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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

As someone who has spent a lot of time in the beauty industry, most people want a natural-looking style. You can accomplish this through a variety of different methods.

Full lace wigs are one way to accomplish a natural hair look. Full lace wigs, although expensive, offer the ability to achieve a better blend and accomplish a variety of different styles. 

Best full lace wig

Full lace wigs offer users the ability to achieve a complete scalp look. This allows the option to style the hair in a variety of different ways which isn’t typical of most units.

  • Best full lace wig overall – Keswigs takes the spot overall as they cover all the areas you want to be on the lookout for with a full lace wig.
  • Best full lace wig for versatility – Luvme offers a standard unit that covers all the basics. While many customizations aren’t available, you are provided with a basic wig that is easy to work with.
  • Best full lace wig for value – Afsister allows users to build the perfect unit for a reasonable price. Even the most customized options still fall under a reasonable price point.
  • Best full lace wig for high quality – Genius Wigs offers an expensive yet high-quality unit. While the longer units don’t seem worth the price, the shorter lengths are easy to customize and give a great look.
  • Best full lace wig based on reputation – Wiggins has been around for over 20 years. They continue to provide quality service and products to their customers. This allows them to maintain a positive reputation.
  • Best full lace wig for easy use – Alipearl offers a basic unit that covers all the factors of a good full lace unit. While many customizations aren’t available, this is a great beginner unit that’s easy to use.

1. Keswigs Full Lace Body Wave Wig

Keswigs is a global company that does what it can to please its customers. They offer a variety of different products and have an easy-to-navigate site that allows you to quickly find products.

The brand showcases its products in a variety of different ways such as through models, influencers, and product shots. This gives buyers a good idea as to what kind of product to expect.

This unit is ideal as it creates an effortless look. You can get the unit in lengths up to 30 inches. This makes the wig ideal for styling. The thick density also helps the unit to appear natural.

The biggest downside to the unit is how expensive the wig is. The unit comes in at the high $800 mark for the short length and goes over $1000. If you want a premium product you’re going to have to pay. Keep in mind you don’t get any further customization with this price.

What I Like

  • Length – The unit goes up to 30 inches which provides a lot of styling options.
  • Lace – The lace blends well with any skin color and makes styling easy.
  • Density – The density of the unit is 200% which creates a full look.

What I Don’t Like

  • Price – This is one of their more expensive units. Be prepared to pay a good amount.
  • Customizations – For the price, I would expect more opportunities to customize the unit.

2. Luvme Full Lace Wig

Luvme has been around for years and does all they can to invest their time and money into the services they offer. They understand the importance in providing the ideal type of products to buyers.

For over 13 years, the company has been able to provide top quality products to the customers. They service people from all over the world. This allows everyone the opportunity to achieve their desired hair goals.

This specific unit from Luvme is basic, but covers all the areas you want to look out for. While many customizations aren’t available, the base unit comes with high quality products. Although customizations are ideal, they provide a quality standard option.

Another positive of this unit is the hair itself. Human hair is the perfect pair to a full lace wig. Both options put together offer you the ability to have limitless styling options. For a standard unit that covers all areas, this wig is a great choice overall.

What I Like

  • Lace – The unit comes with Swiss lace that is easy to blend.
  • Base unit – The unit offers high quality options as standard.
  • Hair type – The unit is made with human hair which pairs well with styling.

What I Don’t Like

  • Price – Shorter lengths are reasonable, but longer lengths get too expensive.
  • Customizations – While the base unit is good, they don’t offer much customization.
  • Density – The unit is 150% which for the price I’d expect a higher percentage.

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3. Afsister SkinMelt Full Lace Wig

This company is focused on providing high quality products that allow you to express yourself. Whatever you are looking for, the company has got you covered. Even though the company is based in China, they have a responsive team available to help you.

They carry a variety of different products and are most known for their skin melting lace. Having a high reputation in blendable lace is ideal for creating a seamless look.

This specific unit covers all the desired areas all while maintaining affordability. Even the longest length unit, which is typically most expensive, is priced reasonably. You even have a good amount of customizations available.

One area that is lacking on this unit is the placement of bands to secure. Since lace allows you to see straight through, you can clearly see the dark bands. It would have been better if a lighter color was used. You can easily fix this problem by removing the band.

What I Like

  • Price –Even the longest length available is reasonable.
  • Customizations – You can alter the cap size, construction, and length of hair.
  • Lace –Paired with invisible Swiss lace .

What I Don’t Like

  • Density – Only 150% which is doable but seems a little light.
  • Method to secure –The elastic clearly shows through the lace.

4. Genius Wigs Skin Melt Full Scalp Parting Wig

The company has been around for over 7 years. They aim to provide high quality yet affordable wigs to their customers. They offer their services worldwide and have been able to gain a lot of customers through that.

One of the reasons the units are priced the way they are is due to the wig wholesalers. They offer a variety of different products and are well known for their skin melting lace.

This specific unit, although expensive, is well worth it. The lace blends extremely well and is paired with a pre-plucked hairline. Another added benefit is baby hairs are present around the entire unit, not just the front.

While the longer lengths don’t seem worth the price, you can easily customize the shorter lengths to achieve the ideal unit. 

What I Like

  • Customizations – You can alter the color, cap size, and length.
  • Hairline – The unit is pre-plucked and has baby hairs around the entire unit.
  • Method to secure – All the combs are blendable with the lace.

What I Don’t Like

  • Price –The longer hair lengths seem unreasonable.
  • Density – The unit only has a 150% density which is low for the price.

5. Wiggins Full Lace Loose Deep Wave Wig

Wiggins hair is a well known hair company. They are based out of China and have been in business since the 90’s. This has allowed them time to increase their clientele and ensure they are providing the best products and services.

The company offers quality products at a competitive price. Their response times are another area that has aided in the company having a high reputation. They offer a wide range of sought after products.

This specific unit is a great choice as it provides users with a seamless blend. The lace is not only Swiss, but it’s also tinted in a medium brown color. This is ideal for anyone with a darker skin tone.

Another benefit of this unit is the density. Even though the lace is made present to showcase the “scalp”, you want the hair to be thick enough and not look bald. For the price, 180% density seems reasonable.

What I Like

  • Lace – The unit comes with medium brown Swiss lace.
  • Hair type – The unit comes with virgin human hair.
  • Density – The unit is 180% density.

What I Don’t Like

  • Price – The unit seems a little expensive for little customization.
  • Customization – There are limited options to customize, only a handful of lengths.

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6. Alipearl Straight Full Lace Wig

Alipearl is a company that has over 20 years of experience. They offer their customers high quality hair at an affordable price point. The company has their own factory which allows them to control what type of hair they sell.

Another benefit of this company is that even their standard units are high quality. They are a great choice for a beginner who may not know what type of hair is the best. They even provide customer service throughout the entire order process.

This specific unit is quite basic. That being said, the company provides you with all the factors you may want to be on the lookout for. The wig is affordable and comes with lace that blends seamlessly.

Another pro to this wig is the hairline. The unit comes pre-plucked and has baby hairs around the entire perimeter. This is very helpful when blending the back of the unit. It makes the wig look natural overall.

What I Like

  • Price – Even the longest length is reasonably priced.
  • Lace – The unit comes with medium brown lace.
  • Hairline – The unit comes pre-plucked and with baby hairs around the entire unit.

What I Don’t Like

  • Customization – No customizations are available aside from length.

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What to Look Out for When Buying a Full Lace Wig


The specific lace made available plays a big part in how natural the unit will look. Swiss lace is a common material and the best choice for many users. Keeping in mind the intended longevity and your skin color will help when deciding on a color.

How well the lace blends into your skin will determine if a specific full lace wig will work good for you. More often than no, you can do further customizations on lace to ensure it blends well. Tinting the lace and bleaching the lace are just some options.

Keep in mind the thickness of the lace. You want to find a balance between thin and thick in order to achieve the perfect unit. If the lace is too thin it could fall apart after a few wears and if too thick, it won’t blend well.


Full lace wigs are generally more expensive than other types of wig due to the material used. Since lace makes up the majority of the unit it’s expected to be on the more expensive side.

A typical full lace wig will usually cost well over $250. This being said, the unit allows you to have way more styling options. You can wear the hair up and parted in different ways getting a variety of different looks out of just one unit.

With this in mind, a unit over $450 is generally not worth it. The only reason a full lace wig should go over this price is due to the customizations. With enough research you will be able to find the right wig. 


Customizations are a factor to consider with almost any unit. Keeping this in mind, specifically look for customizations geared to the lace and cap itself.

Some companies offer the option to choose the type of lace you prefer. This is ideal for achieving a natural look. Another customization to be aware of is the cap size. Since the majority of the unit is made from lace it may not have as much stretch as you are used to.

Full lace wigs are already quite expensive and customizations are usually offered at an upcharge. Be prepared to have a big chunk taken from you bank account in order to achieve the perfect look.


How do lace wigs stay on?

Lace wigs, although being made with a greater amount of delicate fabric, still offer methods to secure. Typical units come with combs to attach the unit. It’s also easy to use glue in hand with these types of units along with wig grips.

What’s the difference between a frontal and full lace wig?

A frontal covers the entire front hairline and goes back a couple of inches to create a part. This is ideal and sufficient for most. A full lace wig has lace around the entire perimeter of the head, Full lace allows you to style your hair in a variety of different ways and even wear the hair up.

What does full lace mean?

A full lace wig is a type of wig where the entire base of the unit is made from lace. The cap will have an extra amount of lace and a wig cap is generally needed to be worn. This type of wig gives you the ability to have multiple different styling options.


Full lace wigs are a great idea for anyone who likes to style their hair in different ways. This type of wig is on the expensive side but well worth the price.

Ensure you find a lace that works well with your skin tone and offers some sort of customizations. Ensuring both of these factors are covered will allow you to have a seamless blend and look natural. Just be prepared to spend a good chunk of money.


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