Do Weaves Damage Caucasian Hair?

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Last Updated: August 10, 2022

Weaves are becoming increasingly popular across all ethnicities, mainly thanks to the exposure from social media. However, people may still have questions about its effects on certain hair types  – and we’re here to answer them. 

Do weaves damage Caucasian hair?

Weaves have the potential of damaging Caucasian hair because it doesn’t hold braids as well as thicker and curlier hair. It is usually more delicate than black hair which makes it harder to support a weave. White hair usually varies in texture from 1a – 3c. These types of hair textures are straighter and finer than black hair in general – which is usually anywhere from a 3c to 4c texture. 

Weaves can damage any type of hair if the proper care is not taken, not just Caucasian hair. A weave can damage the hair through traction alopecia which can cause permanent hair loss through constant pulling on the hair that ultimately damages the root. Traction alopecia mainly happens around the hairline area, which is the most delicate hair on the head – especially for Caucasians.

Hair can also be damaged through breakage from wearing the weave too long. A weave is not supposed to be worn for longer than 6 weeks. Anytime someone wears their hair pulled tightly for an extended time, they risk breakage. 

Although there is a risk for Caucasians to experience damage, that does not mean they will suffer damage. With careful installation and maintenance, a person shouldn’t experience any major problems with a weave. 

Ways to Avoid Damage While Wearing a Weave

1. Don’t braid too tightly

The braiding process is important in a weave installation. If the braids are braided too tightly, it will cause stress to the scalp. When the scalp is stressed, it starts to become irritated. This can lead to tension bumps and itching. When people start vigorously scratching their scalp, it can lead to scarring. It is important to be vocal with the person braiding the hair, so they know when the braids are too tight. Braids can still be firm without feeling extreme pain.  

2. Limit excessive pulling

After a weave is sewn in, it is important not to add more pulling to the scalp. Caution needs to be used by styling the weave as well, styling the weave every day is not necessary. Also, adding in long and thick extensions adds a lot of weight to the scalp which can be damaging. Exercising moderation is key when dealing with weaves, and can avoid unnecessary trauma to the roots. 

3. Take the weave out

A weave should not be worn past its time. Some people want to leave a weave in longer because of the money they paid for it, but keeping it in doesn’t do anything good for the natural hair. A good point to start considering taking the weave out is at the 4-week mark, but not past the 6-week mark. Taking your weave out in the appropriate timeframe will keep the scalp from being over-stressed and give it time to recover. 

4. After Care

It is also essential to care for the natural hair and scalp after removing the weave before installing another one. While your hair is under a weave, it is not receiving optimal moisture – even if you were caring for it while the weave was on. The hair needs immediate attention after the weave removal. You should not wear weaves back to back, but instead, give the scalp and hair a break before installing another weave. Wearing natural hair for at least a few weeks will help it grow strong and be ready for the next installation.[1]

Is a weave better than extensions?

A weave is usually considered to be a sew-in and extensions are considered to be clip-ins, tape-ins, etc. What is great about a weave is that it lasts longer than extensions. It is also more durable and has less of a chance of falling out. Sew-ins are best for people on the go who may not have time to deal with their hair every day. Extensions are great because they don’t require the hair to be braided before installing them and can be applied to only a few areas. They are best for those who want to have a slight change in their look. 

The Final Word

Weaves are a viable option for anyone who wants to wear them, however, natural hair needs care for the entire time. Taking the right steps will ensure you get the best experience.

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