How Long Do Wig Installs Last?

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Last Updated: March 17, 2022

Wigs are a popular trend in recent years but are they truly worth it? You can expect to pay good money for not only the unit itself but also for the installation.

This may move you to ask the question, how long do wig installs last? Likely you want to ensure the money you are spending will get you a good amount of wear time.  

Let’s take a further look at some areas to consider when determining how long a wig install will last.

How long do wig installs last?

The overall length of how long a wig lasts varies greatly depending on how the wig is attached and the material the hair is made from. A wig can either be made from human hair or synthetic. The length of how long the hair will last depends greatly on the material.

Human hair

You have the option to choose between different hair types such as Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian, and Peruvian. Human hair is generally virgin and sometimes you even have the option to purchase remy hair. The higher quality will affect the overall longevity of the hair and allow you to keep the hair installed for longer.

Human hair lasts up to one year if properly maintained. Lace is another area that will likely affect longevity. Lace can be cleaned and therefore be reused. If installed with durable glue, you can expect the install to last at least a month in most cases.

Most wig wearers choose to have a quick install by securing will gel or a light hold glue. This gives you the option to install the wig but remove it at any time and reuse the unit multiple times.

Synthetic hair 

Synthetic hair is a lot less high quality than human and lasts a fraction as long as a result. Since synthetic hair is made out of fibers, they easily tangle and oftentimes shed excessively. 

This will cut down on the longevity of the hair.

You can expect to get a few weeks wear out of a synthetic wig. After this the hair itself will get too matted and become unwearable. Lace is another area on synthetic wigs that doesn’t add to the longevity since the lace generally isn’t high quality. 

Since the overall quality isn’t too high, after a few weeks you will likely have to get rid of the unit as its longevity has been worn out. Also for each individual install that needs to take place, this will cut down on the lasting length of the wig.

Is it bad to wear a wig everyday?

Wearing a wig everyday is completely okay as long as you are taking measures to protect your natural hair underneath. Since a wig is a protective style this should be the main goal, to keep the health of your natural locks. Aside from taking care of your natural hair, routinely wash your wig and if possible remove every night so no excessive pulling takes place. 

Can you sleep in an installed wig?

Sleeping in a wig is generally not recommended but it is very possible. If you happen to sleep with a wig on you want to ensure you properly wrap the hair so no unnecessary tugging occurs. The hair can be wrapped in a bonnet or a silk scarf, you can even sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase. Taking these steps will allow the hair to remain safely tucked away and reduce snagging.


Determining how long a wig will last depends greatly on the material the hair is made from. Purchasing human hair is almost always the best choice as it allows you to get a longer wear out of the unit.

Synthetic hair is a great back up if you decide you want a quick style that can easily be changed.


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