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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

As someone who has spent some time in the beauty industry, I have learned each product requires knowledge of what works best.

Weaves are a great option that many people opt to invest in. That being said, ensuring you pick the ideal style is important,

Sew-ins, specifically curly hair, requires you to be extra aware of the texture and length you want along with the overall price. These are 5 of the best curly weaves.

Best Curly Weaves

Curly weaves are a great option for anyone who wants to embrace their natural hair without putting in as much effort. While it still takes time to style, you can easily manipulate curly weave and alter the length.

  • Best curly weave overall – Isee Hair offers a curly weave that checks all the boxes. The bundles offer a variety of different lengths, a great texture, and are available at a reasonable price point.
  • Best curly weave for value – Beautyforever offers hair that is basic yet affordable. You don’t have many customizations options but the price point makes up for this lacking area.
  • Best curly weave for high quality – Nayavista provides customers with a high quality curly weave. While the hair is great, keep in mind you will have to pay an above average price for this luxury hair.
  • Best curly weave based on reputation – Unice is a company that has been around for years. They offer quality units for a reasonable price point.
  • Best curly weave for an easy use – Tinashe offers a curly weave that is easy to use mainly due to its texture. The texture is great for blending into many different curl patterns.

1. Isee Hair Mongolian Kinky Curly 

Isee Hair is a company based in China, but they service customers from all over the world. They have been in business for over 20 years and even have their own factory. This allows them to control the type of products they offer and ensure quality is high.

Their mission is to provide women with their dream hair. Along the way they hope to offer the best service, prices, and quality. While the company does specialize in weaves they do offer other products such as wigs.

These bundles from Isee Hair take the sport overall as they cover all of the outlined factors you want to look for in a curly weave. The texture, length, and price are all on spot and a great choice for someone in the curly hair market.

Do keep in mind if you decide to select different sizes, you will need to put in some extra work. Cutting layers to blend the hair will be essential otherwise the hair will appear choppy. You will also need to wash and style the hair right after to determine the actual curl pattern. 

What I Like

  • Length – The site offers a variety of different lengths, you can even mix lengths.
  • Texture – The kinky curly texture is similar to many with natural hair, great for blending.
  • Price – You can the option to choose from 3 to 4 bundles, all reasonably priced

What I Don’t Like

  • Blending – If you don’t buy all the same lengths, you will need to add layers.
  • Styling – Curls are so defined at first, you will need to wash and style to look natural.

2. Beautyforever Brazilian Jerry Curl 

Beautyforever is a well known brand that has been around for years. With over 15 years in the business, they have been able to provide high quality hair at an affordable price. They service customers from all over the world.

The company does extremely well with pricing their products. They offer basic units that can be sold at a reasonable price point. Keeping this in mind, they don’t offer a lot of customizations.

Thes bundles are a great option for anyone on a tight budget. This affordable option still offers you with high quality hair. The bundles are made with 7A hair. This isn’t the highest grade available but it does increase the overall quality.

The biggest downside to the bundles have to be the texture. The texture has a looser curl and is not very defined. If you are planning on wearing leave out, this texture may be difficult to blend if you have tighter curls. The set also only has the option of 3 bundles so plan accordingly when installing.

What I Like

  • Price – Extremely affordable, even the longest length is available for just over $200.
  • Length – Many lengths offered and even the option to mix.
  • Hair grade – The hair has a 7A grade, It’s not the highest but helps the curl longevity.

What I Don’t Like

  • Texture – Those with kinky curly hair may not blend well as the curls are looser.
  • Bundles offered – They only have the option to purchase 3 bundles.
  • Customizations – Aside from the length, you can’t alter the product.

3. Nayavista Curly Wave 

Nayvista is a beauty site that offers a variety of different products. Along with a wide range of different hair additives, they also offer cosmetics and other accessories. The hair provided is luxury virgin hair.

The company doesn’t offer a lot of information about its origin. They provide customers with enough information to carry out a purchase and feel confident about it. If you want more information, their Instagram is a great place to further research the company.

This curly weave from Isee Hair lives up to the luxury virgin hair standard. The hair is the ideal texture for anyone desiring a curly look. The bundles are type 3 hair but can be manipulated to be styled or blended with type 4 hair.

Another plus to the hair is the length, they offer up to 30 inches which isn’t that common. Keeping this plus in mind, you will have to pay for this luxury. The bundles can range in the $400 which is pretty expensive so plan accordingly.

What I Like

  • Texture – The texture is a typical curl pattern around 3B to 3C.
  • Length – They offer options up to 30 inches

What I Don’t Like

  • Price –The shortest set is well over $200, single bundles range from $69 to $159.
  • Customizations – Aside from the length, no option is available.
  • Bundles offered – They only offer a set of 3 or the option to purchase 1.

4. Unice Brazilian Jerry Curl 

Unice is a company that has been around for years. With over 20 years in the business, this China based business is very well established and offers their products to millions. They continually improve the overall quality of their products by engaging in research and altering development. 

The site looks like a typical ecommerce hair store. They offer a variety of different products, discount codes, and most importantly great customer service. They offer a live chat option and within seconds you are likely to receive a response.

Because the company is highly reputable, you can count on quality products – one big selling feature is the reasonably priced bundles. While they only offer sets of 3, you can achieve a full weave look without breaking the bank.

Sets of 3 bundles could pose a problem for some buyers, so ensure you are aware of your needs prior to purchase. Also keep in mind this curly pattern may be difficult to blend. If you are wearing leave out, a curlier option may be a better choice.

What I Like

  • Price – The units are reasonably priced, even the longest length is just over $200.
  • Length – They offer all one size and the option to mix.
  • Density –The ends are as thick as the rest of the bundle.

What I Don’t Like

  • Bundles offered – They only offer the option of a 3 set bundle.
  • Texture – The curl pattern is on the loose side, not ideal if your leave out is kinky.
  • Customizations – No customizations are available aside from length.

5. Tinashe Brazilian Virgin Curl 

Tinashe was founded in 1996 and has been operating online since 2016. This China based company is known for providing affordable yet quality hair products. Over the years they have been able to improve this tactic.

The store covers every area you may think about when buying hair. They have a wide range of products, fast delivery times, and multiple ways to get in contact with the company. All of these provide you with an easy buying experience.

The main reason this hair is easy to use is due to the texture. The texture is extremely versatile and can match with a lot of different curl patterns. They also offer the bundles in a variety of different lengths.

One of the downsides to the unit would have to be the price. While the shorter lengths are reasonable, the longer lengths could easily be found at a cheaper price. Depending on how short you want your hair, consider prior to leaning towards this product.

What I Like

  • Texture – The curl pattern can easily blend with most curl textures.
  • Length – They offer a variety of different lengths and the option to mix and match.
  • Density – The ends are as thick as the rest of the bundles.

What I Don’t Like

  • Price –Shorter lengths are reasonable but longest lengths are a bit pricey.
  • Bundles offered – The hair only comes in sets of 3.

Factors to look out for when buying curly weave


The texture is the most important area to consider when purchasing a curly weave, especially if you are planning on utilizing leave out. Picking an ideal texture involves you deciding how much time you want to spend styling.

It’s often easier to blend textures that are tighter. If the hair is too loose, it’s nearly impossible to get a reasonable blend. Having the hair curlier will aid in easier blending regardless of the length or your natural pattern – unless your hair is pin straight.

Keep in mind, curly weave is similar to that of natural curls. They need to be hydrated and deranged regularly to achieve a maintained look. This will require some effort on your part.


Keeping in mind how companies measure curly hair units, this will likely alter your purchase. Curly hair is measured when the hair is straightened. 

A bundle that is marked as 12 inches will look significantly shorter than you may be used to. Oftentimes, in order to achieve your desired look, you may need to increase the length by 3 to 4 times. 

This will likely lead to an increase in price as more material is used. Keep this in mind when searching for the ideal unit. Look for a unit that is longer than you are used to. 


Curly hair units are a highly desired product. Curly weaves allow for a lot of different styling options and are easier to blend.

Keeping this in mind, pairing the texture you want with a desired length will result in you paying maybe more than you’re used to. A reasonably priced bundle set should be somewhere in the $100 range.

If you want longer hair, which will likely be the case, expect to pay an upcharge. The longer the hair, the more expensive it is. If the bundles off any sort of customizations, you will also have to pay for that.


Is curly weave hard to maintain? 

Curly weave acts a lot like natural curly hair meaning it requires a lot of moisture. This is essential in keeping the curl patterns looking the best. Aside from moisturizing the hair, you also need to regularly detanging. While this may seem like a lot to maintain, hardly any styling is needed.

How long does curly weave last? 

Weaves typically last up to 8 weeks if taken care of properly. If maintained, you can easily reach the longest length of time and save yourself money from going though units so fast. This being said, you want to ensure you are properly taking care of your natural hair in between installs to prevent any damage.

What are the different types of curly weave?

There are a variety of different curly weaves available just like the vast range of curl patterns. Weaves range from waves all the way up to kinky coils. Ensure you pick a type that you are aware of how to maintain and style. This will allow you to get the wear out of the hair.


Curly weaves are a great choice for so many. They are easy to blend and can give you the option to get a natural look.

When choosing the perfect bundle set keep in mind certain factors. The length of the hair you want, the price, and obviously the texture. Considering all these factors will allow you to choose the perfect unit.


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