How Long Do Lace Front Wigs Last?

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Last Updated: March 14, 2022

Lace front wigs are one of the highest quality wigs on the market, so it is understandable that people would want them to last as long as possible. This article will go into detail about how long these wigs usually last and why.

How long do lace front wigs last? 

Usual Time 

When worn daily, the average new lace front wig can last between 3 months to 1 year. There are a number of factors that go into how long it will last. 

In some cases, lace front wigs can even last for several years with good care. In other cases, a lace front wig can last only a couple months with poor care. 

What makes them last longer 

One of the factors that make a lace front wig last long, 6+ months, includes the hair type. A wig made with higher quality hair lasts longer than a wig with lower quality hair. Virgin human hair, for example, will last longer than remy hair

Wearing a lace front wig less frequently can make a huge effect on how long the lace front wig lasts as well. If a wig is only worn on occasion, it will stay in good shape.

Another factor in a long-lasting lace front wig is the application of the wig. A wig that is applied by using the glueless method lasts longer than using glue. A glueless wig can also be taken off at night and put right back on during the day.

What makes them not last longer

There are also some things that make a wig last less than 6 months. Choosing a hair type that typically has a short lifespan is an example.

Wearing a lace front wig every day can also shorten the lifespan as well. Wigs start to wear out with constant styling and manipulation – the hair starts to shed, the lace starts to become fragile, etc. A wig can also wear down due to being exposed to the environment. 

There are a number of other factors such as a glue and/or taping method, which can be damaging to the wig, and a lack of maintenance – such as brushing, washing, and the use of too much products.

Can you shower with a lace front wig? 

Showering with a lace front wig is possible, however, there are some ways to do it effectively without causing harm to the “look” of the original install. 

To successfully shower with a lace front wig, it is important for the glue, clips, tape or whatever adhesive used is still secure to your head. In addition, be aware of potential peel-up, especially around the edges, which can cause the wig to come off sooner if drenched too much. 

Lace front wigs should not be washed every day due to potential damage, however, it can be protected as you shower. 

Can you sleep with a lace front wig on?

Like showering, sleeping with your lace front wig is possible. Although you can sleep in a lace front wig, there is the risk of quickly damaging the hair due to the friction between the wig hair and the pillow.

One way to protect your lace front wig is to cover it with a silk cap and tie it into a ponytail. 

Even with a chance of decreased longevity, there are benefits to sleeping with the lace front wig such as saving time and energy, being easier to prepare in the morning, and the reduced risk of re-installing it inappropriately.

The Final Word

Lace front wigs are worth every penny when you take proper care of them. The better they are treated, the longer they will last. 


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