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Best Hair For a Sew-In Weave

Published By: Dasia

Last Updated: February 23, 2023

I’m Dasia, a cosmetologist who has been in the industry for around 5 years now. Sew-ins are a style that seem to come in and out of style.

Finding the right hair to install when planning to install a sew-in is extremely important. The hair will be left in for a few weeks and you want to ensure you use the best quality hair.

Let’s take a look at some of the most desired hair that can be utilized in a sew-in style.

Best hair for a sew-in weave

Sew-in weave is an easy style to accomplish and can last quite a long time. It’s important to choose the right type of hair to get the most out of this protective style.

  • Best hair for a sew-in weave overall – Nadula covers all of the areas you want to be on the lookout for when shopping for sew-in hair that works well for a weave. The hair is made well and affordable.
  • Best hair for a sew-in weave for value – Alimoda is a business that has been around for years. They provide high quality hair at an affordable price. 
  • Best hair for a sew-in weave for high quality – Dsoar offers high quality hair available to all at a steep price. While the hair is expensive, you get quality extensions that are sure to last you multiple wears.
  • Best hair for a sew-in weave based on reputation – Unice has been around for years and continues to put their customers first. This has enabled them to continually build their reputation and offer great products at affordable prices.
  • Best hair for a sew-in weave for easy use –Mayvenn offers high quality hair that is pricey. Keeping this in mind, certain products come with free installation services making this hair easy to use and install.

1. Nadula Peruvian Straight Hair 

Nadula is a company that is available in over 50 different countries. The company has over 12 different categories of hair that can be utilized to find your ideal match. They aim to provide the individual needs of all of their customers.

The business got its start on Alibaba an online retailer and over 10 years later they were able to open their own online store. After opening their official site they increased their team members and earned over 1 million registered members.

These bundles are a great go to for sew-ins due to their price. Even the longest lengths, which go up to 30 inches, are affordable. The hair is also available in a Peruvian texture which pairs well with the straight texture.

While the hair is slightly thin due to the material it’s made from and doesn’t have options to customize, you can’t beat the way the hair is made. Another thing to note is the subtle shedding that takes place. It’s not excessive but worth mentioning.


  • Price – Even the longest lengths of the hair are affordable.
  • Hair type – Peruvian hair is used and it’s nicely highlighted by the straight texture.
  • Construction – The hair is machine double wefted creating a durable base.


  • Customizations – You can’t select a hair type or number of bundles.
  • Shedding – The shedding is minimal but still present.
  • Thin – The hair is quite thin due to the Peruvian texture. You may want another bundle.

2. Alimoda Brazilian Body Wave Hair 

Alimoda was founded in 1998 and has been able to make a positive impact since then. They provide grade 8A hair which is one of the higher grades available. They have their own factory and are able to accurately watch the products that are shipped out.

While the company is based in China, they provide 24/7 online customer service to their many customers. Since most of the company’s customers are from America, Alimoda has a warehouse in the United States. This allows customers to receive their items more quickly.

These specific bundles are highly desired due to their price tag. The hair is extremely affordable with the longest length being just over $200. For the quality you receive, you can’t beat this price.

Another benefit is the density since the ends are just as thick as the best of the bundle. This is a serious problem with many body wave textured units. Another thing to note is the thinness of the hair, you may want to purchase an additional bundle to thicken your look.


  • Price – This is one of the most affordable hair on the market.
  • Construction – The hair is double wefted and has a sturdy base.
  • Hair type – Brazilian hair is a great go to for sew-ins.
  • Density – The hair was consistent throughout the entire bundle.


  • Customizations – Aside from the length, you can’t alter the hair.
  • Thin – The bundles are sturdy but you may want an additional bundle for a thick look.

3. Dsoar Peruvian Straight Hair 

Dsoar is an online hair site that specializes in providing top quality hair at an affordable price. With a variety of different textures and styles you are sure to find the perfect hair to match your lifestyle.

The company aims to provide an easy shopping experience to all who visit the site. In addition to offering great products, the company also offers a variety of different discount codes. This is great for the shopper as it helps cut down on costs.

These bundles are made from Peruvian hair which is nicely highlighted by the straight texture. You can see how healthy the hair is along with the consistent density throughout. The bundles are also constructed well by being double wefted.

One downside of this high quality hair is the price. The longest lengths go well over $400 for the complete set. Keeping this in mind, the set is of 4 bundles making the price seem payable. It would have been nice if they offered minimal customizations for the price.


  • Hair type – The hair is Peruvian which goes well with the straight texture.
  • Construction – The base of the bundles is durable.
  • Density – The ends are just as thick as the rest of the unit.
  • Amount of bundles – The set comes with 4 bundles perfect for a full look.


  • Price – The longest lengths are over $400 which is quite pricey.
  • Customizations – For the price I’d expect some sort of customizations to be available.

4. Unice Water Wave Hair 

Unice has a variety of core values that has helped the business to be able to continually grow. Community, quality, diversity, craftsmanship, and innovation all have a part in the business. By utilizing these values, they’ve been able to fulfill their mission.

While the company is based in China, they service customers worldwide offering storewide free shipping. They also have online customer service 24/7 to help you with your shopping experience. They’ve worked hard to maintain this positive reputation.

These water wave bundles are highly desired mainly due to the way the hair is constructed. The hair is double-wefted resulting in a durable base that can be secured right to the natural hair. 

One downside of these bundles is the density. The hair isn’t as thick on the ends but the curl pattern does a good job at hiding the unevenness. Another downside would be the longest length is only 26 inches since most companies go up to 30 inches.


  • Hair type – You have the option to choose between 4 different hair types.
  • Price – Even the longest lengths are under $250 making them affordable.
  • Construction – The hair is double wefted and has a durable base.


  • Density – The ends aren’t as thick but the texture helps disguise the thin look.
  • Length – The longest length available is 26 inches.

5. Mayvenn Brazilian Curly Hair 

Mayvenn is a newer company that hit the hair community fast and instantly pleased their customers. The CEO was determined to have a company that could satisfy the needs of the community and he did just that. 

Starting the business from his car, within years Mayvenn was able to become a million dollar name. They offer a variety of high quality products and see the importance of working with stylists. Mayvenn is a company that has gained respect and trust throughout the years.

These bundles are great sew-in options mainly due to the way they are constructed. They have an incredibly durable base that can be secured to your natural hair. Keep in mind the importance of having a professional install so you don’t damage your natural hair.

Another positive of the hair is the density that is present. The ends are just as thick and full as the rest of the unit. The curl pattern could be a helpful reason why the hair is like this. Keep in mind the hair is expensive but you can take advantage of the services offered.


  • Hair type – The hair used is Brazilian which is a universal choice.
  • Construction – The bundles are thick and have a sturdy base.
  • Density – Even with filler hairs, the hair is thick throughout. The texture likely helps.


  • Price – Purchasing a set at a reasonable price is possible but bundles are pricey.
  • Filler hairs – The company utilises filler hairs which require extra styling.
  • Customizations – For the price, I’d expect to be able to alter parts of the bundles.

Factors to look out for when buying hair for a sew-in weave

Hair Type

The hair type of a unit generally gives you an idea as to where the hair is sourced from. Different locations give off a different texture. Brazilian hair is one of the most known hair types when it comes to extensions.

Brazilian hair is a great choice for most as it’s affordable and easy to blend with most hair. The hair is neither too thick nor too thin. If you are just starting out with extensions, purchasing Brazilian hair is a safe bet.

Other hair types available are Indian, Mongolian, Malaysian, and Peruvian. All of these hair types have different textures and range from silky and thin to coarse and voluminous. Finding what works best for you may take some time.


Hair that is used for sew-in weave can range greatly in price. There are many factors to consider when deciding if you’re getting a good deal or not.

The length of the hair is the biggest deciding factor as to how expensive their hair will be. The longer the hair is the more expensive it will be due to the fact that more product is used. If you are looking for longer hair a cheaper basic unit may be the way to go so you don’t break the bank.

Another factor that could affect the price is possible customizations. If you want the hair to be colored or have anything other than the standard unit that’s offered you can expect an upcharge.


Determining how well made the hair is a great way to consider if the hair is worth it. One area you want to be aware of is the base of the bundle. Ideally the bundle will be double wefted having a durable base that can be attached to the natural hair.

Double wefts are pretty standard in the hair world and you shouldn’t have to pay extra. Another area to be on the lookout for is filler hairs. Filler hairs can decrease the overall longevity of a bundle.

Filler hairs are included to make the hair look thicker but only affect the base since the strands are so short. This can throw off the density making the top of the bundle look thick and have the rest of the extension looking quite thin.


What hair is best for a sew-in weave? 

The best type of hair for a sew-in is almost always virgin hair. This type of hair is ideal as it’s in its most natural state. The hair is healthier, easier to style, and will last longer. Virgin hair can be slightly more expensive but it’s better to make the investment sooner rather than later in order to get the most use out of the hair.

How do you prepare your hair for sew-in weave? 

The most important part of a sew-in is making sure your natural hair is prepared. Prep your natural hair by washing and detangling. It’s also important that the hair is thoroughly moisturized as it will be tucked away for a few weeks. The next step is to secure the hair and this is generally done by cornrowing the hair. 

Can your hair grow with a sew-in weave? 

Yes, your hair can grow when a sew-in weave is installed. Since sew-in weaves are a protective style this is one of the main goals. As long as your natural hair is properly secured and tucked away, you should start to notice growth between the installs. While the growth won’t seem like much, it increases over time.

How much hair is needed for a sew-in weave?

The amount of hair needed for a sew-in will vary greatly. The desired thickness of a style, length of the hair, and whether or not you’re utilizing leave out will play a part. Generally 3 bundles is a great choice to go with. If the hair is super thick you may be able to get away with just 2 bundles and if it’s super thin, 4 bundles may be a better option. 


Finding hair that is perfect for a sew-in is really not as hard as it seems. Ensure you consider all of the factors prior to purchase.

The hair type, price, and way the hair is constructed will all affect the overall outcome of the hair you install. 

Everyone has their own preferences so ensure you know yours prior to purchase. You’re sure to find the ideal sew-in hair in no time.


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