Full Lace vs. Lace Front

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Last Updated: November 11, 2022

Full lace and lace front wigs are the most popular natural-looking wig options. This article will tell you everything you need to know about them so you can determine which is right for you. 

Full Lace vs. Lace Front Wig

A full lace wig is made with lace throughout the whole cap. Full lace allows for the hair to be parted in any direction on any part of the entire wig. If someone wants optimal versatility of styles, a full lace wig would be better. 

However, a full lace wig requires more time and effort to style than a lace front wig. A lace front wig is also cheaper than a full lace wig. If someone wants a more affordable option and isn’t looking to style their hair in many different ways, a lace front wig would be better.

What Is A Lace Front Wig?

A lace frontal wig, or lace front wig, is a wig made with a frontal. A frontal is a hairpiece made with lace or silk that completes a wig or weave on the top part of the head. Its function is to blend the hairline and natural skin, to give the illusion of the scalp.  It extends from ear to ear and goes about at least 4 inches to the back of the head. 

A frontal wig is ideal for those who want their wig to look as natural as possible, and can even help those who have a receding hairline.  A frontal gives the wig more styling options and provides full coverage of scalp imitation along the hairline.  It is the most popular type of lace wig. 


  • Easier installation – A lace front is easier to install than a full lace wig because the middle of the wig is not as delicate. A lace frontal sits better on the head without a wig cap or glue, so it is more beginner-friendly. Frontals also have lace around the front edges, so similar to lace front wigs, one can style the baby hair look to make the hairpiece appear even more natural.  Rarely do lace fronts come perfectly suited for the buyer, so there may be a need to customize it. The hairline can be plucked and the lace can be tinted to make it look more natural. 
  • Less expensive – Frontals are less expensive than full lace because they are made with less lace. Frontals are also made with different kinds of lace which contribute to the price being higher or lower. A lace front wig made with transparent lace is going to cost more than a lace front wig made with regular silk lace. Lace fronts also vary in price due to their size. A 13×4 is going to cost less than a 13×6, and a 360 wig is going to cost more than both. 


  • Less parting options – Lace fronts can be parted in any direction but they can’t be parted as far back as full lace wigs. Lace fronts can vary in how far back they go – such as 4”, 6”, etc.  Due to the fact that lace front wigs are only made to go as far back as they are made to go, they have fewer parting options than full lace wigs. 

  • Less versatility – Lace fronts are less versatile than full lace wigs because they can always be styled in the ways a full lace wig can. For example, a full lace wig can be styled as updos, two ponytails, etc. because the lace goes throughout the wig instead of just in the front.

  • Less comfortable/ breathable – Lace fronts are not made with lace throughout the wig, so they are not as light and comfortable as full lace. Some people may find them a little rough on the inside. 

What Is A Full Lace Wig?

A full lace wig is a wig made with lace throughout the wig. No matter where you part this wig, you can achieve the illusion of a scalp – not just in the front. Full lace wigs are best for people who are looking for optimal comfort and breathability. 


  • Lace in the front and back – Full lace wigs have lace in the front and the back so you can do many different styles with it. It is the closest wig to being capable of styling like natural hair.[2]

  • Lighter – Full wigs are lighter than lace fronts, which can make them more comfortable for some people. This also makes the wig more breathable and able to air out better than a lace front wig. This may be a better option for people who are really active and sweat a lot, or for those who live in hotter climates and want to prevent getting hot under the wig. 
  • More parting – Full wigs have more parting space because it is entirely made of lace at the bottom. Lace is what gives the wig the illusion of a scalp underneath. You can part any way you want and as far back as you want with a full lace wig. 


  • More expensive – Full lace wigs are definitely more expensive than lace front wigs. They also vary in price based on the type of lace they are made with. HD full lace wigs are the most expensive. 

  • Harder installation – The lace on the bottom is more delicate than the bottom of a lace front, which makes it a little more difficult to install. Full lace wigs can be harder to lay flat on the head and may take more glue or other products to help them look natural. 

Similarities And Differences


  • Both have lace in the front
  • Both need to be blended into the skin


  • Lace front is easier to install
  • Full lace is more expensive
  • Lace front has fewer parting options
  • Full lace is lighter wig

How Much Should A Good Wig Cost?

When thinking of what a “good wig” is, the first that comes to mind is human hair. A good wig made of human hair can cost anywhere between $200-$5,000. There are other variables that can make a wig more valuable such as the lace that the wig is made with, length, texture, and color. With plenty of research and as rare as it may seem, it is possible to find a well-made synthetic wig that can be significantly cheaper and sometimes under $100.

Can You Shower With A Lace Front Wig?

If you are much more careful than when you are washing your natural hair, it is possible to shower with a lace front wig. Lace front wigs cannot be washed every day, however, because it is unlike your natural hair which can absorb the moisture and oils from your scalp. If you are planning to often shower with the lace wig on, but not wash it, it would be best to use a water bath cap or other ways to best protect the hair from daily exposure to water.

The Final Word

Lace fronts and full lace wigs are both great options, and both have their pros and cons. Taking the time to know the details can help narrow down which features fit better for your lifestyle. 


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