Do Wigs Fall Off Easily?

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Last Updated: June 27, 2022

A big worry of many who are interested in wearing a wig is how secure they actually are. Having a wig fall off is something that anyone would want to avoid. How likely is it that a wig will fall off? We’ll discuss that in this article.

Do Wigs Fall Off Easily?

As long as your wig is properly attached and it fits you well, you shouldn’t have to deal with this problem. The likelihood of a wig falling off is not very high. There are so many different options to make sure your wig is securely attached to your head.

First, it’s important to ensure your wig is the right size. This can make all the difference when it comes to a wig being secure or not. If a wig is too big, you may have more of a worry about it falling off. If it’s too small, you may think this is a better option but this is also not a great choice. 

Getting a wig that’s too small will not only be uncomfortable but it will also be more included to pop off. It’s essential that you find a good fitting wig in order for it to be secure.

You can also use other tools such as banded straps or wig grips to further secure a wig. Both of these tools are inexpensive and useful as they tighten and grip the wig to your head.

How to Properly Measure a Wig

Different companies provide different measurements to their customers but generally, the most universal measurement involves the circumference of the head. You can measure your head with a tape measure and match it with the company’s measurements. The number is generally in the 20 inches range.

Sometimes, companies have more specific categories that allow you to get a more accurate fit. Measuring more specifics such as the nape of the neck, forehead, and ear-to-ear measurements can greatly affect the fit. 

Keep in mind that the sizing won’t be an exact match. This means in order to get the best fit you should take advantage of other tools adjustable straps, combs, and clips to get the best fit.

Common Misconceptions of Wigs

One of the most common misconceptions associated with wearing wigs is the fact that the unit will easily fall off. This is not at all the case as long as the wig is properly installed. Wigs falling off are not as common as you may think.

Another misconception is the fact that wigs are extremely uncomfortable. Wigs should not have this effect as long as they properly fit. You can easily learn how to measure your head to ensure you pick a good fitting unit. 

Another way to ensure a wig isn’t unformattable is to be aware of the material the unit is made from. There are materials that are breathable and allow air to freely flow throughout the wig so it doesn’t feel too hot. Pairing this with the right fit makes for a perfect wig.

How long is it okay to leave a wig on?

The length at which you can leave a wig on can vary greatly. One of the main goals of wearing a wig is to protect your natural hair. If you leave a wig on for too long you have no control over what’s happening to your natural hair. If you’re looking to wear a wig long-term, It’s best to leave a wig on for no more than 2 to 3 weeks at a time. Shorter lengths are recommended as they allow you to gauge the natural hair better.

Is it okay to wear a wig every day?

It is okay to wear a wig every day. With this being said, you want to ensure you are taking the proper precautions to ensure your hair underneath is properly cared for. If you haven’t taken care of the hair underneath, wearing a wig every day could be detrimental to your hair. If you do decide to wear a wig every day, taking it off at night is a great way to keep track of the health of your hair.

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The Bottomline

While it is a common misconception for wigs to easily fall off, it’s not as common as you might think. There are a variety of different ways to ensure you get the best fit. One of which is simply measuring to ensure you get a good fit.

Take advantage of tools that allow you to further secure a wig. Since it’s hard to find the perfect measurement utilizing, these tools will allow for a better fit.


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