Black Celebrities Who Wear Wigs

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Last Updated: July 25, 2022

As someone who has worked in the beauty industry, it’s not uncommon for someone to request a look they see on a celebrity. 

There’s no doubt that celebrities are trendsetters and by changing your style to be like theirs, you have the option to feel and look better.

This article will take a look at some of the most popular trendsetting celebrities who use wigs to their advantage. Let’s see who gets mentioned.

Black Celebrities Who Wear Wigs

It’s no secret that companies market their wigs toward people of color. Wigs are considered a protective style, so the marketing makes sense. Celebrities are another added tool when marketing. 

Whether a celebrity is wearing a wig or not, it’s easy for someone who admires the look to achieve the hairstyle with a wig. Some of the most popular trend setters often utilize wigs to complete their jaw-dropping look. Two of the most influential celebrities who have had a part in this are Doja Cat and the well-known actress, Zendaya.

From award shows to Instagram lives, celebrities are often glammed up to ensure they get the best shots. It’s common knowledge Doja Cat often rocks wigs in her music videos and other performances. Majority of her looks have become quite iconic.

Zendaya is another celebrity who is not shy to the wig world. While she does take advantage of her natural hair, many of her looks are completed with the help of wigs. One of her most iconic wig looks was seen at the 2018 Met Gala. She sported a warm ginger bob with micro bangs. This style was amazing and was the talk of the town for weeks.

These are just a few of the current celebrities known to rock wigs. They have been around for years and many throughout the industry take advantage of these quick style changes.

Common Styles Celebrities Utilize Wigs For

The length and color of the hair are two main reasons why celebrities wear wigs. You can quickly have drastic changes and little to no damage is done to your natural hair. These are two very motivating factors.

Short Blunt Cuts – Having short hair is fun! Then you start to remember your long locks, and how easy they were to style. Wigs are the perfect option for celebrities who have to change their style weekly. Short looks are easy to achieve with wigs and are even paired with bangs.

Fun Colors – Pastel-colored wigs are quite common. Whether short or long, these fun colors can be hard to achieve on your natural hair. Wigs definitely save the celebrities’ natural hair while giving them the ability to rock it. 

Long Locks – It is no surprise that growing extremely long hair can be difficult for some people, especially if you are continually manipulating it. Celebrities often desire longer hair as it looks good with a variety of different looks and makes an impact. Longer hair also highlights how the hair is styled.

Pros and Cons of Wearing Wigs

What I Like

  • Easily switch style – You have the freedom to choose from a variety of different lengths and colors.
  • Time – You can easily complete an install in under an hour whereas completely changing your look can take multiple hours.
  • Longevity – Wigs can last a few hours all the way up to a few weeks depending on how you care for them.

What I Don’t Like

  • Price – Wigs, especially high quality ones, can go for a few hundred dollars. Expect to pay a good amount upfront.
  • Styling – Extra time will be needed to ensure the hair looks as natural as possible. You really have to focus on the hairline with wigs.
  • Restrictions – You can’t always style the hair exactly how you want, especially with a wig that doesn’t contain lace.

Misconceptions That Come With Wearing Wigs

One common misconception is the fact that those who wear wigs have bad hair. Bad hair is a term often used when someone has hair that is difficult to work with. This is not at all an accurate thought considering hair that may be difficult to style is still able to be styled.

Wigs are used to protect your natural hair, not necessarily hide it. This is an important fact to keep in mind. There are a variety of different methods that can be utilized to protect your natural hair, not just wigs. Extensions and updos are also protective styles and they don’t seem to have as much of a negative reputation.

Another misconception is that people who wear wigs are bald. While this can be the case sometimes, it’s not at all true. Once again, wigs are used as a protective style, those who wear them want to protect their natural locks.

Why do so many celebrities wear wigs? 

The main reason many celebrities utilize wigs is due to the fact that it easily allows you to switch your style. Hair is an important part of many looks and can determine the overall look a stylist is going for. If celebrities were constantly using their own hair to accomplish all of the desired styles, the hair could easily become damaged and it would take greater effort to maintain. Wigs are considered an easy-to-use tool in the beauty industry.

How do celebrities keep their wigs on?

There are a variety of different ways that you can install a wig. Celebrities generally have a great beauty team that ensures their hair looks natural and put together, even if they do utilize a wig. There are plenty of products such as glue, gel, and wig grips that can help keep a wig attached. Some stylists choose to use a few of these products together so that they achieve the most natural and secure style. 


There are a variety of different celebrities who utilize wigs, probably more than you think. Many trends can easily be accomplished by making use of these units.

Doja Cat and Zendaya are two of the most known trendsetters when it comes to wigs. They’re able to find fun colors and play with a variety of different styles.

While there are many misconceptions associated with wigs, once you do the research, you’re sure to understand why so many celebrities use them.


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