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Last Updated: January 27, 2023

I’m Dasia, a cosmetologist who has been in the industry for quite a fews years. In all my years in the business, I’ve dealt with a variety of different products. 

Natural-looking wigs have always been in demand, but even more so in recent years. By acquiring a product with lace, specifically HD lace, you are able to pull off a variety of different styles. Mainly because you can expose your hairline.

To learn more about these products you can check out the specific product reviews. 

Best HD lace wigs

HD lace is a thin material that is used on wigs. The lace aids in creating a natural-looking hairline. There is a perfect HD lace wig for everyone, whether you’re short on money or want a stress-free, easy-to-use unit.

  • Best HD lace wig overall – Keswigs offers a seamless unit that is easy to care for and style. They offer a product that is high-quality and it proves to be easy to use.
  • Best HD lace wig for versatility – Divas Wigs would have to take the spot for the most versatility. The lace allows for a seamless blend. Although the unit is expensive, it’s worth it.
  • Best HD lace wig for value – Alipearl produces a quality HD lace wig for under $160! You have a variety of different customizations available at an upcharge.
  • Best HD lace wig for high quality – My First Wig offers an expensive unit that is well worth the price. If you have the money don’t be afraid to purchase.
  • Best HD lace wig based on reputation – Unice has been around for years and continues to provide quality units to their customers.
  • Best HD lace wig for easy use – BeautyForever offers a unit that comes ready to use. Not much needs to be done to create a presentable unit.

1. Keswigs 13×4 Human Hair HD Lace Front Wigs 180 Density

Keswigs offer a variety of different products ranging from units that are quite affordable to ones that are more high-quality, going into $1,000. Some of their most popular units are their HD lace wigs.

They have a section on their site that allows you to recreate celebrity units that are engaging. This is a feature that gives shoppers a different experience. Expect to pay a high price for these premium products.

This specific unit from Kes wigs takes the overall winner for a variety of different reasons. The number one reason has to be the density of the hair. The unit is thick from root to tip which is highly desired. Another benefit is the size of the frontal.

The price of this wig is standard. You’re not saving much but you do end up with a quality wig in return. Another area to be aware of is the shipping process with Kes wigs. They advertise 7 business days but I found it to take a lot longer.

What I Like

  • Density – The ends are just as thick as the rest of the unit.
  • Texture – The Indian texture provides thick hair that is of good quality.
  • Frontal – The hair goes back 4 inches providing a lot of styling space.

What I Don’t Like

  • Price –The price is average not necessarily affordable.
  • Shipping – When personally shopping, the hair took longer than 7 days to arrive.

2. Divas Wigs HD Lace Closure Wig

Divas Wigs is dedicated to providing premium quality hair at an affordable price. The company definitely lived up to this goal. I found their products to live up to this high standard and be well worth the price.

They specialize in providing luxury lace front wigs, but offer a variety of other products. While the site wasn’t unique they were able to accurately advertise to their customers. One of the biggest downsides to the company was their customer service so hopefully you would be satisfied with your order.

This specific unit came with a transparent HD lace closure. This was the main selling point of the unit and lived up to the high quality. The closure was available in the size 5×5 giving you plenty of room to style the unit.

Another area of the unit that made the unit worth it was the knots. The knots were bleached and thin in size. This allowed the hair strands to perfectly blend into the lace creating a realistic hairline.

What I Like

  • Lace – The color was perfect to match with a variety of different skin tones.
  • Knots – The knots were both thin and bleached.
  • Size – The unit came with a 5×5 closure.

What I Don’t Like

  • Lay out of knots –The knots went in a straight line looking slightly unnatural.
  • Customizations – While there were customizations, not specifically for the lace.
  • Price – I’d expect more options to customize the lace for the price of the unit.

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3. Alipearl’s HD Lace Closure Wig

Alipearl is a company that has been around for over 20 years. They specialize in providing high quality human hair. They launched their aite around 4 years ago in order to reach a larger audience.

The site was easy to follow and the drawing point was their product photos. They highlighted how customers styled the hair which is of benefit to prospecting customers. The biggest draw to Alipearl has to be their affordable prices.

The unit I purchased was under $160 which is a great buy for a HD unit. They also offered the option to further customize the unit, obviously at an upcharge. Even the basics of this unit provide you with a quality unit.

The biggest selling point to this wig, despite the cheap price, was the pre-plucking and baby hairs. Both of these customizations are easy to achieve, but it’s always a great option when it’s already done.

What I Like

  • Pre-plucking and baby hairs – A great addition for an already cheap unit.
  • Customizations – Plenty of options available at an upcharge.
  • Size – The closure was available in 5×5 leaving plenty of room for styling.

What I Don’t Like

  • Knots –Great at hairline but got thicker further back into the closure.
  • Lace color – The lace seemed very light, this could be a problem for darker skin tones.

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4. My First Wig Blunt Bob Lace Wig

My First Wig was founded in 2015. Throughout the years they have continually learned to improve their products by taking into account customer needs. They provide a site that is easy for customers to natigate.

They make the wig buying process easy by providing everything needed to achieve a seamless installation. This is one of the biggest draws to the company. While their products are expensive, they are with every cent.

This specific wig’s biggest selling point was the HD lace front. The lace was available in both light and dark brown. This allowed for a perfect blend, a great option for those with a darker skin tone.

Another benefit of this unit was the hairline being pre-plucked. This option was available at no extra charge. This allowed the hair to blend even better into the lace and if you wanted more done, they had the option to increase the plucking at a slight charge.

What I Like

  • Size – The unit was equipped with 13×4.5 HD lace.
  • Lace color – The light brown color allows for better blending with darker skin tones.
  • Customizations – You can customize the lace of the unit..

What I Don’t Like

  • Price – The base unit, not including customizations, was close to $300..
  • Knots –The knots got thicker the further back into the unit.

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5. Unice Pre-Plucked HD Lace Wig

This company is very well known. When you first think of wigs, this company is likely to come to mind. They’ve been in the business for over 20 years and earned this positive reputation.

The site was a bit overwhelming but they offered a variety of different units that would please just about anyone. Although lace units are a big selling point for the company, it’s not all they offer. Another reason the company is so reputable is not only their products but also the customer service.

The specific unit that was purchased from this site was just uner $200 making the unit quite affordable. While many customizations weren’t available, the free part HD closure made the unit worth it.

While the lace was a bit light in color, the preplucking of the unit helped it look more natural. You may need to do some work to this unit to make it work for you but you can count on the company providing a good base unit.

What I Like

  • Pre-plucking –Allowed the hairline to look natural and blend.
  • Size – 5×5 lace closure allowed for maximum styling.
  • Price – The price was quite affordable.

What I Don’t Like

  • Knots –The knots were clearly shown on the lace the further back you went.
  • Lace color – The lace was light making the knots stick out more.
  • Customizations – They didn’t offer much of any options to customize the unit.

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6. BeautyForever Pre-Plucked HD Lace Wig

This company has been in business for over 15 years. As a result, they’ve been able to create a mainstream brand that is accessible to all. They also create products that are easy to use and affordable.

They have a site that resembles most other hair websites. Keeping this in mind, you are likely to know how to use and navigate the site without getting lost. They provide all of the relevant information to make a great decision on a unit.

This specific wig came pre-plucked and with baby hairs, making it an easy to use unit. These additions are highly desired as they create a natural looking hairline. They also make it easier to blend the lace.

The lace closure is available in the size 5×5. This is ideal as it gives you a good part to work with when styling. While customizations would have been appreciated, the company offers you a ready to use unit that is great for anyone.

What I Like

  • Baby hair –Allow the lace to better blend with the scalp.
  • Pre-plucking – This allowed the strands to blend better into the lace.
  • Price – A quality wig for under $200..

What I Don’t Like

  • Knots –The knots didn’t appear to be single knotted.
  • Lace color – The lace appeared a little light, a problem for darker skin tones..
  • Customizations – You didn’t have the option to customize the lace at all.


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What to look out for when buying a HD lace wig


HD lace is a material that can be used in both closures and frontals. The more lace that is present allows for a more natural looking style. While this is the case, the bigger the area of lace, the pricier the unit will be.

Affordable HD lace closures are more common to find. They are generally in the size 5×5 which is perfect for creating a part.

Frontals are bigger in size and allow for the entire hairline to be exposed. If you like to have hair out of your face, an HD lace frontal would be ideal. Expect to pay more for HD lace frontals.


Lace units are starting to become the standard. This allows for affordable units to be found quite easily. While regular lace is typical, HD lace is considered a premium material, you can expect to pay a little more for HD lace. 

A good quality HD lace wig is typically around $200. Most companies offer human hair and other benefits such as increase in density.

Various other factors will impact the overall cost of a unit. The amount of lace used will also alter the price. Frontals are typically more expensive than closures.

Lace Color

One of the biggest benefits of HD lace is the color. The lace is made to match all skin colors, whether light or dark. 

Many companies off HD lace in a variety of colors in order to match as many people as possible. Darkers colors, like a tan or dark brown, are made available to compensate those with darker skin. 

Another benefit of darker lace is the knots aren’t as distinct. The knots can blend easier and oftentimes don’t require that you bleach them.


What is HD lace? 

HD lace is a high quality material that falls under the name Swiss lace. The reason HD lace is highly desired is because when applied to the scalp, it appears invisible. As a wig-wearer you are able to achieve more styles due to the fact that you can expose the hairline.

Can a HD lace wig be worn everyday?

It is not advisable you wear a HD lace wig everyday. The reasoning behind this would be due to the fact that the lace is so thin. Wearing a HD wig everyday would only lead to the unit falling apart faster and a higher chance of spoiling your investment.

Do you have to color or bleach HD lace?

You should not have to do anything to the lace on your unit. HD lace has a transparent effect that is available without any further customizations. It may be an option to bleach the knots on your unit if they appear too dark against the lace.

What is the thinnest lace available?

HD lace is known to be the thinnest lace available. Due to the fact that the material is so thin it’s also very delicate. If you don’t take good care of the lace, it could easily rip or become damaged. While you have to be careful, since the material is so thin, HD lace is a great option for the frontal of units.


While HD lace is getting easier to find, you want to ensure that you are making the right decision when purchasing a unit. Think about what would be best for you and keep in mind you may have to pay a little more for this luxury.

There are plenty of companies that allow you to buy affordable units as well as ones that provide you with the highest quality possible. No matter your situation, you are sure to find a HD lace unit that you’ll love.


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