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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

As a licensed cosmetologist, I know anything related to beauty can be expensive. Staying up to date with current styles is a pricey task. Finding products that are high quality yet available at an affordable price is possible. 

This article will discuss some cheap wigs that are actually worth the purchase. Even if you don’t pay much for a unit, you still want to make sure it’s presentable. 

Best Cheap Wigs

Wigs are a common choice for many in recent years. They provide you an easy way to switch up your style. That being said, they can be expensive. Finding a quality yet reasonably priced wig can be accomplished if you take the time to learn about different units.

  • Best cheap wig overall – Hair to Beauty covers all of the areas you need to be aware of when purchasing a cheap wig. They offer an affordable unit that is worth the price and exceeds expectations.
  • Best cheap wig for value – Wish doesn’t always have a positive reputation, but if you find a good seller, you can usually get a good deal.
  • Best cheap wig for high quality – Amazon has millions of different products. They range from low to high quality but this product is made from human hair making it affordable yet high quality.
  • Best cheap wig based on reputation – BeautyForever has been in business for years, over 15 to be exact. They have a long standing reputation with customers and continue to provide quality products at a reasonable price.
  • Best cheap wig for an easy use – Sam’s Beauty is essentially an online beauty supply that offers a variety of products. This wig is an affordable and easy to use option.

1. Hair to Beauty – Lace Front Synthetic Wig

Hair to Beauty is an online store that carries a variety of different products. They service customers around the world and have a beauty supply feel. They offer affordable yet high quality items accessories to weaves.

Not only does Hair to Beauty provide their own products, they also feature popular hair brands. Their site is laid out in an engaging yet understanding way that makes the shopping experience for customers easy.

This specific Kamala unit takes the overall spot for the cheap wig. The price is extremely affordable, the unit comes with lace, and they offer different hair colors to achieve a natural look.

The company has a stable reputation and the wig is easy to use. While they don’t offer many areas for customization, they do provide the customer with a lace front that is easy to blend. For the price of the wig, you can’t beat the product that’s provided.

What I Like

  • Price –The unit is only $33 which is extremely inexpensive.
  • Hairline – The wig is pre-plucked and comes with lace.
  • Color – The hair is available in 6 different natural looking colors.

What I Don’t Like

  • Customizations –Aside from the color, you can’t customize the unit.
  • Density – The hair is a bit light in terms of density.
  • Tangling – You would need to take extra care to increase the longevity of the unit.


2. Wish – Long Blonde Wavy Unit

Wish is a company that doesn’t have the best reputation, shopping with them is a complete gamble. That being said, if you find a seller that has a high rating you can typically receive some good products.

Wish connects shoppers directly with manufacturers from around the world resulting in cheaper prices. This cuts out the middleman but you need to ensure you shop with a reputable seller to receive good quality goods and actually receive the product.

The best part of this unit is the length available. Even the longest length is under $50 which is extremely affordable. Since the unit has some wave, it appears thicker as well which hides any tracks from being shown.

Another positive of this unit is the hairline. The unit comes with transparent lace which is extremely desired as it’s easy to blend. The only downside to the lace is the amount available. A typical frontal is 13×4 but this appeared to be a lot smaller in size.

What I Like

  • Price – For the different lengths available, all are affordable.
  • Hairline –The lace is extremely blendable
  • Length – 26 inches for under $50.

What I Don’t Like

  • Tangles – Since the hair is longer, it’s easier to get tangled.
  • Lace size – Although lace is installed, not much area is available.

3. Amazon / Muokass – 4×4 Lace Closure Wig 

Amazon is a well known retailer that focuses on e-commerce. They work with other brands to provide a variety of different products to their customers. Muokass Hair is a company that offers 100% human hair units to their customers via Amazon.

Muokass has a range of different products including clip-in extensions, headband wigs, and lace wigs. Their products are reasonably priced and although on the higher side, offer real human hair making the units worth it.

The number one reason this unit takes the spot for high quality is because of the type of hair used. Human hair is a lot easier to work with when styling. This is one of the reasons human hair is desired over synthetic hair.

Another pro of this wig is the hairline. The unit comes equipped with a 4×4 closure that is made from Swiss lace. Even the length of the hair is quite long given the price of the unit.

What I Like

  • Human hair – The wig comes with 100% virgin human hair.
  • Hairline – 4×4 lace closure that’s pre-plucked and includes baby hairs.
  • Price – Although it’s not as cheap as other units, a great price for what’s provided.

What I Don’t Like

  • Density – Depending on how you style, the hair may look a bit thin.
  • Flyaways – There are a good amount of short flyaways at the top of the unit.

4. BeautyForever Headband Wig

Beautyforever is a well known brand that has been around for years. They are based in China and have over 15 years of experience when it comes to dealing with customers. They provide high quality units at a reasonable price point.

They service customers from all over the world and are able to offer a wide variety of products. When personally shopping with the company, I found them to have excellent customer service and updates were available as soon as the item was ordered.

This wig is extremely easy to use and is a great option for beginners. The company offers a human hair unit at a reasonable price, under $100. The only way the unit could go up in price is selecting a longer length.

The density of the unit is another plus. The density is 200% which is very high for a wig that is cheaper than $100. This density is included in the base price meaning it comes with even the cheapest unit.

What I Like

  • Human hair – 100% virgin human hair was installed on this headband wig..
  • Texture – The texture perfectly highlights the shine and color of the unit.
  • Density – The unit came with a 200% density which pairs well with the texture.

What I Don’t Like

  • Sizing – The unit could be too small for some people.
  • Customization – The unit doesn’t include any customizations aside from length.

5. Sam’s Beauty – Lace Front Synthetic Wig

Sam’s Beauty provides their customers with a beauty supply feel when shopping on their site. They offer everything from hair care, wigs, and additional beauty related accessories. Another big draw to the company is their affordable prices.

The company also ships worldwide providing easy to use products to anyone in need. They have a high satisfaction rating along with consistent sales throughout the entire site.

This specific unit has a great price point. You get the melted look as the unit is equipped with HD lace and comes pre-plucked. The price of the unit is $38 although certain colors result in an upcharge.

The wide variety of colors allow you to choose a unit that works best for you. Natural colors are highlighted which allows the unit to blend easier and look more natural. It also stabilizes the shine of the unit to minimize highlighting the synthetic fibers.

What I Like

  • Price – The hair is under $50 and quite long in length.
  • Color – The unit is available in 12 different colors.
  • Hairline – The wig comes with HD lace that is pre-plucked.

What I Don’t Like

  • Size of lace front –The front is a bit small making the unit seem more like a closure.
  • Lace part – The unit is stuck in a middle part.

What to Look Out for When Buying a Cheap Wig


You may be wondering what qualifies as a cheap wig. Honestly, this will differ depending on the person. Generally speaking, anything under $100 is considered cheap. 

For a synthetic wig, you can drop the price point even more and consider anything under $50 to be cheap. While these types of wigs are cheaper, you don’t achieve as much wear out of the unit.

With cheaper wigs, you can expect to get a shorter wear time out of the units. A few weeks to months is the expected time table of how long the unit will last. This is significantly shorter than the months to years for higher quality units.


Cheaper units are generally made out of synthetic fibers. Even though the hair may be made out of a cheaper material, many companies have decided to upgrade their hairline over the years. This means many units come with lace.

Having a scalp that blends well is often an area that offsets the hair from looking cheap. If your hairline looks as if it’s growing from the scalp, it will likely take away from the fact that the hair isn’t as high in quality.

You can generally customize a hairline further to achieve a natural look. Many hairlines come pre-plucked, but if not, this is an easy customization to achieve. Another area that helps the hairline is including baby hairs.


The color of the unit has a big part in whether the unit looks cheap or not. Generally darker colors are desired as they look healthier and the sine of the hair looks more balanced.

Darker colors also tend to blend more especially when paired with a lace hairline. They don’t stick out as much as pastel or lighter colored hair and appear healthier.

Lighter colors are very common with synthetic wigs. This is a big sign that the hair is cheap and overall fake. Light colors also tend to look more dry and tangle easier as a result. You will have to spend a lot more time ensuring the unit doesn’t look cheap on a light unit.


Are wigs cheaper online or in-store?

Wigs are typically cheaper online and often companies have a greater selection as well. The downside to shopping online is you can’t experience the product in real life before purchase. Online stores are usually generous with discount codes which is another motivating reason for shopping with them. 

How much is considered cheap when buying a wig?

A cheap wig typically covers anything under $100’s. You can usually find synthetic wigs for even cheaper at around $50’s or less. Finding wigs at a cheaper price can be a gamble depending on the place you have decided to shop at. If you do enough research you will discover you don’t always have to break the bank to get a hold of a good unit. 

What is the least expensive option when shopping for a wig?

The cheapest type of wig is generally something made from synthetic fibers. They don’t last as long and have limited styling options. These disadvantages lead to the unit being cheaper. Other types of wigs that tend to be cheaper is any sort of unit that doesn’t have lace or is shorter in length. The less material used, the cheaper the unit.


Wigs are a great option for many and don’t always have to be expensive. With the proper investigation, you can easily find cheap units that are worth the price. 

Ensure you understand why a unit is priced a specific way. Look for something with a realistic hairline and consider the overall color of the unit. All of these factors will help you in deciding on the best cheap wig for your lifestyle.


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