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Last Updated: January 27, 2023

I’m Dasia, a cosmetologist who loves all things beauty related. As winter nears, switching up your hairstyle is a very common tactic for taking on the new season. One style you can never go wrong with is a good bob. 

Finding a good bob can be a difficult task, but I’ve collected 5 of the most sought-after units. These units each shine for different reasons and this post will break down the reasons why.

Keep in mind the benefit of reviewing the length, price, and density of a unit before making a purchase.

Best Bob Wigs

A bob is a short to medium length haircut that typically ends somewhere around the chin to shoulder length. Bobs are a standout cut that takes some time to style and are sought after when desiring a drastic change.

  • Best bob wig overall – Keswigs offers a unit that covers all areas. The wig is affordable, and high quality, the company also has a positive reputation. Not to mention, the unit is easy to use.
  • Best bob wig for versatility – OMG Queen provides a high-quality unit that lives up to its positive reputation. Although the unit isn’t the cheapest it’s a great bob choice that checks all the boxes.
  • Best bob wig for value – Tinashe Hair provides a high-quality unit for under $100. If you want an even cheaper option you can purchase their base wig for closer to $50, an even cheaper option.
  • Best bob for high quality – Diamond Hair Company provides a high-quality wig that can act as a bob. While the unit isn’t specifically made to be a bob, the short length provides a great fake.
  • Best bob wig based on reputation – Unice is a great option when wig shopping. They have been around for over 20 years and provide quality products to their customers.
  • Best bob for easy use – My First Wig offers a great blunt wig option to their users. They provide everything needed to complete an installation.

1. Keswigs Bob Wigs

Keswigs is a known company that has a lot to offer. They provide worldwide shipping and have an easy-to-use interface. This makes the shopping process quick and easy.

When first visiting the site you can see how clean the shop is. This fresh layout is inviting and makes it easy to find the ideal unit. They offer a variety of different pictures, some including models, and some of the units themselves.

One big benefit is the price of this unit, it’s below $200 and is a great choice for anyone who is on a budget. The length ranges from 8 to 18 inches. This gives you the flexibility to style or cut the hair how you’d like.

Customizations could be improved on, such as with the lace. Shipping was one area I personally had a big problem with, it took weeks for the company to connect. The last area of improvement could be the density. This isn’t a huge problem as the shorter hair naturally bulks up the unit making it appear thicker.

What I Like

  • Price – This wig is currently on sale for under $100.
  • Length – The hair length starts at 8 inches with is perfect for a bob.
  • Closure – The closure size is 4×4 which gives you a lot of styling options.

What I Don’t Like

  • Customizations – The length of the wig is the only area you can customize the wig.
  • Shipping – I found the shipping times to be very long, It took weeks to hear anything.
  • Density – The density of this wig is a little thin.

2. OMG Queen Yaki Bob Lace Wig

OMG Queen is a company that is dedicated to providing quality yet affordable products to their clients. By doing this, they have allowed millions to feel confident in their units producing the best versions of themselves.

The company provided an overall professional looking store that had a variety of different products. When personally shopping with the company, I did find the shipping to be a little long, if you want something on short notice, this may not be the right company for you.

One of the biggest selling points of this wig was the blunt cut. Despite the hair being longer in length, the hair still had a blunt bob effect. This is true even for the 14 inch option.

Another selling point of this unit was the density. The wig was available at a density of 150% making it thick and full throughout. The overall quality of the wig and company make this unit a top contender when deciding to purchase a bob look.

What I Like

  • Density – The thickness matches the lengths available.
  • Frontal – Allows maximum styling options.
  • Cut – Even with a longer length, a blunt cut is achievable.

What I Don’t Like

  • Length – The unit is only available in 2 sizes both on the longer side.
  • Price – The unit is over $200 which is on the pricier side for a bob.

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3. Tinashe Straight Human Hair Lace Bob Wig

Tinashe is a company that has been around for years. They started in the late 90’s and have been a staple hair company ever since. In 2016 they were able to reach an even larger audience by offering their products online.

Their site offers a typical look of many other hair brands, although this is the case, they provide quality hair at an affordable price. Another positive about shopping on this site is the fast shipping. When I personally shopped with them, they delivered in just 4 days.

The main selling feature of this unit would have to be the cheap price. They provide a frontal for under $100 and a closure close to $50. No matter which you choose, you can have an easy to work with unit.

While this unit doesn’t have a variety of customizations available, you can work with their base product. They offer the ability to alter the length and lace which are two areas of importance on wigs.  

What I Like

  • Lace front –You have the option to choose from either a closure or frontal.
  • Price – You can purchase this unit for under $100.
  • Density – The unit has a density of 150%.

What I Don’t Like

  • Customizations – You have basic customization options.
  • Cut – The hair isn’t very blunt and has a wispy effect.

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4. Diamond Hair Company’s Straight Lace Wig

This US based company started in 2011. For the past 10 years they have been able to build up a stable clientele that boosts their overall reputation. The company provides a variety of different high quality units made from 100% virgin human hair.

The company doesn’t prove to be helpful in every area but does provide quality hair. If you want help from a representative you may need to wait a few days to get in contact. Other than this, the shipping was fast and matched the quality of the hair.

The unit itself, although not specifically a bob, is a great length. The unit is 10 inches which is a great option for a bob. You could easily style this unit and the density of the wig is even better.

The density is only 150% which isn’t out of the ordinary, but the shorter stands make the unit appear thicker. The ends are just as full as the rest of the unit making this a big reason it lives up to the high quality title.

What I Like

  • Length – You can purchase a shorter unit or a longer one.
  • Density – Works perfectly with the length.
  • Frontal – More styling options available.

What I Don’t Like

  • Price – Quite expensive at $300..
  • No customizations available – Only the size is changeable.
  • Cut of unit – Not made to be a bob so the cut isn’t blunt.

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5. UNice Asymmetrical Blunt Bob Wig

UNice has a long standing positive reputation resulting in over 20 years in business. The company is based in China but services customers from all over the world. They have been able to continually develop their products by customer research.

One of the ways the company has earned such a positive reputation is through their customer service. They answer questions promptly where pre or post order. Another benefit of shopping with Unice is their wide range of products and fast shipping.

This unit has a 4×4 closure. This can be seen as a disadvantage as it leaves less room for styling the bob unit.  While this is the case, it leads to the unit being very affordable, just over $100.

Another highlight of this unit is the 150% density. Even with the 14 inch length, the hair still looks thick and healthy. Having a good density allows you an increased longevity and leads to a natural look.

What I Like

  • Price – Extremely inexpensive, just over $100.
  • Lengths – multiple lengths available from 8 inches to 14.
  • Density – The unit came with a 150% density

What I Don’t Like

  • Closure – Limited styling options as you can only style the hair in a middle part.
  • Customizations – Only the length is customizable on this unit.

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6. My First Wig’s Blunt Bob Wig

My First Wig was founded in 2015. They provide units tailored to beginner wig wearers. This means they provide easy to use units by providing everything you could possibly need to install a wig properly.

One of the main benefits of shopping with this company is the wide range of customizability they provide. You can essentially build your unit the exact way you want with all of the different options.

The biggest selling point on this unit was the ease of use. You have everything available to you and can install with little to no need in styling. Spending a little more on a unit that doesn’t require a lot of work is a great option for beginners.

Another positive to this unit is the density. While it does have a low percentage, the shorter length makes up for this. The balance between the inches and density makes for an evenly dense wig that is of good quality.

What I Like

  • Customizations – The unit has a variety of different purchasing options.
  • Frontal – Allows for maximum styling options.
  • Density – the unit came in 130% which doesn’t seem high but works well.

What I Don’t Like

  • Length – This unit was bought in 14 inches which is a bit long for a blunt bob.
  • Price – The hair was purchased for just under $300, a bit pricey for a bob.

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Factors to Look Out for When Buying a Bob Wig


The length of a bob can make or break the look. This can also greatly affect whether the cut can even be classified as a true bob. A bob cut typically falls between your chin and shoulder when styled.

8 to 14 inches are typical lengths associated with a bob. Shorter lengths allow for you to have a more blunt look whereas a longer length starts to diffuse the bob look. The length of the strands is the biggest differentiating look of a bob.

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing a bob is to go for a longer length. Especially for beginners, It’s a good idea to start longer and cut shorter if you want a blunt look. You can always take off hair but if it’s too short from the start, you can’t do much.


The density of a bob wig will likely differ from what you are looking for compared to a regular length wig. Surprisingly wigs with higher densities aren’t as desired and not always available.

Since the hair length is shorter there is not as much of a need for a high density. Shorter hair naturally makes a style appear thicker. A density above 200% is not necessary and will be hard to find.

A good density for a bob wig is generally 150%. This allows for an above average thickness, but not too thick to look fake. Finding a density that works with your desired length will be the most difficult task.


Since wigs are shorter in length, less hair is used, meaning the units should be on the cheaper side. Bob wigs are typically $100 cheaper than your typical unit.  You can easily find a quality unit for somewhere in the 100 – 200 dollar range.

Just like any other type of unit, the price can vary greatly depending on customizations and other factors. 

Ensure you shop with a reputable company that won’t raise the price for no reason. Compare what features you are getting for the overall price. 


What is a bob?

A bob is a type of style that is achieved through the way the hair is cut. A typical bob will vary in length but generally falls somewhere between the chin and the shoulders. A bob can have a blunt look or a more feathery look depending on the length and way the hair is styled. A bob is an easy style to achieve by yourself.

How do you style a bob wig?

A bob is a type of style that is not very low effort. Time will need to be taken most mornings to fully style a bob unit. Bumping the ends of the hair or straightening the ends will be necessary. The reason the hair requires this effort is the length of the hair. The hair is too short to fall flat and generally too long to scrunch up. 

What length is best for a bob?

12 inches in length is generally most desired. It’s not super short cutting off at the chin like many bob units. A benefit of this length is if it is too long for your liking, you have the option to cut the unit shorter. While 12 inches is a happy medium, bobs fall into the 8 – 14 inch range, allowing you to have plenty of options.


Bob wigs are a great choice for almost anytime of year. They make a statement and although take time to style, are easy to work with. Expect to work with a unit between 8 and 14 inches in length to achieve the perfect bob. 

Keep in mind, you don’t always have to spend a lot of money on a unit to make it look good. If you do enough research you will be sure to find the perfect bob unit.


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