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Last Updated: January 27, 2023

As a cosmetologist, I’ve done my fair share of shopping for hair products. Surprisingly finding a reputable place to shop that also provides quality hair can be a difficult process. 

While hair quality is the main concern, you want to ensure you’re spending your money on a company that does more than just provide good hair. How the company runs should play a part in your decision-making process.

I’m going to be breaking down some of the best places to shop for wigs in 2021. Let’s see why they earned a spot on this list.

Best places to buy wigs

Wigs have become evermore so popular in the last few years. They are a quick way to change up your style without leaving lasting damage. Since wigs are in such demand, there are plenty of places to find quality hair.

  • Best place to buy overall – Keswigs take the spot as they truly provide a quality wig that is easy to use and of high quality.
  • Best place to buy for versatility – My First Wig provides its customers with everything associated with wigs. Whether a beginner or not, you can ensure you have all that you will need to properly take care of the unit.
  • Best place to buy for value – Beautyforever provides a high-quality wig for under $200. This is a steal as the unit is 100% virgin hair with a higher than normal density.
  • Best place to buy for high quality –  Divas wigs provide a high-quality wig with the option to have lots of customizations. You may have to pay a little more than you would like, but you’re investing in a piece that will last.
  • Best place to buy based on reputation – Unice has been around for years, over 20 to be exact. They are a company that instantly comes to mind when shopping for hair. They provide quality hair along with fast customer response times.
  • Best place to buy for ease of use –  Luvme hair had a user-friendly site and provided a unit that was ideal for anyone. The company provides a variety of free gifts to their customers along with the hair itself.

1. Keswigs

Keswigs is a company that was founded in Italy around 10 years ago. They aim to make their customers feel confident with the units they wear. Their hair is ethically sourced from Brazil and has high standards.

The site offers video reviews from customers and a variety of other helpful sources through its blog section.

The hair the company offers is expensive but worth it. They have a range of different products and you’re sure to find the ideal one, even if you are on a tight budget. The quality is high regardless of the type of hair you gravitate towards. They even offer a celebrity line.

One area that could be improved is the customizations made available. You’re able to alter the length on most units but that’s as far as the customizations go. Regardless, the company still provides you with quality units.

What I Like

  • Customer service – When I experienced problems they were prompt to respond via email and live chat.
  • Celebrity wigs –They offer celebrity wigs that are fun and on-trend.
  • Quality – The company uses some of the highest quality hair available, 100% real human hair.

What I Don’t Like

  • Shipping – When shopping with the brand, the shipping took longer than the stated time.
  • Price – The company offers units that are average in price and go into the thousands.
  • Lack of customization – Aside from the length, there isn’t a way to alter the units.

2. My First Wig

My First Wig is a company that truly provides everything you need when dealing with your first wig. That being the case, this company is a great option even for those who are experienced. They offer a variety of different customizations to their customers.

They even include tutorials on the site. This allows viewers to increase their  knowledge of the hair and company.  Viewers can learn how to better care for and style their new hair. 

The hair itself, although expensive, is worth it. The unit I purchased was close to $300 but comes with many free gifts and the option to customize. The company is known for their lace wigs that are made from HD swiss lace. 

Another positive of shopping with this company is their hair types. They offer Malaysian hair and Indian hair which are very desired. Many companies only offer Brazilian so this is an added luxury for customers.

What I Like

  • Tutorials – They provide additional help to their customers in both instal and styling.
  • Customizations – My First Wig offers a wide variety of customizations to each unit.
  • Hair quality – The company offers some of the most desired hair types.

What I Don’t Like

  • Price – If you decide to take advantage of all the customization options, the unit would be well over $400.
  • Customer service – Although they offered live chat options, representatives weren’t always available.
  • Delivery – The delivery time kept changing, from a few days to over a week.

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3. Beautyforever

Beuatyforever provides their customers with high quality products at a reasonable price. The site has a variety of different products that can be suitable for just about anyone. Although they don’t offer much customization, you will receive a durable unit.

While the site is easy to nativage, it’s not very unique. This still doesn’t pose much of a problem as they cover all the relevant information. They’re a mainstream brand that covers your basics.

When trying out this company, I realized even though the unit wasn’t customizable, the wig was equipped with desired traits. HD lace and high densities are both options that come with even their most basic units. 

For a price tag of just under $200, you can’t beat Beautyforever. The company even offers the option to pay in installments. This makes their already cheap prices seem even more reasonable.

What I Like

  • Customer service – They immediately updated customers on their order.
  • Products – The site offers a variety of products in different textures and styles.
  • Quality –Even their basic units come with high quality add ons such as high density.

What I Don’t Like

  • Basic website –There is nothing unique about the Beautyforver.
  • Packaging – The packaging was both basic and arrived damaged.
  • Lack of customization – While this is a downside, the price makes up for it.

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4. Divas Wigs

The goal of this company is to provide premium quality wigs at an affordable price. While I didn’t find many of their products affordable, they were of great quality. The selling point would have to be their HD lace wigs.

The company offers a website that covers all your needs. That being said, the site was quite distracting and didn’t look unique at all. Since they provide relevant information, I didn’t find this to be too much of a problem.

One of the reasons Divas Wigs lives up to having such high quality hair is due to their customization options. They offer their customers the option to alter just about every area of their wigs.

While the price of the wigs they offer are quite expensive, it’s worth it. If you invest in a unit from Divas Wigs, you are sure to have the unit for a long time. The durability of the units can be an added layer of confidence when deciding to purchase.

What I Like

  • Products – A variety of different wigs are available including closures and frontals.
  • Customizations – You have the option to change up your unit to best suit you.
  • Price – The wigs are expensive, but you get a great quality wig for under $300.

What I Don’t Like

  • Packaging –Their hair comes in a silk bag with a brush, not very impressive.
  • Shipping – Shipping was completed in just about a week.
  • Return policy – A return must take place in 48 hours if applicable.

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5. UNice 

UNice has been around for years making it one of the most reputable companies around. They have earned this reputation by having over 20 years in the business. While the company is based in China, they provide to customers all over the world.

Not only does Unice have their online store, they also have 4 physical stores. This is an advantage for shoppers as it provides another option for purchase. You can even see the units in real life before deciding to purchase the items.

Another reason Unice is a great place to shop is their customer service. They have representatives available 24/7 which proves to be helpful to their customers from all over the world. When shopping with them I had questions that were answered immediately.

Another benefit of UNice was their fast shipping. I got the order in just 3 days which is quite fast. By reviewing the shipping customer service and overall quality of the hair, you can quickly see that Unice lives up to a high standard.

What I Like

  • Customer service –The representatives respond immediately.
  • Delivery – The hair was delivered in only 3 days.
  • Physical stores – The company offered 4 physical stores to experience their hair.

What I Don’t Like

  • Lack of customization –Good quality units, but didn’t offer the option to customize.
  • Site – The site looked like many others, not making the experience special.
  • Packaging –The packaging was basic, but secured the unit.

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6. Luvme

Luvme hair provides a pleasant shopping experience to all their customers. The company has an easy to use site that offers valuable products to all. The way they categorize their products leads to a stress-free shopping experience.

The specialize in provides wigs at a very affordable price point. The wig I purchased from them was only around $100! This is a great deal for a wig from a luxury company.

Another reason this company made the top 5 to shop with is their easy to use fast service help. This was an alternative to a live representative but proved to be very helpful. Any question I had was immediately answered and if not I could easily email the company.

The shipping of the products are desirable too. Products are received in a timely manner and come in luxurious packaging. Along with the packaging being high quality, they provide practical free gifts that help with installing the unit.

What I Like

  • Packaging – The units are shipped in luxury looking packages
  • Delivery –The delivery was fast and the products arrived in a timely manner.
  • Price – The units are extremely affordable.

What I Don’t Like

  • Returns – If you return an item, you are only eligible for gift card reimbursement.
  • Lack of customization – The units are quite basic.

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What to be aware of when looking for a place to buy a wig?


The price of wigs can vary greatly. Although this is the case, there is a range you should expect to pay. Typically stores with good wigs will charge from the high 100’s to high 200’s. Just because a unit is expensive doesn’t mean it’s worth it.

The material of a wig can alter the price greatly. While lace wigs are common, more luxurious materials like HD or swiss lace can cost more. How long the strands are can also affect the price tag, each inch typically results in an upcharge.

It’s quite common for stores to offer discounts on their products if you spend a certain amount. Wigs are priced to fall into that category so you qualify for the discount. Ensure to look for discount codes before you checkout so you can get a good deal.


Customizations are a great indicator on what kind of store you are dealing with. The more customizations available typically means they offer higher quality units.

Keeping this in mind, when you have the option to customize you can expect to pay a little more. 

Stores that offer customizations are a great option as you can purchase a unit that is ideal for you. When you have a unit you genuinely like you are more likely to wear it and get your money’s worth out of it.


Looking for customer reviews is a great way to evaluate what kind of store you are dealing with. Customers who have shopped with these companies have an inside look at how the business runs.

Try to get a feel for the customer service the store offers. This can be an indicator of how helpful the company will be if any problems arise.  If they are willing to help you pre-order, that’s an even more positive sign.

Delivery is one of the last areas to look out for when looking for a place to shop. Some companies that aren’t as reputable will ship an order, but the products will never arrive. This is something to be aware of along with delivery time. Typically delivery should be around a week. 


How do you make a wig look natural?

Ensure you are purchasing a wig that works for you. Customizations are ideal as you can fit to your liking. Lace is desired as it blends into the scalp. Having a unit that is pre-plucked and has baby hairs is another option for seamless blending and an overall natural look.

What kind of wigs are good for beginners?

Headband wigs are quite popular in recent times. They allow you to not have to worry about how well the scalp is blending. One step up from this would be lace wigs. The lace allows the wig to look more natural as it blends into the scalp.


Wigs are highly desired in recent years and as a result you have so many options to choose from when buying. These 5 companies are my personal go tos when dealing with wigs. 

Ensure you choose a place that represents what you want the best, whether a positive reputation or overall quality. By doing enough research you will surely find a place that suits your needs.


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