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Blow Dry vs Air Dry: Which is Better for Extensions?

Published By: Dasia

Last Updated: June 20, 2022

I think we can all agree that everyone wants healthy hair. There has been a long discourse about the best products and styling methods that are the best for your hair.

Heat on the hair is one of the most talked about topics. This naturally makes people wonder which option is better – blow drying or air drying?

This matter is very important to consider when dealing with extensions. Why? Because you spend a lot of money on them. Of course you want to look into ways that will allow you to get their best use. Let’s take a look at which method is a better option and why.

Blow Dry vs Air Dry: Which is better for extensions?

There are a few things you have to consider when deciding which option is better for you. Obviously take into consideration the current health of your hair, plus if you take time to learn about hair, you will soon come to understand that both options are beneficial.

The main concern when drying extensions is how the hair is installed. If attached with some sort of bonding glue, water is not your friend. Water breaks down the glue causing it to deteriorate faster. That being said, blow drying the extensions are a great way to remove the moisture off of the extensions and preserve their longevity.

Make sure to use low heat and manipulate the hair in a strategic way to avoid excessive pulling or tugging on the hair when drying. This will allow the hair strands themselves to look and feel better over time.

Air drying extensions is another valid option. Air drying the hair allows you to preserve the health of the hair strands themselves. Even if you decide to use a heat protectant, nothing beats hair that hasn’t been touched by heat.

The biggest downside to air drying extensions is the fact that you may not be getting the moisture off fast enough when it comes to the base of the installation. This can lead to the extensions falling out at a faster rate. 

In summary, you may save the health of the hair strands when you air dry but they likely won’t stay installed for as long. Blow drying extensions is almost always the way to go. Plus, when you blow dry the hair, you are also able to blend your natural hair with the extensions to get a seamless look.

How to Dry Your Hair Extensions

What is the best way to go about drying extensions? Let’s take a look.

1. Blow Dry

Surprisingly, there is a proper way to blow dry your hair. You first want to ensure the hair is damp, not soaking wet. Most people’s natural tendency is to immediately go in with a hair dryer as soon as they get out of the shower. 

You want the hair to be close to 70% dry prior to you starting to dry it. This allows you to easily style the hair and achieve maximum results. You can achieve this by using some sort of towel, cotton or microfiber are ideal, to dry off the excessive water. You can also air dry in the meantime.

Another thing to consider is product. You want to have some sort of heat protectant to ensure that the hair doesn’t get heat damage. Although the heat isn’t coming into direct contact with the hair, it’s still in close proximity and can be damaged over time if not careful.

Blow drying goes faster and is more efficient if you section the hair. This ensures you get every hair strand dry. You can also roll the hair into curls and clip it after you’ve dried it to extend the body.

2. Air Dry

Air drying hair seems pretty straightforward but in order to get the best results, some effort needs to be put in. Hair will look better if you put some effort into styling the hair as opposed to just leaving it to dry.

Product will be a good starting point when air drying your hair. Any product that combats frizziness is a great option. If your hair lacks volume, you can also look into volumizing products. 

After you’ve applied products, you can also decide on ways to create body and allow the hair to look more full. This may include adding a roller to your bangs or the ends of the hair to give some shape. Also look into adding additional body at the crown of the head by adding clips around the perimeter to dry in a heightened state.

Is it healthier to air dry your hair? 

A general rule of thumb is the less the hair is manipulated, the healthier it tends to be. Air drying allows you to avoid heat and manipulation which is ideal. With that, it is possible to safely blow dry the hair and avoid damage. Through the use of a heat protectant and certain styling tools, you can find a way to blow dry your hair in a healthy way.

How long does it take extensions to air dry?

The overall time it takes for extensions to dry depends on a few different factors. One of which is the density of the hair. The thicker the hair the longer it takes to dry. The outer layer may dry fast but the inner layers closer to your head may still be wet. The length is another area that can affect the overall drying time. Expect the hair to take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours to fully dry.

The Bottomline

Blow drying your extensions is the way to go. It increases the longevity of the installation and allows your natural hair to blend more seamlessly. 

If you do decide to go with this method, ensure you’re using heat protectant and brushes that aid in detangling and protecting the hair to avoid unnecessary manipulation.

While air drying is a great way to save the health of your hair, it’s better when you don’t have excess hair on your head. 


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