Colorful Weave Hairstyles

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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

Have you ever wanted to try hair color but were too afraid to make a permanent decision? There are a lot of unknowns when dealing with color such as the damage and breakage it gives to our locks. What if it doesn’t take or causes damage and breakage?

Brilliant Colorful Weave Hairstyles

Colorful weave hairstyles are an excellent go-to when you want to try color. You may be new to color, or you’re a chameleon who likes to switch it up on the regular. 

I like trying new colors, but because of an allergy, putting it in my hair is not a choice. Even if you can color your hair. It may not be your ideal option either because it may cause damage without proper care. It also would not be easy changing colors or going back to your standard color. 

There are a variety of colorful weaves and color options you can try. You could be free-spirited with bold multi-color looks or have a splash of color, or have muted neutral tones. There is a ton of options. 

1. Carmel Blonde Rose Gold

Source: rajahwhyte

I adore this look. It has stuck with me since I saw it. This hair color is understated but very stylish. The colors blend perfectly together from the natural ombre transitioning into a reversed ombre. The loose waves give this style a very sexy look.

2. White Tresses

Source: kaydagawd_

Pure white tresses are not a style that you would see every day. I consider white colorful for African American women because it is a drastic difference between our natural tones and white. The white is so distinct against our skin tones which makes it an ideal color. The slicked baby hair and layers make this look perfect.

3. Multi-colored “Mermaid” Wig

This look is just so fun! I saw this and thought this would be the perfect summer look. This mermaid look is vibrant with layers that add extra dimensions that make the colors pop. The curls are luscious, and the colors are bold. 

4. Colorful Bob

I like a nice bob style. This long bob looks terrific with color. The colors are not uniform but are well placed and give this bob a lot of dimensions. The neon colors were a good choice.

5. Sunset

Source: @lilitaley

This is one of the best sunset color units I have seen. Making long was a good choice. It is eye-catching. Styling the hair straight really draws attention to the colors. 

6. Lavender Ponytail

Source: @didbydess

I like this lavender ponytail. It puts me in the mind of a fairytale. The long curly baby hair softens the hairstyle and goes well with the color. Doing a bubble ponytail completes this whimsical look.

7. Red Hot 90s Flip with Swoop

Source: @andelelara

Old hair trends always tend to find their way back around. The 90s flip, also called the 60s flip, made a comeback in 2020 and has stuck around well into 2021. I love when old styles come back around with an added twist. Adding the newer large bedazzled hair clips gives this style extra pizazz. The hot red color allows this hairstyle to pop.

8. 90’s Flip Half up Half Down

Source: @challxn

Blonde is a bold color. Finding the right blonde for your skin tone also may take time, but it will look great once you do. This platinum blonde is just the right color. Adding the ponytail and the flips gave this blonde bob life. I don’t think there are a lot of ways to go wrong with a blonde bob.

9. Blonde 90’s Ponytail

Another throwback look. I like the colors of this flipped ponytail. The multidimensional blonde and brown look great. The brown undertones keep this ponytail from being boring. 

10. Burgundy Blunt Bob With Bangs

Source: @trendy_kay

I believe every African American woman should try burgundy hair at least once in their life. And it is not just for the fall months. Burgundy is very subtle, and it’s an easy way to gradually add color to your hairstyles. The black to burgundy ombre makes it look natural. The bangs with the longer sides are a great way to frame the face.

11. Plum Headband Wig

Source:  @karrill

My plum wig is one of my favorites right now. This color looks good with black lowlights or with black roots. The loose waves make this style cute and straightforward. 

12. Blonde Skunk Stripe

Skunk stripes are a creative way to add color to your weaves. This style creates a stunning effect with the drastic difference between black and blonde colors in the wig. I like the variation this can add to adding colors. You can go drastic or keep it simple. 

13. Skunk Stripe

A side skunk stripe is adorable and could be hidden with a middle part or a deep side part on the other side unless you color both sides. I like the bronze color. It is a great tone for the stripe if you do not want to go too colorful or bold.

14. Ice Blonde With Pink Stripe

Source:  @latto777

The magenta pink skunk stripe is an example of a bold choice. I like the pink strip. It gives this sophisticated flipped style a playful look. The style is a good adventurous way to add color to a standard style.

15. E-girl Stripe

Source: @gratsikat

The e-girl streak or stripe adds a pop of color to the front of the hair. Blonde is a good way for you to add color to a classic look. I like that you can easily add this streak to any hairstyle to switch it up. 

16. Multicolored Weave With E-girl Stripe

Source:  @faiamajo

The pale pink stripe is a creative way to add more color to an already colorful weave. The crimps help to give movement to this style. This lively look has several hidden colors mixed in well. 

17. Orange with Blonde E-girl Streak

Source:  @lilitaley

This is another variation of the e-girl stripe. This yellow-orange to blonde stripe frames the face and draws the eyes. The orange wig is bold by itself, but the blond highlights give it an individualized look.

18. The Farrah Faucett Flip

Source: @ciara

The Farrah Faucett flip is coined and popularized by a Tik-Tok trend, named for the famous actress’s 70s tresses. Blonde layered curls and dark roots look stunning. I love this look, and I’m so happy it made a comeback. 

19. Multicolor Farrah

The Farrah style does not have to be blonde. I like how the multiple colors make this look artsy. It adds an edge to this 70s style. The color also helps to define the layers.

20. Peek-a-Boo Color

Source: @kierashonn

The peekaboo look is an excellent way to hide color in your hair. The colors will only be visible when you pull your hair up or turn a certain way with this look. I love the peekaboo look in this bob, the multiple pastel colors under the jet black were an unusual idea. It was executed perfectly with the angled bob. 

21. Blue with Yellow Peekaboo

The under hair dye is another way to add a peekaboo color. I like pairing yellow with other colors. These two colors compliment each other well. When trying a style like this, it’s ok to go bold and try unusual color combinations.

22. Pink Pixie 

Source:  @aaliyahjay

When most people think weaves, they consider only longer styles, especially when considering color. But shorter styles also offer some excellent opportunities for shade. I think some colors are better in shorter styles not to overdo the look. This pink pixie weave is gorgeous. It puts a fantastic spin on a classic hairstyle.

23. Green Pixie Bob

This neck-length bob is colored in different shades of green to create a full, rich emerald green. The style is perfect if you want to try a shorter look that still has some length. I love greens on darker skin tones. They bring out the color more instead of it washing them out.

24. Finger Waves

Another classic short hairstyle is finger waves. I believe everybody can pull off a good finger wave look. These large burgundy waves will look stunning. I think they will look great dressed up for a night out.

25. Pink Asymmetrical Bob

Source:  @dajjrambo

I don’t believe you can go wrong with pink in any style. The chunky pink highlights set this wig off. The brown and pink surprisingly blend well together, and the chin-length bob frames the face nicely.

26. Ginger Bob

Source: @slaybyciara

This style reminds me of an old look with shaggy bangs and loose curls. Ginger has seen a surge in popularity over the past few years. It is becoming the new go-to color. This unit is gorgeous, and it looks fun and flirty.

27. Brown Reverse Ombre

Source:  @tamiroman

I like the reverse ombre look. It is when the colors go light to dark. The blondes and browns create a great color combination. The colors were placed ideally to give this an authentic ombre look. The layers are fantastic in this style to help display the transition between colors.

28. Purple and Black

Source:  @tikalon

The side part is one of my favorite styles. The purple makes this style even prettier. It is intense and striking, and the black undertones add extra drama to the style.

29. Colored Roots

This is not a look I thought I would like. Blue and lime green are two unlikely colors, but they come together nicely in this wig. Having blue roots gives the wig an unconventional look. 

30. Blue Curls

Source:  @kierashonn

I love the blue with the natural curls in this weave. The electric blue highlights add extra spunk to this look. The black roots were also a good choice to make the blue more pronounced. 

31. Blonde and Brown Curls

This dark blonde curly wig is stunning. The different shades of blonde and brown add more definition to the curls. I added this brown and blonde because the colors are blended well and look great together. It would be perfect for a person used to black hair just moving into colors. 

32. Lime Green

This look is stunning. The dramatic lime green does not need much to make this look pop. The lime green baby hairs look great without doing too much. Lime green is such a fun color to try 

33. Splash of Color

Source: @znuie

Creating a look of splashed color is a great way to use color without doing your whole head. I love the well-placed pops of color mixed throughout the hair. It transforms this simple blonde look.

34. Pink Reverse Ombre

Pink is a color that every African American woman can rock and look great. I love ombre looks, and this look was done and looks spectacular. The style selection plays a big choice in whether the look falls flat or not. I think crimps were the perfect style for this ombre.  

35. Yellow Crimps

Yellow is a color that is hard to pull off for me. Yellow just seems to clash with our skin tone. Some people have pulled off a good yellow. The more golden like this tend to look a lot better than the “Big Bird Yellow.”

36. Turquoise 

Turquoise and aqua green look great together, especially in this wig. The streaks of aqua add an extra dimension to this look. I think this color choice is great and would have looked even better with some added volume like layers or curls.

37. Orange Waves

I love these long orange tresses; they look incredible. This color is vibrant and defined. Orange is a color that can look cringe if not done rig​​ht. I think this is an excellent example of what an orange color should look like. 

38. Green Mix 

Source: @tamiroman

This is a good mix of greens. The lighter mint I don’t see used too often is beautifully curled and paired with the darker green shades. The curls give this look a more spontaneous mix. Wearing this wig straight will show where each color starts and ends.

39. Royal Blue

I love a good blue on African American women. Blue shades compliment our skin nicely. This bold royal blue is a great look. The light and dark shades keep this blue from looking like a costume wig and is important when coloring any hair.

40. Berry Colored Curls

I want to try this color. The choice of colors and blend is impressive. I like how this color came together as a whole. Curls are an excellent choice for looks that blend a lot of colors. It makes all the colors look mixed in.

41. Orange and Yellow

I would not like this shade of yellow by itself. The shades of orange added at the ends makethis look. The bottom of the hair has the flame ombre and it is done well. The layers and the waves of this hair look perfect on her.

42. Auburn

Another color I’m adding to my want list. This auburn looks to be different shades of orange. The blend of colors was done well, and it looks good straight.  It reminds me of good fall color.

43. Purple Amethyst

Purple can take any style up a notch. If you want to go vibrant and stand out, I think purple is the perfect color for that. It looks great against all African American skin tones. This purple is a beautiful deep royal purple. 

44. Pastel Color Splash

Another fun mixture of color. Brown root was a different choice that worked for this style. The color choice and placement in this wig are perfect. The layers and the curls complement the placement of the color.

45. Pink and Purple Curls

Source:  @rhondawhite

Pink is a great color that blends well with other colors.  The purple gives this look more sass. The pink shades alone would have been cute, but the purple takes it up a notch.

46. Pink Ends

This cotton candy bob is pretty, and the colors go well together. The pink gives this wig a more playful edge. Only dying the ends was a good choice to keep the pink from taking away from the pretty green.

47. Icy Blue

I love the layering of colors that create this ice blue look. Keeping this straight was a good choice. The silky sleekness creates an ice look. The white and silver really brings out the light blue in this wig and is a good technique to add dimension to the color.  

48. Striped Multicolor

This is a unique coupling zebra-striped rainbow on one side, blonde on the other. It’s not a usual color choice, but it works. Doing the entire head with zebra stripes and rainbow would have been too much. Making this a half and half look was a brilliant idea. 

49. Multicolor Peek A Boo

Peeks of color are a favorite of mine. This unlikely mixture of colors peeking out from a jet black bob is unique. The bottom layer color streaks make this jet black look edgier.

50. Color Bomb Bob

This color is so cute on this bob. When doing multiple colors, placement is critical. With no arrangement, this really would have looked like a bomb of color went off on this weave. But it seems like these colors were placed with a plan. The colors in this look were blended well also. 

51. Reverse Purple Ombre

Source: @jayunits_

Purple is another favorite of mine on African American women. This look could have benefited from some curls for added movement. But the color looks excellently layered to frame the face. 

Final thoughts

Color weaves are very versatile and offer so many options. You could choose to go bold or go with neutral shades. Which style did you like most? And which one would you like to try? 


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