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Being a licensed cosmetologist has taught me the benefit of trying a variety of different products. It allows you to pick the best choices overall and also ensure you are getting quality products.

I’ve reviewed single products in the past that allow you to see an in depth review of the products that are included in this article.

I will be choosing 5 of the best frontals out of previously reviewed units. Keep in mind the unbiased approach that takes place when reviewing.

Best lace frontal

Frontals, especially lace-based ones, are a great way to achieve a natural-looking style. Frontals are a hair piece that allows you to finish off a style while simulating a natural-looking hairline. They’re similar to closures but extend even further, usually ear to ear.

  • Best frontal overall – Keswigs takes the spot overall as they provide a desirable product that is ideal when shopping for a lace frontal.
  • Best frontal for versatility – Diamond hair had to take this spot as the unit was high quality and came with little work needed.
  • Best frontal for value – Queen Hair provides a quality product for just over $100. This is very cheap for a frontal unit, but it gets the job done and has a great hairline. The frontal makes the entire unit.
  • Best frontal for high quality – She’s Happy hair produced a great unit. The density itself made the unit worth it, the material of the frontal created a durable hair piece. The free part allows for maximum styling options.
  • Best frontal based on reputation – Tinashe Hair is a company that has been around for years now. They continue to provide quality yet affordable hair. The single knots allow for a seamless blend.
  • Best frontal for easy use – True Glory provided a unit that was ready to wear as soon as the unit was unboxed. The wig was pre-plucked and had baby hairs. The pricing of the unit was also reasonable. 

1. Keswigs Undetectable 13×6 HD Lace Frontal Wig

Keswigs has a variety of different products available on their site. All are made from high-quality human hair. They don’t offer many areas of customization but the quality makes up for this downside.

Keswigs is known for its HD lace wig units. The price tag is high but customers rave about this product making it worth the hype.

The frontal on this unit is the main selling point as the lace is completely 13×6 in size. Sometimes companies will offer a U-shaped frontal instead of the complete rectangle. The lace paired with this frontal is another bonus since it is truly undetectable.

The downside of this unit is the price. The longest length is over $1000. While it is a lot of money, keep in mind the quality of the hair you will be receiving. Another area to mention is the cap size. Some have mentioned the cap is a little big and some customization is needed.

What I Like

  • Size of frontal – The unit goes back 6 inches which provides maximum styling options.
  • Lace – The lace takes up a big part of the unit and blends well.
  • Density – The 200% density allows for a thick and healthy look.

What I Don’t Like

  • Price – The start price is close to $800. Every inch increases the price.
  • Cap size –The cap size proved to be big, you may have to customize the unit to fit right.

2. Diamond Hair Co. Lace Frontal Brazilian Wig

Diamond Hair Co. was founded in 2011 and is based out of Indianapolis. The founders of the company were able to turn the business into a multi-million dollar company in just 5 years. They service customers from all over the world while providing quality products in the process. 

They have a variety of different products, all available at a reasonable price. Another perk of the company was the fast delivery. The hair was delivered in 2 business days. The one area the company could have improved on was the customer service. Although they replied, the response was delayed a few days.

The unit overall excelled and made up for some of the areas that the company was lacking in. The frontal is perfectly aligned with the cap allowing for a seamless construction. The frontal came in the color transparent tan which is a great option for those with darker skin.

The knots were slightly bleached and appeared to be single knotted. While many units often have knots that get bigger the farther back you part the frontal, not this one. The knots are contestant in size throughout the entire unit.

What I Like

  • Lace color – The color of the lace will allow for a perfect blend.
  • Density – The frontal was just as thick as the rest of the unit.
  • Knots – The knots were slightly bleached which give a less distinct look.

What I Don’t Like

  • Lack of Customization – It’s nice to have options when buying a unit.
  • Material – While stretchy, it may not be durable enough for some users.
  • Price – This price was a little on the high side to not offer customizations.

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3. Queen Hair 13×4 Lace Frontal Wig

Queen Hair is a company that is based in China and has been in business for 10 years. They provide a variety of different grade hair that is all 100% virgin. The products offered seem to be quite popular as oftentimes they are sold out.

The site is easy to navigate and unique to other sites. They easily allow you to identify best sellers along with ways to save money on their products. Another benefit of shopping with the company is the fast delivery times. This unit came in only 3 business days.

This frontal came with swiss lace that was in the color medium brown. This allowed the lace to blend seamlessly and appear more scalp-like. The unit also includes a pre-plucked hairline and baby hairs to further achieve a natural look.

One thing to note is the unit didn’t have bleached knots. Pairing unbleached knots with seamless lace made the strands stick out a bit. While this is the case, It’s an easy fix you can achieve at home.

What I Like

  • Size – The unit came in 13×4 which covers the entire front hairline.
  • Lace color – The lace came in medium brown which is slightly darker than normal.
  • Hairline – The unit came pre-plucked and with baby hairs.

What I Don’t Like

  • Middle part – The hair doesn’t contain a free part which can limit the styling.
  • Unbleached knots – Since the knots aren’t bleached, they are more distinct.
  • Density – The frontal doesn’t feel as dense as the rest of the unit.

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4. She’s Happy 13×4 Straight Lace Frontal Wig

This company was founded in 2012 by two determined entrepreneurs. The CEOs had the goal of filling the void in the black community by providing their customers with goto household name products.

They provide 100% human hair to their customers. They also carry a haircare line which helps customers further care for their units. Another benefit of shopping with She’s Happy hair is the fast delivery. This frontal unit arrived in just 3 days.

This frontal was likely made with swiss lace. This material is durable and likely to hold up well. Since you’re paying so much, having a unit that will hold up well is a must. Since the frontal didn’t have the option to customize, you may have to do some extra work.

The wig had a straight texture which didn’t cause a problem when blending the frontal. The density was consistent throughout. Sometimes frontals may not be as dense as the rest of the unit, but this wig did the job. 

What I Like

  • Material – The lace was thick and durable which means it will be long lasting.
  • Density – The frontal was just as thick as the rest of the unit.
  • Free part – Allows you the option to style the frontal in whatever way you want.

What I Don’t Like

  • Price –The unit was a bit on the pricey side, well over $300.
  • Lack of customization – There wasn’t an option to customize the unit.
  • Hairline –Frontal wasn’t pre-plucked, you would have to do this yourself.

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5. Tinashe Hair Pre-Plucked 13×4 Lace Front Wig

Tinashe Hair has been around since the 90’s and has done business online since 2016. For the past 5 years, the company has been able to provide high quality yet affordable hair. The site was easy to follow and covered all of the relevant information areas.

The company is well known for their HD lace products. They are paired with single knots and baby hairs to give a more natural look. The company had a very good customer service approach, they contacted me throughout the entire order process.

The unit came with a 13×4 frontal which allows for optimal styling options. This is a common size for frontals which allows the entire hairline to appear natural. While the company is known for their HD lace, this specific unit came with swiss lace. 

While the overall density of the hair was nice, the frontal did seem a little thick. It’s preferred that the frontal is thicker as opposed to thin as you can easily fix it. You can pluck hair strands, specifically ones close to the hairline, to achieve a natural look. 

What I Like

  • Size – The frontal was 13×4 allowing a good area to help with styling.
  • Swiss lace – The frontal was made from a durable material.
  • Knots – Single knots allow the strands to look less distinct.

What I Don’t Like

  • Density – The frontal was thick making the unit look slightly unnatural.
  • Lace color – While the lace is durable, the color makes the knots stand out.
  • Texture – The body wave on the frontal wasn’t as distinct on the rest of the unit.

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6. True Glory Virgin Brazilian Lace Front Wig

The company was founded in 2010 by a determined businessman. They provide virgin hair to their customers while maintaining a reputable reputation. In 2016 the company added to the team allowing them to reach an even further audience.

The store was extremely professional and easy to use. The site allows you to easily find the products you are looking for. True Glory provides virgin hair which is of high quality and long lasting, making their expensive prices worth it.

The unit appeared to have an easy hairline to work with. The unit came pre-plucked and had baby hairs which allow you to skip this necessary customization step. The unit also had a nicy density that was consistent from the frontal to the rest of the hair on the wig.

While the knots at the front were thin, they got thicker farther into the frontal. Depending on how far you want to part the hair, this could pose a problem. The hair also wasn’t free parted which means you could have less styling options. 

What I Like

  • Hairline – The unit came pre-plucked and with baby hairs.
  • Density – The frontal was just as thick as the rest of the unit.
  • Construction – The frontal seamlessly blended with the cap.

What I Don’t Like

  • Knots – The knots were single tied in the front, but got thicker throughout the unit.
  • Part – The frontal didn’t have a free part which can limit styling options.
  • Price – For the lack of customizations, I’d expect a cheaper price.

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What to look for when purchasing a frontal

Overall quality

Frontals are quite common to come across. You can find a quality frontal to pair with either a weave or wig . They allow you to achieve a natural looking hairline and are highly desired.

A quality frontal will generally be made from a flexible yet durable lace. This will allow you to mold the unit to your head and form a natural looking hairline. Ensuring the lace color is as close to your skin color as possible will help when blending.

The construction also plays a big part in ensuring you make a good purchase. A frontal, if attached to a wig, should seamlessly blend into the wefts. 


When looking to purchase a frontal, it can be difficult to balance ease of use, a good deal, and a quality product. Frontals are similar to closures in price, around 90$ if purchased alone. When installed on a wig, expect to pay in the $200 range for a quality piece.

If you’re looking for a full weave, sites often contain deals that allow you to purchase a frontal with bundles at a discounted price. This is a great way to save money.

When shopping for a frontal that is paired with a wig you generally have more options to customize the unit. Keep in mind further customizations may come with a high price tag.


The most common size for a frontal is 13×4. This standard size allows the unit to reach from ear to ear, covering the entire front hairline.

360 lace frontals have become a popular trend in the last few years. Lace is secured around the entire perimeter of the unit to create a fake hairline all around. This will give you more options when styling, even including updos.

The more lace present on a unit is always desired as it appears more natural. The scalplike illusion is easy to achieve when working with a frontal.

What is a lace frontal?

A lace frontal is a hair piece that extends across the entire front hairline of a unit. They are designed to cover the scalp area and mimic a natural looking hairline. Frontals allow you to further protect your natural hair and for this reason are desired.

What is a 360 lace frontal?

A 360 lace front closure ensures you have the most natural looking hairline. The unit has a frontal around the entire perimeter, not just the front hairline. These are a great option for those who like to wear their hair up. These types of units are a great investment and often last a long time.

What are lace frontals made from?

Lace frontals are made from lace. The lace is generally made to be skin color. This allows the lace to better blend into the scalp. Strands of hair are then tied to the lace to achieve a seamless blend. Lace can be thick or thin and come in different colors to best match your skintone.


Frontals are a highly desired unit that allow for natural looks. By doing enough research you will be able to find a quality item. Prices may vary along with ease of use, but overall you are sure to find a great choice that will perfectly suit you.


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