5 Best Closures for Weaves in 2023

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This is a review of the best closure for weave in 2023.

As a cosmetologist, I’ve spent countless hours styling hair. If you’re interested in a weave, you may be wondering how to style your hair so that it appears natural. Closures are a great way to style your hair and make it appear natural, as long as you get the right one.

This article will discuss 5 of the best closures to purchase for a weave. Of course, the type of closure that will be right for you will also depend on your lifestyle.

Best Closures For Weave

Weave closures are a hairpiece that generally lies in the center of the hair. They close off a hairstyle, usually a full weave, and mimic the look of a scalp. Lace is used to achieve a part line and blend into the skin.

  • Best Closures for Weave Overall – Pretty Hair covers everything you need to be aware of when shopping for a closure. Although the unit is only 4×4, the benefits outweigh the smaller size.
  • Best Closures for Weave for Value – UNice offers an extremely affordable option to buyers. The T parting definitely limits styling options, but for the price, you can’t beat the product they provide.
  • Best Closures for Weave for High Quality – Beautyforever offers a top-quality wig. This is the most expensive unit listed, but the closure deserves its praise. The lace is a key selling point.
  • Best Closures for Weave Based on Reputation – Alimoda has been around for years and continues to provide top-quality hair. The lace on this closure is ideal and the unit is affordable.
  • Best Closures for Weave for an Easy Use – Dsoar provides an easy-to-use closure. They even offer the ability to purchase with a set of bundles. You can easily shop for the entire look all on one site.

1. Pretty Hair Brazilian Body Wave Closure

Pretty Hair was founded by a woman who thought everyone had the right to feel pretty. She was greatly influenced by her family and other professionals in the beauty industry. Pretty Hair provides premium yet affordable virgin hair.

The store was extremely easy to navigate and had appealing product photos. Pretty Hair offers a wide range of weaves to its shoppers and provides a variety of different textures and hair types.

The main selling point for this unit was the density. When you part the hair, the unit was consistent throughout and it wasn’t too dense either, meaning you wouldn’t have to pluck the parting line.

One downside to this closure was the lace color. The lace itself was great at blending. The knots weren’t very noticeable, but if you have darker skin, you may need to tint the lace. This can easily be done by applying cosmetics.

Density – No matter where the hair is parted, it’s thick throughout.Size – The closure is 4×4 which is typical, but a size up would have been nice.
Price – The unit was on sale for only $70Lace Color – If you have a darker skin tone, the lace may be too light.
Lace – The lace itself is transparent and the knots seamlessly blend into the material.Customizations – The unit isn’t customizable, so you couldn’t change the lace, size, density, etc.

2. Unice T Part Closure 

UNice is a reputable company that has been around for years. Although the company is based in China, they serve customers from all over the world. UNice focuses on providing users with a natural look and provides a variety of different products.

I found their customer service to be very helpful because whenever I had a question they quickly provided an answer and even recommended the products that would work best for me.

This closure is great for anyone who wants a great value unit. Although no customizations are available, this unit is worthwhile. Even the longest length costs less than $80.

Another positive to this closure is the density. It’s constantly thick throughout and has a natural-looking part. The one downside would have to be the T part because it limits styling options and gives you less room to work with.

Price – This unit is only $60 which is very affordable.T Part – This type of part limits your styling options.
Density – The unit is consistently thick throughout.Customizations – Only the length is changeable on this unit.
Hairline – The closure is pre-plucked and has hand-tied bleached knots.Customizations – The unit isn’t customizable, so you couldn’t change the lace, size, density, etc.

3. Beautyforever Body Wave Closure 

Beautyforever is a well-known company that provides high-quality hair to its customers. They service customers worldwide and have become a mainstream brand that millions use.

When shopping on their site you’ll notice it doesn’t appear very unique. While it doesn’t have an identifying mark, they do provide everything necessary to have a stable shopping experience. 

This specific unit is great mainly due to the lace. The closure is made from HD lace and it blends perfectly into the skin. The hair is hand-tied into the unit which is another feature that adds to the naturalness.

One downside would have to be the price of the unit. You could easily find a unit of similar quality for way cheaper. On top of the price being on the higher side, they don’t offer any customizations to the lace itself, just the hair type.

Size – 5×5 in size; giving you a good amount to part.
Price – The unit is between $130-160 depending on the length.
Lace – The lace is HD and blends well.
Customizations – You can customize the hair type, but not the lace.
Density – The unit is consistent throughout.

4. Alimoda Body Wave Closure

Alimoda is a company that has been around since the 90s. They have been able to build their reputation over the years as they continually provide high-quality products. In 2011 they were able to start their own site that connects buyers directly.

The company works hard to provide an easy-to-follow layout in order to provide the best shopping experience to its customers. They offer a wide range of products to shoppers and service customers worldwide.

The unit lives up to the high reputation that Alimoda carries. The lace is tinted, which is an added touch in providing a seamless look, especially for those with darker skin. The closure is also available in 3 different parting styles.

The biggest downside to this unit is the density. While the hair attached to the lace was good, the ends weren’t as thick. The closure appears a lot thinner at the ends compared to the top of the unit making the unit not appear as healthy. 

Lace – The lace was tinted and available in 3 different parting designs.Density – The ends weren’t as thick as the rest of the unit.
Price – The closure is just over $100 which is pretty standard.Size – The closure came with a 4×4 area which limits styling options.
Hairline – The unit came pre-plucked and with baby hairs, you have a good amount to part.Customizations – There isn’t much of an opportunity to customize the hair aside from parting.

5. Dsoar Straight Closure

This company is based in China and is known for providing high-quality extensions to its users. Dsoar has been around since 2009 and has continually offered easy-to-use products to customers worldwide.

The store isn’t very unique, but they do offer plenty of product photos that were modeled on real people. This gives the buyer a feel as to how the unit will look in real life. While Dsoar specializes in weaves, they offer a variety of different products.

The main perk to this unit is the lace. It blends well due to the hair strands being hand tied. While the sizing is only 4×4 which limits styling options, it does have a density that is consistent throughout.

Another benefit is the price. The unit is affordable and you have the option to purchase the closure with a set of bundles. This makes completing a full look easy and stress-free. Little to no customizations are available but you can get a full look all in one place.

Density – No matter where you part the hair it’s thick throughout, even on the ends.
Size – 4×4 in size which can limit styling options.
Lace – The lace has hand-tied hair attached making it blend well.
Customizations – The only area you can customize is the hair type.
Price – The unit is just over $100 which is pretty standard.

What to Look out for When Buying a Closure for Weave

Below I have outlined some of the main things you need to take into consideration when buying a closure. These include size, density, and lace.


A closure can vary in size, but they are typically square in shape. The standard sizes for closure are usually 4×4 or 5×5. Ideally, users opt for closure with more room as it leaves them with more options to style their hair.

Since the main purpose of a closure is to close off a unit, they only cover a small area of the hairline. If you want the entire hairline to blend, you may want to look into a frontal. Frontals are typically more expensive than closures.

Closures require you to wear your hair down, this is due to the fact that the bundles will be showing at the side of your hairline. Closures only account for a few inches of the hairline.


The density of closure is extremely important. A closure closes off a look and usually sits at the top of your head. It’s important the closure is thick enough to not look balding.

You also want to ensure the closure is not too thick as it will appear fake. Ideally, you want a density that is similar to your natural hair

Another important fact is the length of the closure. Generally shorter lengths are desired as there is more of a chance to have consistency. Longer lengths may start to get thin at the ends and appear unhealthy.


Lace is one of the most important factors when talking about closure. The lace is the part that allows the closure to look natural. There are a variety of different types of lace you can choose from to produce the ideal look.

Transparent, HD, and Swiss lace are just some of the most common types of lace. All of these produce a scalp-like effect which is perfect for closing off a weave.

When shopping for closure, it’s always a good idea to look for units that are customizable. Such units will allow you to pick a type of lace that will blend well. Customized units also mean less work for you in the long run.

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What is the Best Closure for a Weave?

The best type of closure for a weave is typically a lace closure. The lace imitates the scalp and gives a natural look. Pair this type of look with 3 to 4 bundles and you can easily achieve a full weave. While leave-out styles are the most natural, this is another option that allows you to protect even more of your natural hair.

How Long do Weave Closures Last?

Closures can last 2-4 weeks. This all depends on how well you take care of the unit. This includes wrapping your hair at night and taking care of your scalp as much as possible. Even if you decide to remove a closure, it is possible to reuse the unit. Ensure the unit is properly cleaned before reinstalling.

Are Frontals or Closures Better?

This is entirely up to the user, but generally, frontals are more desired. Frontals have a larger surface area and as a result, they allow for more styling options. They are a great option for anyone who wants to expose their entire frontal hairline. Closures are ideal for anyone worried about how to do a parting. You can easily mimic a realistic parting with closure.

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Closures help to make weaves look natural. You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to get a good quality closure.

When purchasing a closure keep in mind the type of lace used, the size of the unit, and the density. All of these will aid in picking the best option.


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