can be cut to the right size. It doesn’t appear to need additional plucking either as the line is already diffused.


You had the opportunity to choose, but this wig was purchased in a density of 180%. The next available option was 250% which is quite thick. One of the ways you can tell the benefit of having a higher density is the ends are just as full as the rest of the unit.

Due to the hair being both straight and only 16 inches in length, you can get away with having high densities. The hair won’t look too thick whereas that might change if there was any curl pattern present. 

This wig was over $200, taking this into consideration, I think having the option to customize the density is a great choice. Being able to alter a unit to your liking is with paying a little more.


I found the wig to be constructed quite well, especially where the lace meets the cap. Some companies can leave too much of a gap causing the wefts to not lay flat and expose some of the cap.

The wefts are placed strategically to avoid gaps throughout the unit. This allows the hair to look thicker and more natural in the long run.

The cap itself didn’t have any errors like loose strings. This is of benefit as it adds to the longevity of the hair unit. Loose strings often get pulled and aid in the unit falling apart faster than anticipated.

Cap Size

This wig was available in 3 different sizes but was purchased in size medium. They also offered small and large sizes, you can use their chart to accurately measure. There are 3 combs to secure the unit along with elastic.

The wig is made from a stretchy material that allows you to be flexible in choosing a cap size. While you don’t want to purchase a wig that is too small, if for some reason you do, the stretchy cap allows for some leeway.

As talked about previously the price is a little on the steep size but due to the customizations available it makes it worth it. You have the ability to customize 4 different areas on this unit.

Store Experience 

AsteriaHair had a very easy site to follow. They offered a layout that made complete sense by first highlighting their sales and top selling products. Both options are something shoppers would be instantly interested in.

I found a few areas to be in need of more detailed information, such as their about us page. Aside from information offered, the website had relevant categories in displaying their products.

The store even provided a constant banner on ways to save money, great for forgetful shoppers. They highlighted current sales as well as a discount code.

Range of Products

The company specializes in manufacturing both wigs and hair bundles. While both seem to be customer favorites, the wigs are specifically highlighted as hot buys.

They provide their weaves in over 8 styles which cover a variety of different looks. The hair is virgin but they allow you to pick the specific hair type. Another positive in their product range is the ability to buy bundles in a set, this offers you the chance to save money. 

For wigs they offer headband wigs, u-part wigs, and a wide range with a closure option. The closures are available in HD lace which is highly desired and even on sale at times.

Customer Support 

I personally was never contacted by the customer support team but the company has a variety of different options to contact customers. They use email, whatsapp, and imessage.

Customer service is available Sunday – Thursday from 5pm- 3am. They also claim to have a live chat feature available but I didn’t find this option available. If you did, this would likely be the quickest option to get in contact with a representative.

If for some reason you need to return or exchange a product you would also need to go through customer support. Emailing them is what can initiate the return and they will direct you on how to further assist you.

Delivery Time

The wig purchased was delivered in 5 business days which falls in the allotted time table. I think this is very reasonable and another plus was the free shipping. 

Asteriahair ships worldwide and offers free shipping to most countries. They offer services via DHL, TNT, FedEx, SF, E-Packet, DPEX, and GESWL. While most shipping is free, the cost can range from $10-$25.

The company ships Monday – Saturday. They also highlight the fact that processing times differ depending on which items you purchase.  If you would like to receive the order fast express shipping is available at additional cost.

What others are saying

This consistent customer was happy with her purchase. The quality of the hair proved to be good and the shipping was an area that stuck out. They also freely communicated throughout the entire process.

This is coming from a loyal customer that has received over 10 orders from ASteriahair. She is content with the service she received, especially from customer support. The hair quality was good and the compliments are consistent, even on older units.


How long does it take AsteriaHair to process refunds?

Refunds can take up to 3 days to process. Full refunds are given only after the returns have been approved. The financial institute you used for the purchase has the overall say on how long it will take for the refund to show on a statement. 

What payment methods does AsteriaHair accept?

All payments are processed through the PayPal site since they offer a secure form of payment. You don’t need an account with PayPal to use their services. In addition to specifically paying with PayPal they also accept payments from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Do we recommend it? 

Overall I had a very pleasant experience shopping with this company. If you have the money to spend a couple hundred dollars on hair I’d say Asteriahair is a great choice. They offer a great amount of customizations. 

While their wide range of customizations proved to be a selling point, they also have fast delivery and an easy store to navigate.

While the store itself seemed to be the area lacking in quality, mainly communication, the hair was top-notch. Definitely don’t be afraid to shop with Asteriahair.


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