Do Tape in Extensions Damage Hair?

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Last Updated: June 20, 2022

Have you been considering getting tape-in extensions but are unsure whether or not you want to take the jump? 

Researching is the best way to learn what’s ideal for you. During your research, you may have come across some truths and some misconceptions. 

Let’s take a look at some of the areas relevant to tape-in extensions and a common misconception as to whether or not they cause damage. 

Do tape-in extensions damage hair?

Tape-in extensions should not cause any damage to the hair. When installed a small slice of hair should be sectioned out and then sandwiched between the extensions. This allows you the option to have seamless results that cause little to no damage. 

While tape-ins aren’t meant to cause damage, mistakes can happen. This generally takes place during the installation process. The stylist may grab too much hair for the section or place the extensions unevenly causing tension in unwanted areas. 

How you maintain the hair can also cause unnecessary damage if not cared for properly. So as long as the extensions are installed correctly and properly taken care of, they shouldn’t cause any damage. 

Pros and Cons of Tape-in Extensions


  • Length and Volume – Adding tape-ins is a great way to make your hair appear more full and give the illusion of natural length. 
  • Undetectable – Tape-ins lay flat against the head and blend very well when wearing the hair down. 
  • Longevity – Tape-ins are considered a semi-permanent hair solution. While they aren’t permanent they do last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks before there needs to be a reinstallation. 


  • Maintenance – You have to do regular upkeep on the hair to ensure the extensions stay looking their best. 
  • Limited Styling – It’s almost impossible to wear your hair up whenever you have tape-ins installed. The extensions tend to show when they aren’t laying flat. 
  • Price – Tape-ins can cost a few hundred dollars. When compared to other hair additives, this is quite expensive. 

Benefits of Tape-in Extensions

Tape-in extensions blend extremely well with your natural hair making them a great seamless method. The extensions are able to lay flat against the head without any excessive bumping. 

Another benefit is the hair strands are relatively protected as they’re covered by the extensions. This gives outside elements less of a chance to cause damage to the strands. 

The way tape-ins are installed is also of benefit as they cause less damage. They can be strategically placed in order to create volume without being too heavy in one area. 

Do tape-in extensions stop hair growth?

No, tape-in extensions do not stop hair growth. Contrary to popular belief, extensions can actually help protect your hair. The elements have less of a chance to hit your natural hair when you have tape-in extensions installed. Tape-in extensions can cause problems if not installed correctly but for the most part, they count as a protective style. 

How long can you wear tape-in extensions?

How long you can wear extensions greatly depends on how fast your hair grows along with how well you take care of the extensions. Typically you can get a good 4-6 weeks out of the hair before you have to even think about them. After these few weeks, you will likely have to remove the extensions in order to accommodate for the new growth. 

How often should tape-in extensions be moved up?

How often tape-in extensions should be moved up will greatly depend on how fast your hair grows. After 4 weeks, you may have to reinstall the extensions due to new growth. If you decide to wait longer, the hair can start to be at risk for unnecessary pulling, especially at the base of the hair strand. 

The Bottomline

Tape-ins are quite beneficial. They can be on the pricey side but are generally worth it. While they do have the common misconception of damaging hair, this is not entirely true. 

There are a lot of areas that come into play with damage and hair extensions. Generally, as long as they are installed properly and maintained, no damage will be done. 


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