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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

As someone who has been in the beauty industry for some time now, I’ve realized there are certain things you should look for when shopping for hair.

The brand and how reputable it is is one area of concern, along with how they run the company overall. The quality of the hair is another important area as the product you purchase will be used daily in most cases.

The company under review is Dsoar Hair. Three straight weaves were purchased from the company along with a lace closure.


Dsoar Hair is a company based in China that is committed to providing the best quality hair extensions. The company has been around since 2009 and continues to provide customized units for their customers.

The store had a lot going on but, overall, they provide what you need. They advertise using real people which gives you a feel as to how the unit will look installed. They also provide a wide array of discounts that can prove to be helpful.

Dsoar Hair specializes in weaves but offers more than that. They also provide wigs and dreadlock extensions that are quite unique. The company offers a variety of different textures, hair types, and colors to purchase their extensions in.

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While I didn’t have the chase to personally connect with a representative due to time changes, they do have options available. The company has at least 4 different options to connect with customer service. You may get a delayed response, but they are sure to get back to you.

The delivery for this item was 6 business days or a little over a week which isn’t too bad. The packaging for the products was nice and the shipping was free. They offer their services worldwide which proves to be helpful to customers around the world.

The reviews for this company were outstanding. Most customers raved about the overall quality of the hair. The lack of shedding and soft texture of the hair was a selling point to many. Customers have even vowed to shop again with the company.

What I Like

  • Texture – The straight texture highlights the softness of the strands and the color.
  • Construction – Both the bundles and closure felt durable.
  • Packaging – The packaging lived up to the high quality of the rest of the products.

What I Don’t Like

  • Store experience – Too much is happening and it does not feel personalized.
  • Customer support – It would have been nice if they reached out during the order.
  • Customizations – On this specific unit, not a lot of customizations were available.

Hair Quality


The hair stands of the bundles are extremely soft and silky. They glide through your hand easily and have little to no tangles. Hair of this quality can easily last up to a year, if not more, if properly taken care of.

The color of the hair is a very rich natural black. There are subtle warm undertones throughout the unit. The straight texture also accurately showcases the color by directing the eye to the color instead of pattern.

The hair is 100% virgin human hair which allows you to bleach or color the unit with less damage. This is a great choice for anyone who likes to switch up their styles. 

The bundles are double wefted. This is desired as it makes the unit more durable and can increase the longevity. The one downside to this is some users find double wefted bundles to be slightly heavier.

The density of the hair felt reasonable as well. Considering the hair was purchased straight, the bundles could have easily felt thin. The ends of the strands were just as full as the base making the entire bundle feel thick throughout.

For the price of the unit, I think everything was executed properly. The construction of the unit itself was of high quality and the hair felt good. Even after many uses, the hair is made in a way that will hold up.


Hair Strand

The strands on the closure didn’t feel as soft and silky as the ones on the bundle which proved to be surprising. The hair started off with the same texture but the ends of the hair felt a little more coarse.

Since the ends weren’t as soft, the hair is likely to get tangled easier. This is a negative towards the closure as it will likely be harder to style. It can also decrease the longevity of the unit making the ends break off and become shorter.

The closure also had a subtle shedding problem which is not ideal. Units that shed, especially ones made to mimic the hairline, can have a balding effect.


This closure is made from lace making the unit look natural and lifelike. The free part allows you to style the hair in whatever way you like best.

The knots on this closure are 100% hand tied which make a big difference as the knots are more subtle. The knots specifically near the edge of the hairline appear to be single knotted. This method makes the attachment of hair look almost invisible.

The unit also came pre-plucked and with baby hairs. Both of these customizations help blend the closure into your scalp in a seamless way.  The one downside is this specific unit appeared to have more baby hairs on one side as opposed to the other. 


The density of the unit wasn’t directly stated but it felt relatively thick. No matter where you part the hair, there isn’t a big gap that shows the lace. The hair is thick enough to cover all parts of your scalp.

The hair did appear to be thinner at the ends. The closure was 14 inches in length which is an in between length. If you decide to go any longer, the hair might seem too thin and look unhealthy compared to the rest of the hair.

Since this unit was bought in a set, the price was relatively cheap. This bundle deal makes the subtle corrections needed seem with it. 

Cap Size

The lace closure has dimensions of 4×4. This gives you a good amount of space to work with when styling. This particular unit was purchased with a free part meaning you have the ability to use the complete space.

Since the closure only goes back 4 inches, that means you may not be able to style the hair in a deep part. This may prove a problem for certain buyers.

Another thing to keep in mind is the unit doesn’t quite meet the crown of your head. This means you may want to purchase an extra bundle. This ensures you are able to complete a full weave without running out of hair since the closure takes up less space.  

Store Experience 

When first logging on to the website you get the feeling that they are advertising too much. There are so many products being promoted it’s hard to focus on just one product.

One benefit of advertising a variety of items at one is they highlight both the products along with it styled on a model or customer. This allows you to get a feel as to how the unit will look in real life.

They promoted a variety of different sales and coupons that could be used. This is a great benefit to the buyer as It allows them to get more products for a cheaper price in the long run. Paired with free shipping, you will definitely get a good deal.

Range of Products

Dsoar hair has a wide variety of weaves available to their customers. The company carries 4 different hair types and over 8 different textures. Ability to customize both areas offer a huge range for customers.

One product the company excels at is providing bundle deals. This allows you to purchase 3-4 bundles and a closure or frontal at a discounted price. This is a great option for anyone wanting to install a full weave.

The company even provides colored extensions which can be difficult to find at times. They offer ombre and blonde which are both popular.

Customer Support 

The company never contacted me throughout the order process. While the company didn’t contact me, they do have various methods to connect. They offer it by phone, Whatsapp, email, and a live chat.

I tried connecting with a customer representative via live chat but there were no agents available at the time. If you leave a message in the live chat feature, they will respond by email at the earliest convenience. 

Since they operate out of China, they likely have representatives available in CST. Depending where you are located, you may need to adjust your timing or expect a response at a delayed speed.  

Delivery Time

The company ships internationally to a wide variety of countries. Under most circumstances, packages are shipped within 24 hours of receiving an order placement and take 3-5 business days to arrive. 

I received my package in 6 business days which, taking into account the processing of the order, is right on schedule. The company uses DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT as their shipping services. You are able to track your order with every service.

The shipping was free. The company offers free shipping worldwide and even on deals. Considering the products are coming from China. This is a great deal for the buyer.

What others are saying

This customer was really impressed with the company and the quality of the hair. The shipping was fast and they would order from Dsoar again if they had the opportunity. 

This customer enjoyed the quality of the hair. The texture was soft and the units didn’t have any shedding. This can lead to longer lasting hair.


What happens if Dsoar cancels my order?

This likely happened because the item you wanted to purchase is no longer in stock. Other issues could be due to the payment option not being able to fully process. Inability to ship to an address is another issue that may cause an order to be canceled. You will need to place a new order and get help via customer service.

Does Dsoar allow you to track your package?

Yes, the company does offer this service. After you have logged into your account, you can check the status of your shipment. Keep in mind this is only available after your order has shipped. If you are not able to track the order for some reason, you can contact customer service.

Do we recommend it?

Yes, I would recommend Dsoar hair. The overall quality of the hair had to be the biggest selling point. The hair was extremely soft and constructed well. While the company didn’t prove to be super helpful, they did provide all the relevant information. 

I found their prices to be reasonable and the service as well. If you’re looking for bundles to install a full weave, this bundle set is a great option.


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