50 Goddess Braids Hairstyles With Weave

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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

Do you want to try a new braid style? Have you considered wearing braids with loose hair?

50 Goddess Braids Styles

Goddess Braids are a mix of regular braid styles and curly or wavy loose hair. It is braids with a twist and it is a great way to switch up braid styles.

You can do this style with any braid type: stitch, box, knotless, or twist braids. Or my personal favorite faux locs. You can also use synthetic or human hair to do this style and you are not limited to the size of the braids. This style looks great in every way. 

1. Small Box Braids

Source: @protective_hair_styles

This is a beautiful example of goddess braids. The small box braids with curly loose hair are a great way to switch up box braids. This style looks good with smaller braids. 

2. Less Hair

Source: @lusciousbeautybarzm

This box braids style only has a small amount of loose hair added. This leaves the braid as the main attraction and the hair as a compliment to the style. 

3. Colorful Blonde

Source: @worldofbraiding

Adding color to a style can change the entire look. This colorful thread addition makes this style more playful and fun. I love the bright colors on the blonde braids. And also most of the curls are under the braids in this style which is different.

4. Faux Locs

Source: @worldofbraiding

I adore faux locs. One of my favorite styles is the goddess faux locs. You can switch up this style by adding more braids and less hair and vice versa.

5. Faux Locs Splash of Color

Source: @worldofbraiding

If you don’t want a head full of color. With braids styles it’s easy to add a splash of color by just adding a few braids throughout your hair. 

6. Bun Locs

Source: @worldofbraiding

Styling the goddess braids is easy. You can style them just like you style any other braids. This half-up high bun is a very easy braid style to try. And with the loose hair it’s even cuter. 

7. One Side

Source: @worldofbraiding

Stitch braids are a cute braid style alone. But making these goddess braids is a style I never knew I needed to see. Instead of having a few braids adding the hair makes this flowy and softer. 

8. Brown and Blonde

Source: @worldofbraiding

Just like you would with any weave style, trying different colors with highlights is easy with the goddess braid style. 

9. Stitch Braids

Source: @worldofbraiding

You can do this style with larger stitch braids as well. I love the burgundy color of these braids. This style looks great with the Adding some designs with hair jewelry is always a great idea with braid styles.

10. Red Curly 

Source: @worldofbraiding

This style is gorgeous. The red knotless braids look great. The goddess braids normally have loose hair spread throughout, or coming out of the braids, or on the ends. This style only has the later two but still looks great.  Adding the few black braids also gives a little dimension to break up the color.

11. Boho 

Source: @worldofbraiding

The boho goddess braids are pretty. Instead of using curly hair, straight kinky hair is used. The hair is then left out in a messy looking way to give the look of unkempt locks. 

12. Twist 

Source: @shekiraf

With this style you can just barely see the braids mixed in with the curly hair. If you are looking for more curl and less braids this would be great for you. 

13. Medium Box Braids

Source: @justbraidsinfo

This box braid style has larger braids and a good amount of hair added. The loose hair is spread throughout in smaller strands so it doesn’t overtake the braids. This is cute if you want less hair to deal with but still a good amount to make the style look full. 

14. Tribal Braids

Source: @justbraidsinfo

The tribal braid style is beautiful. It is normally the front of your hair braided back in a design; then the back part of your head is scalp braids braided straight down, or box, or knotless braids. This style has the front braided into a bun with two rows of braids and the back as knotless goddess braids. I think this style is so unique and gorgeous. 

15. Stitch Ponytail

Source: @justbraidsinfo

This stitch braid ponytail would be cute alone but it is way cuter with the curly hair added. I think this is a good alternation experience to a ponytail style and will last longer.

16. Small Knotless

Source: @justbraidsinfo

Adding the curly hair gives knotless braids a fuller look. It also softens the style and adds texture. I like the look of curls with the small braids.

17. Curly Ends

Source: @royaltyhairstudio_

Doing curly ends and a few strands of curls mixed in is another way to keep the curls from over taking the hair. And I found that sometimes it’s less work styling the curls and keeping them from being tangled when it’s just the ends to worry about. 

18. Box Braids One Side

Source: @royaltyhair_studio2

Another way to style goddess braids is with an imitation of a deep side part. This brings all the braids to one side and you can leave a few curls hanging for the other side. This is an easy and quick switch up to gov you a different look. 

19. Waist Length

Source: @que_thebraider

This style is gorgeous. The stitch braids lead into a high side ponytail with small knotless braids in the back. The side ponytail is a fun look especially having them waist length.

20. Colorful Faux Locs

Source: @ghanaianhairstyles

This color is stunning. I love the pinks, reds, and purples mixed throughout this style. Going colorful is the perfect way to wear goddess braids. Don’t be afraid to go bold this style would look good in every color. 

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21. Side Part

Source: @melsxbeautyhair

Doing a distinct part in a braid style is not very common. But this style is cute. I like the way this style looks with a part. I think it would look great as a shorter style too. 

22. Scalp Braids

Source: @worldofbraiding

Scalp braids are beautiful. The goddess style in this look is lovely. You can switch up this braid design to make this style your own. 

23. Small Knotless Bun

The high bun a common go to with braids is a great style for goddess braids. Doing a high bun is a fast was to do an updo with braids and with the curl hair to leave hanging it is a great idea for a formal look. 

24. Long Knee Length

Source: @royaltyhair_studio2

Long knee length braids may be heavy but they are super cute if that doesn’t bother you. I love the auburn color of these braids.

25. Knotless Highlights

Source: @nigerianbraidsgang_

Knotless braids are the go to braids these days instead of box braids. The difference is at the start of the braids where the knotless are braided in with the hair but the box braids are wrapped around the hair then braided. Both styles are still pretty. 

26. Extra Small

Source: @ghanaianhairstyles

The extra small braids are beautiful. The curls added to the end of the extra small braids make the curls look like a style of their own. If you like wearing smaller braids this would be a beautiful addition. 

27. Wavy

Source: @royaltyhair_studio2

If you don’t like the curly hair, the looser wavy hair may be for you. The wavy hair does not make this style as full as the curls. But it still adds the movement and length that looks good.

28. Long

Source: @braidednikki

Wearing these long braids looks fantastic. I love the wavy hair in this look. The waist length braids might be heavy but they look great. 

29. Mixed Color

Source: @hairby__saige

Mixing different colors in a style is a great way to make it unique and your own. I like how the mix is done throughout the entire head. This would be a great look to do with more vibrant colors.

30. Ombre

Source: @braids_studio

This crochet style is amazing. Electric blue color looks great in these locs. This is a beautiful way to wear this style. Whether you decide to wear a bun or any other style the blue would look great either way. 

31. Thick Curls

Source: @marlisarisbeautyparlor

The thicker pieces of loose hair added in with the small braids look great. If the hair is dispersed throughout in smaller amounts you could see more of the braids. If you don’t mind the braids being hidden this would be great for you. 

32. Very Curly

Source: @ghanaianhairstyles

Tight curls are beautiful with box braids. Wearing your braids to one side is also a great way to style your braids without actually styling.

33. Colored Ends

Source: @dopehaironly

I like the colored ends look. It is a pretty way to add color to this style. In this style all the ends are not colored to give an undercover color look. 

34. Locs 

Source: @nigerianbraidsgang_

The wavy loose hair looks amazing with the faux locs. I love faux locs by themselves adding the hair gives this a new look. Whether you choose to add loose hair or not faux locs is definitely a style you should try.

35. Looser curl

Source: @divasbeautyspot

The looser curl pattern gives a more fringy look. I like the low top ponytail with this style. 

I think this would look better with twists or faux locs. It is still nice looking with box braids.

36. Top Knot

Source: @rosneyd_

This is a cute fake knot. If you don’t like buns this would be a good alternative. Though it would take slightly more work to get this style knot. 

37. Extra Small

Source: @ghanaianhairstyles

The small braids look very nice in the goddess lock style. The loose hair choice is an important factor in this hairstyle. Getting too loose of a curl could mess up a they stye and going to thin would make the leave out obsolete. 

38. Fish Scale Part

Source: @mimiciquhair

Doing different part styles is a fantastic way to add extra designs to this style. The blonde and brown curls with the black braids is an excellent way to 

39. Middle Part

Source: @nigerianbraidsgang_

I love this full look of these small knotless. The middle part is such a good way to wear this style. With the smaller braids this style is nice and full. 

40. Luscious Curls

Source: @hairbyhbc

These curls look luscious. They are shiny and fully curled. This is a great look to go with the smaller braids and the colored ends add dimension to this style.

41. Spring Twist

Source: @lalaaraujooficial

I love the spring twist with the loose curly hair. This is not a style I see done often. This is a cute take on the goddess braids. 

42. Straight Back Top

Source: @_trancaseafins

These dual toned braids use an ombré look. The strands are only coming out of the braids. And not loose throughout the hair.

43. Long Loose

Source: @minilocsbar

The smaller strands of curls look good with smaller braids. If the curls were any larger the would overtake the braids. 

44. Double Bun

Source: @vayadee

This is a fun playful style. The half-up, half-down buns are very pretty. I like this look for goddess braids. 

45. Flat Braids

Source: @trancascaroline

I love the straight back stitch braids. This is cute with the side braid coming to the front. You don’t need a lot of loose hair in this style.

46. Blonde

Source: @dougiecabelos

These ombré braids are a good option. I love brown and blondes. Doing blonde tips with the blonde curls was a good choice. 

47. Loose Ends

Source: @vicki_z.o

This style is stunning. I love the burgundy shades in these locs. This is a crochet style and you can hardly tell.

48. Super Curly

Source: @joaotrancista

I love the extremely curly hair in this style. These type of curls look great with smaller braids. But I think it looks good with these medium size as well. 

49. Faux Bang

Source: @mrlocoperez

Most people don’t think to do a bang with braid styles. But this styling is gorgeous. The side bangs of locs are very cute. There is not a lot of loose curly hair left out but the small amount looks great in this style. 

50. Jumbo 

Source: @justbraidsinfo

This is a fun way to do goddess braids. These are large knotless braids with a lot of loose curly hair added. I think this style would look great with thicker curls as well as the wavy look here. 

Final Thoughts

If you like wearing braids goddess braids are worth the try. Have you had goddess braids? Did you use human or synthetic hair?


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