Does Michelle Obama Wear Wigs and Weave?

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Last Updated: September 12, 2022

Wearing hair additives is a common thing to do regardless of your race or social status. While celebrities are some of the main ones who invest in these types of units, even a regular buyer can find the ideal hairpiece.

Those in the public eye often have the motivation to do more for their appearance. Michelle Obama is one such public figure who many are curious about whether or not she wears wigs or weaves. 

Let’s take a look at some of the factors we can consider to determine if Michelle Obama wears these hair pieces.

Finding out if Michelle Obama Wears Wigs and Weave

It’s well known that Michelle Obama has her hair done by hairstylist Yene Damtew. She has over 15 years of experience and has styled the First Lady for various important events such as the inauguration. 

Michelle Obama is well known for rocking her natural hair. Her go-to hairstyle is to utilize her natural locks and blow drying them straight. Subtle curls are often accompanied by this style to give an effortless look. She also maintains her hair length to remain around the area of her shoulders.

While it hasn’t been said specifically that Michelle Obama wears hair pieces, most of the pictures taken support the fact that she doesn’t utilize these types of units. If she does install these types of units, they are definitely on the natural side. 

Styles Michelle Obama is Known For

Michelle Obama’s most known style is to have her hair shoulder length and blown out with subtle curls throughout. Her hair is healthy and therefore has thick ends making the hair appear to look like it’s getting help from hair pieces at first glance. 

It has been said that she gets her hair trimmed regularly to ensure the health of her hair. This is likely what leads many to assume she is utilizing hair pieces. Having regular trims allows the ends of your hair to stay healthy, this practice is common even with type 4 hair.

Another style she is known for is her natural curly hair. Her stylist highlighted working on the Essence photo shoot where she got to show off her natural curls was a defining moment for many.

Why Do Celebrities Often Utilize Hairpieces?

  • Pictures – Those in the public eye have pictures taken on the regular. Photographs generally mute your appearance, hence, enhancing hair and makeup make your appearance seem normal again. In real life, you may realize someone has an excessive amount of hair or makeup done but it doesn’t come across that way in photos. 
  • Switch up their style – Celebrities may have a specific style in mind and want to embody it in a look. They also may be required to have a certain look for an event they are attending.
  • Styling – Some may have little to no hair or just hair that is really thin. Adding extra hair helps to style the hair into the desired style and appear thicker than it normally is. Having added length is another area that helps when styling the hair.
  • Hair thinning – Some may start to lose hair as they age and this is not ideal especially if you’re in the public eye. Adding hair can cover up unwanted areas you don’t want to share as well as help the styling process.

Common Misconceptions

Many people feel that people who wear hair pieces such as wigs or weaves don’t have good natural hair or any hair at all. There are a variety of different reasons you may decide to cover your natural hair, this misconception is very wrong. Sometimes these types of units are used to enhance a natural look. 

Another common misconception is the fact that only unique hair pieces are available. If someone is rocking a hot pink short pixie look when the day before they had long brown hair, this could very well be a hair piece. While this is the case, hair pieces also come in neutral looks. 

Wigs and weaves are just some of the common hair additives but a variety are available. Clip-in extensions are another common hair additive that is used quite often but people don’t realize they go in the same category. 

Pros and Cons of Wigs and Weaves

We have talked about the reasoning behind why people may choose to wear hair pieces. Let’s take a further look as to why someone may choose, or not choose, to wear a hairpiece.

Fast – You can easily change up your style from something quite natural to something dramatic in little to no time. The maximum time it takes to install is generally a few hours.Price – Hair pieces can easily be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For the amount of time it lasts, you have to decide whether or not it’s worth it.
Freedom – You have the option to easily change between styles, lengths, colors, and other options. You have no commitment to keeping the style long-term.Not long lasting – Hair pieces aren’t permanent and often last a month at the maximum. You have to weigh how much you spend with the wear you can get out of it.
Experiment – Since hair pieces aren’t long-lasting you can try out different styles without the permanent effect. You can freely go between styles to find out which you prefer.Additional styling – Most hair pieces don’t allow you to throw on the unit and go. Oftentimes you have to additionally style the hair to make it presentable.
Yene Damtew

Who Does Michelle Obama’s Hair?

Hairstylist Yene Damtew is a Washington D.C based stylist who has been the one who has styled most of the popular looks Michelle Obama has worn. She got her start in hair early in life and has since been able to continually build her dreams by working for the First Lady. She is now a successful businesswoman who does more than just hair.

Does Michelle Obama Wear Her Natural Hair?

There have been plenty of photos that show Michelle Obama rocking her natural hair. Natural hair means your hair is free from any chemicals. This means she has the option of wearing her hair naturally curly, blow drying, straightened, or curled in another pattern, likely one that’s not as tight as her natural hair.


While we may not know 100% whether or not Michelle Obama may wear wigs and weaves, we can clearly see she is not afraid to rock her natural hair. 

There are a variety of different misconceptions associated with hair pieces and those who wear them. It’s important to keep in mind the pros and cons of wigs and weaves and understand why people choose to wear them.

We can have confidence that regardless if Mrs. Obama wears these types of hair pieces or not, she is rocking it and making others feel confident in the process.


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