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Does Beyonce Wear Weaves?

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Last Updated: November 12, 2021

Beyonce is a very famous celebrity that many people consider a fashion icon. It is no surprise that her hair would be a point of considerable interest. 

Many people find themselves questioning whether or not Beyonce wears weaves when looking at the many pictures of her in various styles. 

As with many women, Beyonce likes to switch up her look in various ways.

Does Beyonce Wear Weaves?

Just like many famous entertainers, Beyonce does wear weaves from time to time. It is very clear in some of her performances and pictures over time that she wears extensions. 

In 2013, she cut her hair into a lovely pixie cut, and it was more apparent then when she would wear extensions as her hair grew out. Now, it is less obvious as to when she wears weaves because her hair is naturally long – down to her back to be exact. 

In 2017, several pictures were posted of her on Instagram with people wondering how long her natural hair was. In these pictures her natural hair was all the way down her back, and of course, now it is most likely even longer. 

Does this mean that she doesn’t wear weaves because her hair is long? No.

She still continues to wear weaves sometimes, but is she is not vocal on whether or not she is wearing one. So the short answer to the question is yes and no. She wears her natural hair and extensions from time to time. 

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Beyonce’s Natural Hair Moments 

Beyonce has told E! News that her mother was her hair stylist up until 2003, when celebrity hair stylist Kimberly Kimble took over in 2003. 

Many black women have grown up with their mothers taking care of their hair and Beyonce seems to be no different. Her mother, being a professional hair stylist, must have had a key role in keeping Beyonce’s hair healthy and long. 

Beyonce started off with her hair in darker tones as a teenager, but later moved to lightening her hair with blonde highlights. 

She has had many hairstyles over the years, including a short pixie cut, which was indeed natural.

Beyonce has told Allure in an interview that, “In real life, I like natural curls as opposed to ‘I just put a curling iron through my hair’—almost bedhead,” she explained. “Not too perfect. I love when my color grows out a little bit and the tips of my hair look sun-kissed.” 

She prefers to wear her natural hair, and of course, will choose to wear it in some of her ever-changing styles. 

Beyonce is not very vocal when it comes to broadcasting if she is wearing all of her natural or not – and at the present time it is apparently hard to tell the difference.

Instagram Proof

In 2017, her hair stylist Neal Farinah posted a picture of her at Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year Awards, and claimed she was wearing her lengthy, natural curls by saying “LOVE MY JOB. THIS IS HOW U SLAY YOUR NATURAL CURLY HAIR.”

From that moment on, other pictures and videos have been posted showing Beyonce’s natural hair extending down her back when straightened. 

She has very long hair, which is no surprise because she has regularly worn protective hairstyles – including weaves – and has many resources to properly care for her hair. 

Another Instagram post was also made by her mother, Tina, showing her combing her daughter’s long, straight hair as she repeats “Au naturel.” [1]

Beyonce does not appear to know she is recording, and the video looks like a natural moment with her mother, in addition to a natural moment for her hair. 

Many people have seemed surprised that Beyonce’s hair is so long, and it has been a buzzing topic on social media- even to this day. 

Her hair stylist, Farinah, has offered his insights to those who doubt the genuineness of her locks by saying, “Underneath wigs and weaves, Black women have some of the most beautiful, curly hair. It’s a choice women make – and that’s the choice a Black woman makes, to wear wigs or weaves, if she wants to. Ain’t nothing wrong with it.”

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Like many women, Beyonce will wear hair extensions simply because she wants to. 

She has told Harper’s Bazaar, which she was on the cover of for the September 2021 issue “I’ve seen how much Black women’s emotions are attached to our hair and beauty.” So we know that, whether she wears her natural hair or extensions, she does so for more than practical reasons.

For Beyonce, how she wears her hair is a form of expression that is linked to how she feels in the moment. She clearly feels strongly using her hair as an outlet, and is confident in the choices she makes to define her own version of beauty.

Obvious examples of her wearing extensions would be the floor length braid she wore at the opening of Tyler Perry Studios, or the vibrant blonde style she wore at her album release party in 2013. [2]

Practicality of Weaves

One key thing to also note is that Beyonce is a singing and dancing entertainer that is always on the go. Many artists will wear weaves to keep their hair looking flawless even after a long day of moving and sweating. 

Also, many artists that are always on the road do not have the time to spend everyday on their natural hair – so it is not surprising that weaves or any other hairpieces would be a constant part of her rotation.

Beyonce has worn every style from long and straight to big and curly. She generally keeps her colors in the blonde range, but even then she switches up between different shades of blonde. 

She has also gotten very creative with hair extensions in photoshoots for major magazines.

The Final Word

Beyonce is a prime example of the versatility of a black woman. 

She can wear a weave one day and the next day her beautiful natural hair – without many people knowing the difference. 

At the end of the day, Beyonce is a creative person that creatively expresses herself in many areas of her life.


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