50 Hair Color Ideas For Black Women

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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

Thinking of changing your hair color? There are a variety of colors to choose from. Whether you want to have a more natural color or a bold look. 

Hair Color Ideas For Black Women

Coloring your hair is a big decision and finding hair color ideas is a tedious task. The color you choose can be permanent or temporary – however, being stuck with a color in your head you don’t like can be terrible. So researching and looking at several options is a good idea. 

Hair color can range from shades of brown to a rainbow of color. Making the right decision takes some time, unless you are a daring person who makes spontaneous decisions. This list has everything from multi colors to common colors. You don’t have to get the exact colors but you can use these colors as a guide. 

1. Burgundy 

Source: @candacereesebeauty

Burgundy is a great color for black women. This is a typical go-to color for the fall. I love burgundy. It is a great color to try.

2. Brown

Source: @candacereesebeauty

Brown is a standard color. Though it is a typical color, brown can add dimension to a look. No matter what color you choose, it will refresh your look.

 3. Platinum blonde With Color

Source: @oluchizelda

Platinum blonde is a bold choice, long or short. But adding some color with the blonde is a daring choice to make the blonde and colored highlights stand out. 

4. Ginger and Browns

Source: @oluchizelda

Copper is a cute color for the fall. This is a cute ombre style with some blonde showing throughout. I think this is a great way to try color but not too bold.  

5. Chunky Blonde Highlights

Source: @studiolushdetroit

I don’t think chunky Blonde highlights will ever fade. This is a recurring style that always makes its way back. Even in the balayage trend, regular highlights are still a choice. 

6. Berry Multicolor

Source: @studiolushdetroit

Going with a multicolor is an excellent choice. Different pink and purple shades make a cute combination. If you like shaking up your hair color, this would be a great look. 

7. Brown to Pink

Source: @studiolushdetroit

I love the bright and pale pink hair colors. This rose gold color is adorable. I think this is the perfect springtime color.

8. Smokey Blue

Source: @studiolushdetroit

Once you find a good color specialist, having them freestyle color when you are unsure is a great way to develop new unique styles. This smokey blue is a color that is not common. It is intriguing and creates a good illusion on top of her layers. 

9. Brown and Blonde

Source: @studiolushdetroit

Brown and blonde are colors that are traditionally together. I think no matter how they are applied, it is hard to go wrong with either. This is a good blend of both colors.

 10. Regular Highlights

Source: @silkandsnipstudio

Regular highlights are still trendy. Blonde is not the only option for highlights. You could consider burgundy or brown highlights, to name a few. 

11. Half and Half

Source: @blongotampa

This is a newer look I enjoy seeing. The half and half color style can be as unique as you make it. Keeping black on one side is cute, but you could also do double or rainbow colors on each side. This is a great way to get creative.

12. Dark Green

Source: @locs_and_ankara

Emerald green is a beautiful color for African American women. I believe green can range from artsy to bold. The deeper greens give a more artsy look.

13. Hot Red

Source: @Brandon_stefan

Hot red is another standard color. Red used to be considered a bolder color, but now it is one of the regulars. But that does not take away from how pretty it comes out. It is definitely one of the musts try. Red hot hair in the summertime seems fun. 

14. Golden Blonde

Source: @Brandon_stefan

Golden blonde is a good blonde to try. Black women have to be careful when picking blondes. Some different tones and shades match your skin tone. As well as some blondes may wash you out. Seek a specialist and do research when deciding on a color.

15. Skunk Stripe

Source: @juicesnberries

The skunk stripe is a good splash of color to add to your hair. The skunk stripe is a streak of color in the front part of the hair. It can be in any color of your choice. It can also be in the back or side of your head. 

16. Ombre Red

Source: @blongotampa

I love how an ombre looks amazing on longer hair and natural curls. This offers more time for transition between colors and allows for more color. It is a beautiful choice of ombre with black, red, and burgundy. 

17. Brown and Blonde 

Source: @silkandsnipstudio

This brown and blonde is an excellent way to add blonde to brown hair. The multiple shades of brown with blonde highlights give this style more dimensions. 

18. Orange and Pink

Source: @studiolushdetroit

This multicolored look is another example of creative coloring. The colors in this look have an excellent placement. Orange with ginger, brown, and pinkish-purple is not a color scheme that would usually be together for a hairstyle, but it came out great.

19. Colorful Highlights

Source: @studiolushdetroit

This is a great example of colorful highlights. Adding in randomly placed highlights is a good way to spice up your styles. I like the idea of using clip-ins to add in highlights. That way, you can change it up more often. 

20. Moss Green

Source: @studiolushdetroit

This is a very playful green shade with a patch of peach in the back. I like the color choice for this short style. Adding daring colors to shorter styles is a great way to switch up a new cut. 

21. Brown Ombre

Source: @studiolushdetroit

Most people choose to color their entire head brown. But, going simple with an ombre brown is a great new color choice. The color will grow out quickly, and you could recolor it if you decide against it later.

22. Bang Highlights

Source: @studiolushdetroit

Adding color to just your bangs or swoop is an excellent way to add a pop of color to a style. It is also a great way to try a new color. This is a good way to know whether you will like a color long-term and just a cute way to wear new shades. These fall highlights are so cute and a perfect blend.

23. Dark Highlights

Source: @stuidolushdetroit

I don’t usually see darker colors styled like this but, it is a fantastic look. They are perfectly uniform around the head and bangs. It is more of an edgy look that is perfect with this cut.

24. Ginger

Source: @studiolushdetroit

These are perfect ginger waves. Ginger is becoming the new go-to color. I love this color and think it always looks well. 

25. Fiery Red Ends

Source: @studiolushdetroit

I love freshly retwisted and dyed locs. This is an excellent way to do a red color. The fiery ends are beautiful.  

26. Ocean Colors

Source: @studiolushdetroit

Sea colors are also a favorite of mine. This whimsical ocean-colored hair gives a perfect illusion. Placement when doing a multicolor look is essential. A color specialist should know precisely how to place the colors to maximize the color and cut of your hair.

27. Blues

Source: @studiolushdetroit

Dark blue looks great on every African American woman. I may say this about several colors, but it’s true. You can experiment with multiple shades of blue or just one. The outcome would look amazing either way.

28. Rose Gold

Source: @studiolushdetroit

This is a darker rose gold look. Paired with the black ombre is extremely cute. Curly, this adds extra texture and makes the color pop more. 

29. Rainbow 

Source: @studiolushdetroit

This bob style makes these rainbow colors beautiful. The texture and movement of this style are all great. Wearing rainbow colors is not an easy feat. Everything has to be perfect.

30. Silver

Source: @oluchizelda

Silver is still a color people are wearing. This short silver hairdo is very sophisticated. Silver is a good color to try. And with classic finger waves, this looks fabulous.

31. Pop of Color

Source: @nurse_me_

Dying the underside of your hair is also a great choice. You can wear certain styles to let the color play peek-a-boo through your hair. I like how the peekaboo styles look. This one is simple. A flip shows the color, but curls could work also. 

32. Two-Toned

Source: @oluchizelda

Two-toned hair is a unique way to color your hair. This style with the orange curls on top and the blonder on the bottom is pretty. I like how creative you can make this style, and you don’t have to stop at two colors either. 

33. Carmel

Source: @oluchizelda

Dark caramel brown is a cute color to try. When they start coloring, most people either go with a shade of brown or go to burgundy. Those who have natural auburn or brown may just lighten their colors to give a different look. But caramel brown is a beautiful brown to try. 

34. Mixed Color

Source: @oluchizelda

Layering your colors is always an option. This is a creative way to color. Different layers are colored differently to give a mixed look. I love it. 

35. Red Shades

Source: @oluchizelda

I like the idea of blending darker and lighter shades to give more dimension and movement to colors. This blend of dark reds and burgundy is a fantastic idea. 

36. Pink with Highlights

Source: @oluchizelda

This short cut is edgy but adding lighter colors softens the look. I like the shades chosen for this style. The pink with the splash of orange, blue, and yellow is pretty. 

37. Light Purple

Source: @blackgirlcolor

When I see a shaved head on African American woman, I already know she has to be bold and brave. It was seen as taboo for long to cut your hair in African American communities that to go against that boldly was unusual. I like that more people are embracing these shaved styles. Adding color just makes the style stand out more, and lavender is the perfect color for that/

38. Platinum Blonde

Source: @naturalandcolorful

Another shaved look that is now very common is the platinum blonde. Putting platinum blonde on a shaved head is the go-to these days. It is still pretty and worth doing if you are thinking of going short. 

39. Pink

Source: @naturalandcolorful

Neon pink is a playful color to try. This bright pink is the perfect color to try when looking for a fun color. I love this pink with the curls.

40. Dark Purple

Source: @besthaircolorforblackwomen

Purple is also a good color for everyone. There are multiple shades of purple to try. Dark purple is one of my favorites. 

41. Auburn

Source: @luvhairapp

Auburn is a beautiful, unique shade. Getting this color typically takes a blend of red, orange, and brown. I love this color and wish I saw it more often. 

42. Colorful Design

Source:  @cybery2kvibez

Adding designs to a short style is a perfect way to add color and express yourself. The blue flowers added to this shaved blonde are beautiful. You can also add designs to longer hair.

43. Blue 

Source: @hairwaxpaint

I love this vibrant blue color. This is a great color to try. You can go bright blue or dark blue that looks black, or somewhere between where this blue sits. 

44. Multi-Color

Source: @amari_music

Coloring different sections of your hair is a great way to create a unique look. If you want to try multiple colors, this is a good way. I love the vibrancy and texture of this style. These were great color choices.

45. Orange with Red Highlights

Source: @elfinhair

Orange and red put together in the wrong tone or shade can look bad. But these two tones are blended perfectly. These are two colors that look great together but could also look very bad together. 

46. Copper

Source: @elfinhair

Copper is a color of many tones. You can add more red or orange; it will still be copper. This is a beautiful color and a great warm tone to try. Just be sure you know exactly which copper you are getting when you are asking for this color. A picture always helps.

47. Blonde Mix

Source: @koloredbykey

I like when several shades of blonde are combined. The darker blondes paired with, the lighter and honey blonde gives a different look than just going blonde. It adds dimension to the blonde.

48. Ash and Platinum

Source: @koloredbykey

I do not see ash and platinum blonde mixed often. But this turned out fantastic. I love the placement of the colors. This is a gorgeous look.

49. Cinnamon

Source: @sincerly.kyala

Cinnamon is a brilliant color to try. This color looks amazing on people with warm undertones. Even if you choose to just highlight with cinnamon, it would be worth it. 

50. Lime Green

Source: @naturalhairlovez

Lime green is one of the bolder greens. It is a playful and fun color to try. This looks amazing as a short style. I think it looks best short but could be cute long.

Final Thoughts 

Finding the perfect color is not an easy process. So maybe start with a temporary color before going permanent. Did you find a color you would like to try on the list? If so, which one? Or share some of your favorite colors.


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