Can You Workout With a Lace Front Wig?

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Last Updated: June 27, 2022

One main reason why some people are hesitant to wear a wig is the uncertainty of what to do when working out. Is it even possible to work out with a wig, specifically one equipped with lace? This is a big concern when it comes to wigs. 

There are a variety of different ways you can get around this predicament. Let’s take a look at how we can accomplish this.

Can you work out with a lace front wig?

The bottom line is yes, you can work out with a wig, but it’s not necessarily advised. The reason behind this is the sweat you generate can make the unit wear down at a faster rate. Depending on the way the unit was installed, it may not be a good idea to workout with a lace front wig at all. 

If you are using gel to secure the wig, there is a high chance it won’t stay on for long if you decide to work out. Glue is not a secure method of installation at all when it comes to engaging in physical labor.

You have to be aware of how to take care of a lace front wig before, during, and after a workout. This will allow you to get the longest wear out of the unit. 

All three stages of taking care of a wig for a workout are important when it comes to getting the longest wear out of the unit. Learning how to navigate this area of wig wearing also allows you to have a lot of freedom and not compromise on your lifestyle choices.

How to Care for a Wig While Working Out

1. Secure

I think everyone’s worst nightmare would be their wig falling off in the middle of a set of workouts. It’s extremely important that you secure the unit so that this tragedy does not happen.

You can utilize a variety of different tools to help you secure a lace front wig such as a hat, headband, or some type of head wrap. This will help tighten the unit on your head and further secure it, even if the method of installation starts to wear down.

Ensure you have something lightweight and breathable to secure the unit so that further material doesn’t make you sweat at a more extreme rate.

2. Wick away moisture

Moisture is the number one thing that will cause an adhesive to break down if that’s your preferred method of installation – gel even more so. Keeping this in mind, you want to get rid of the moisture as soon as possible.

Keeping a towel nearby is a good idea. Also, take advantage of things such as headbands that soak up the perspiration before it reaches your lace. 

If you keep most of the moisture away from the unit, this will allow it to last longer and be easier to style in the long run.

3. Style

Once you finish a workout, the last thing on your mind is deciding how to style your hair. While this is likely your go-to reaction, it’s important to take care of your sweaty hair promptly.

By immediately addressing your hair needs, you will be able to increase the longevity of your wig. It’s also easier to restyle the hair right after a workout as it will be easier to get out the tangles and fully dry off the lace so that it sticks to the scalp easier.

Utilizing tools such as a blow dryer will make this entire process go a lot faster. Detangling while drying will allow you to reach ideal results instead of just leaving the hair to dry on its own.

What types of wigs are best for the gym?

The best type of wigs is generally the ones that don’t have lace. Lace can start to lift if exposed to too much moisture and start to come off. While wigs that don’t have a lace front generally look less natural, while working out, this is the best choice. If you’ve already had a lace front installed, you can secure the wig while working out.

What is the best way to secure your wig when working out? 

Use a hat, headscarf, or tight-fitting headband to “tie down” a wig unit and make it more secure. Not only will this wick away moisture, but it will also provide an additional right-fitting layer on the head to make the unit feel tighter. Securing a wig makes the likelihood of it peeling off go down.

The Bottomline

Working out with a lace front is possible. You want to ensure you take the proper steps before, during, and after your workout. That being said, taking care of the excess moisture is the number one way to retain the longevity of a unit.

Securing the unit, along with wicking away the moisture, and properly styling the hair after a workout is another way to properly care for the hair.

Just like any other style, effort needs to be put in to achieve what you want.


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