Can You Reuse a Lace Front Wig

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Last Updated: August 11, 2022

If you are thinking of throwing your favorite wig out, read this article first! There are different tips we can give you on how to reuse a lace wig, so you can save some money. You can try all of them in order or even just a couple depending on how worn out your wig is. 

Can you reuse a lace front wig?

A lace front wig can definitely be reused after you have worn it for a while. When a lace front wig starts to look worn out it is usually dry, dirty, or the lace is damaged. Many people throw away their wigs after these things happen, but there are still ways to repair these damages after the first round of wearing the wig.

It is important to note that there is a limit to how many times you reuse a wig – it won’t last forever – but you can increase its lifespan significantly by giving it proper care and alterations. Another thing to note is that human hair can be revived much better than synthetic hair. Usually, after a while of wearing synthetic hair, there is not much that can be done to bring it back to life. However, with a human hair lace front wig, you can use a much wider variety of products and techniques to make it look new again. 

How a Lace Front Wig Can be Reused

Washing it thoroughly

  • The first thing you want to do when reusing a lace wig is to wash all of the dirt and grease out of it. You can use a clarifying shampoo to get the best results. This shampoo strips the hair of product, dirt, and grease better than a regular shampoo. By washing the wig the hair becomes shinier and has more body to it, instead of being limp and dull. Washing the lace also makes a huge difference because it is able to be used more times and becomes less visible on the skin.  

Deep conditioning

  • Deep conditioning is going to be the most effective method of bringing moisture back into an old wig.  Deep conditioners work to penetrate the hair follicles and bring back moisture into really dry hair. A deep conditioner works best with steam to make sure that there is optimal penetration.

There are several methods of creating steam while conditioning the hair. One method that is effective is the plastic bag method, which is placing the conditioned hair in a plastic bag and sealing it to trap the air inside. After the hair is deep conditioned the hair is noticeably softer and easier to style. 

Replacing the lace

  • One of the best ways to make an old wig look brand new is to replace the lace frontal. When a  lace front wig gets old from wear and tear, the lace may become unusable or start to look very unnatural.[1]

Replacing the lace involves removing the old frontal and sewing the new one on top. It can be a tedious process in some areas, but it is overall not as hard as it seems. Old lace can develop large holes in it, stains, and become so flimsy that it is hard to lay it flat anymore. A new lace hairline is a great alteration to make to your old lace front wig in order to get a lot more wear out of it. 

Coloring it

  • Coloring your wig can revive it again if you want to reuse it and make it look fresh. After washing a wig a couple of times, you may begin to see the color start to fade. That is because unless your wig is made of raw or virgin hair, it more than likely has been dyed in order to make it look healthier. 

You may begin to see that a 1b color wig ends up as a 2 color after several washes. You can easily buy hair dye and dye the wig yourself, to bring your wig back to life. You can also experiment with other colors if you are tired of the old ones. Dying your wig can be a cheaper alternative to buying a new one in another color. 

Straightening it

  • If your wig is curly, then a nice way to reuse it is to start wearing it straight. Be sure that before you straighten your wig you condition it very well, because the hair is going to lose a lot of moisture when heating tools are used on it, and you don’t want the hair to be stiff. 

Also, apply a heat protectant on the hair every time before you straighten it. Heat protectants provide a moisture barrier for the hair so that it doesn’t lose all of its moisture, and give the hair a silky texture. 

Does wearing a wig prevent hair growth?

Wearing a wig does not prevent hair growth. Wigs can actually be a protective style in order to help hair to grow. There are certain things to be careful of when wearing a wig, however, or you can cause the hair to break off. Make sure that the natural hair is not braided too tightly underneath. It is important to take care of the natural hair the whole time. Also, when using glue for a lace front wig, be sure to remove the glue properly – or you can pull the hair out when removing the wig. 

How many times can a wig be worn?

If you are wearing a wig on a regular basis, it should not be worn longer than 6 weeks at a time. If a wig is worn longer than six weeks, it can cause stress to the scalp and potential damage to the natural hair. However, if you only wear a wig every once in a while, you can wear it months before it wears out. Just be sure to take good care of it and store it properly.[2]

Should you wear a wig cap under your wig?

You don’t have to wear a wig cap under your wig, but wearing a wig cap is a good way to protect your natural hair. A wig cap helps secure a wig and keeps it from sliding against your natural hair. Wearing a wig cap also makes the natural hair flatter underneath, especially if you did not cornrow it. Nylon wig caps are good because they mimic the color of a scalp and provide full coverage for natural hair. 

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The Final Word

You definitely should try these tips before you throw out your old wig. Finding ways to reuse your wig can save you a lot of money! 


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