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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

I’m Dasia, a licensed cosmetologist who has been in the beauty industry for over 5 years. These 5 years in the industry has taught me that there are certain things to look for when buying hair – with the company and the product they provide being the most important. 

I will be reviewing the illusion lace front wig from Her Imports to determine if the product is really worth it. The unit was purchased outright and no compensation was given in return. A 100% honest review is to be given.


Her Imports was founded in 2009 and is based out of the USA. The CEO of the company is Jerome Reid whose goal is to provide high quality human hair. The company has over 12 physical stores located throughout the US, in addition to their online store.

The website for this company wasn’t anything special, but it accurately highlighted the products in a professional way. They even had a clearance section that had huge discounted prices on products. They could have expanded on the company itself to give customers more confidence while shopping, but overall the store was good.

The store offered many different products but highlighted their bundles the most. These bundles are available in different textures and lengths. Their wigs provide the most customization. They also offer additional accessories like bonnets and hot tools.

I found the customer support to be relatively helpful. They informed me about important subjects like the tracking number. While they offer over 3 different methods of contact, I wish they had the option to live chat. This would be easiest for the customer to ask more detailed questions and get a fast reply.

This package took 2 business days, 4 in total, to arrive which is quite fast. It was delivered via FedEx and had free shipping. While the company offered 2 additional shipping options, the standard shipping seemed sufficient. If orders are placed before 3pm it will be shipped the same day.

The reviews for this company were quite negative. Many people commented on the overall quality of the hair lacking. Certain products appeared to have an unpleasant smell and tangle easily. These are important to take into consideration when looking to shop with a company.

What I Like

  • Rewards program – The more you spend the more points you are able to earn.
  • Range of products – They had a variety of different units including hair accessories.
  • Cap – The material of the cap felt worn in, making it comfortable for just about anyone.

What I Don’t Like

  • Prices – The entire site had high prices that seemed unreasonable in some cases.
  • Site layout – The website wasn’t very informative and wasn’t unique, quite standard.
  • Density – for the price paid, a 150% base density doesn’t seem worth it.

Hair Quality

Hair Strand

As you brush through the hair, you could feel its soft texture of the strands. While they were soft, I did find it difficult to detangle at times, the hair got stuck and almost knotted. This is not a good sign as it decreases the longevity of the unit.

While tangling could pose an issue, the hair didn’t shed much which is a positive. Having hair that sheds often could cause the unit to become thin and low quality. Another good thing was the color of the unit, it was consistent throughout which makes the hair look high quality.

One area that was a little disappointing was the texture. The hair was purchased in a body wave. Prior to being combed out the hair looks beautiful, afterward, not so much. One combed hair looks very messy and a lot of effort would need to go into styling in order for it to look presentable.


The unit came with a 4×4 lace front closure. The lace material wasn’t specified but it seemed of good quality. Not too thick, making it great for blending but not to thin where the lace will easily rip.

The hairline wasn’t pre-plucked, but I felt as if the line wasn’t distinct enough to cause a problem. The unit also didn’t come with baby hairs, this is a quick fix if you truly wanted the customization. For the price of the unit I believe both of those could have been included.

The knots appear to be single knotted which is a huge advantage. The thinner knots appear less bulky and overall less visible on the lace. This is likely why the lack of  pre-plucking didn’t look too bad. 


The hair isn’t too sparse on the ends but the overall finish does feel quite thin, for the price I think they could have started the base at 180%. Due to the wavy texture, it’s possible to get away with the lower percentage but if you prefer a straight texture, you may want to increase the density.

This unit offers the option for go up to 220% in density. This would be close to an additional $70. Depending on what you are looking for, this is a great option to have, as long as you have the funds.

The density of this unit was average, 150%. I believe for the price, the lowest they should have offered was 180% since you already receive an upcharge for the length of the hair. Keep in mind all customizations come with a hefty price.


One of the first things I noticed about the unit was how flexible I was. It felt worn in, yet everything was intact and nothing seemed to be falling apart.

The closure blended into the cap nicely. There were a few loose strings, specifically around the attachment of combs. Since this area is highly manipulated, this is not a good sign as they may easily fall off. You can easily resew them to strengthen the bond.

The side hairline can often cause a problem for closures as the lace doesn’t follow the entire unit. While this is common, this unit found a way to avoid it. The wefts perfectly wrapped abound the unit to cover the cap and look quite natural.

Cap Size

There wasn’t an option to select cap sizes, but the unit came in medium which is quite average. The material of the cap was extremely flexible making it fit just about anyone.

The cap perfectly matched up with the 4×4 closure. It also had the option to alter the size with elastics along the back of the unit. The wig also came with 4 combs to help secure the unit to your natural hair.

While the cap was excellent, for the price I still wish they offered customizations. The more you pay, you expect to get exactly what you want by handpicking every section. While you didn’t get to customize the cap, the material used does make it accessible to almost everyone.

Store Experience 

I found the website of Her Imports to be underwhelming. It showcased a very clean look that solely highlighted the products sold. While the site wasn’t unique in any way, the product pictures gave a professional feel.

One area of the site that stuck out was the clearance section along with current deals. The prices were reasonable in this section, over 50% in most cases. Considering the price tags for many of the products were very high, this gives shoppers an alternative.

One area the company could have improved on is talking more about their origin and going more in depth about the services they use in areas like shipping. Providing more information on the hair specifically would have been another good option. 

Range of Products

This company is known for their premium human hair. They offer a variety of different bundles, closures, frontals, and wigs. Some of their most popular products seem to be their bundle deals that are easily interchangeable with both closures and frontals. 

Most of the products come in different textures such as straight, deep wave, or body wave. They also offer a wide range of different lengths in hair. While the texture and length are changeable they don’t quite offer the ability to change the color for specific units.

The wigs sold have the ability to customize every aspect. For the price this was expected and is a great feature to have. 

Customer Support 

When the order was placed, I was contacted via text from the company. They provided an order number and a copy to the receipt of the order.

Her Imports have physical stores and encourages their customers to visit to get help from their customers. Along with in person help, they offer email support along with phone. For more detailed questions they have a form on their site to fill out.

One feature of customer support they don’t provide is a live chat. This feature is easy to use and often the fastest for a customer to receive an answer. Even if the chat was auto generated, it would have been a nice addition to the site.

Delivery Time

The company operates during business hours which is Monday through Saturday 10am-8pm EST. If an order is received before 3pm It qualifies as a same day order. If placed over the weekend, the package will be shipped first thing Monday morning.

There are three different types of shipping available; standard, expedited, and next day. These Shipping options take anywhere from 1-6 business days. Keep in mind order processing can take an additional 1-3 days on top of the delivery time.

If for some reason the product ends up out of stock or unavailable, the company will notify the customer ahead of order processing. The product order was in stock and only took 2 business days to arrive and was accompanied by free shipping via FedEx.

What others are saying

This customer has been a long time customer and initially loved the hair. In recent purchases the love for the company started to fade, mainy to the hair having a horrible stench. The reason this was so frosting was linked to the hundreds of dollars spent on the hair.

This customer was not happy with the hair they received. The hair was expensive and had a serious shedding problem. This was unfortunate and the customer service proved to be of no help as well. This was not a pleasant purchase for the customer.


What guarantees does Her Imports hair provide?

Her Imports is a company that is motivated to maintain a high level of quality. The products  go through a rigorous process that ensures the quality of the hair. All orders are inspected prior to shipping and strive to have a 100% satisfaction.

What payment methods does Her Imports take?

The company Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal. It’s important to keep in mind currency fees may occur in addition to the product price. Also note if the product needs to be returned for any reason, you won’t receive the payment back to the original payment method. An e-gift card will be given in return.

Does Her Imports accept returns?

Yes, Her Imports does accept returns but under a few conditions. The products need to be untampered with and in its original packaging. A return request needs to be submitted within 10 days of the original delivery. It’s also important to note the return is carried out via e-gift card.

Do we recommend it?

The biggest turn off for me with this company was the price. Their pricing seemed unreasonable, but they made it up in a way by providing a variety of customizations. While I personally didn’t have a problem with their products, many other reviewers have.

Keeping those thoughts in mind, I found the delivery to be extremely fast and their customer service to be efficient. As long as you have the money available, I believe shopping with Her Imports is a great option for buying your hair extensions. 


A lover of all things beauty related whose been in the industry for about 5 years. While I'd love to say I'm a self-taught prodigy, I'm actually a licensed cosmetologist who has spent countless hours studying hair. I quickly learned sharing valuable information with like-minded individuals allows everyone to make the right choices when dealing with their hair. As a curly girl myself I love to experiment with different styles on a regular basis. While I do have a busy schedule between work, freelancing, and school; I always seem to find time for my hair.

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