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How Many Bundles of Hair Do I Need?

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Last Updated: February 15, 2022

Doing your own hair has many benefits – including being very nice to your wallet. However, when you are adding hair and accidentally get too much, that is not a good day for your wallet. This article will go into depth about how many bundles you actually need for any given hairstyle.

How Many Bundles Do I Need?

The bundles you purchase depend on the style you are going for, head size, length of style, and color. You need to know all of these things before you know how many bundles you will need for your style. 

Different styles require different amounts of bundles, and knowing how much hair you need will really save you money. Most hairstyles require about 2-3 bundles. However, you may need more or less, depending on what you want your style and density to be. 

How Many Bundles of Hair You Need for Any Hairstyle


A ponytail is a beautiful style that adds length and volume to your look. Many people like to do long, supersized ponytails that roll down their backs. In order to accomplish a long, thick ponytail you only really need one bundle.[1]

One bundle of hair would be enough for any hair type – straight curly, kinky, etc. If you want your ponytail to be bigger and thicker, then you can add additional hair until you are satisfied with the look. 

Another thing to consider about ponytails is that if you want a natural, layered look, you need to get two bundles of different lengths (ie. a 16in and an 18in). One important thing to be aware of is that ponytails pull on the natural hair and scalp a lot, which can cause hair loss or breakage over time. If you plan to wear this style often, using less hair will lighten the load on your head. 

How to Install a Weave Ponytail

  1. Comb your natural hair flat with gel and pull it back into a ponytail. 
  2.  Braid that ponytail and secure it at the bottom with a hair tie. You could also do this part without braiding your ponytail, rather you can just tie a hair tie at the bottom of your ponytail. You can use any hair tie you would like. 
  3. Fold one of your bundles in half and secure them together on the weft with a bobby pin. Pin the attached bobby pin into the bottom of your ponytail. 
  4. Start twisting the bundle around the ponytail braid until you get to the top. Then, use some of the hair to twist around the base of the ponytail to secure it. 
  5. Repeat the process if you are using additional bundles, but start at the top first. 

Long Weave

For a weave to be considered long, it would be at least 18 inches. Of course, you don’t want your weave to be long and thin, and the longer your hair is, the more bundles you will need. 

The amount of bundles also depends on the texture of the hair. Curly hair will require fewer bundles because it has more volume and straight hair will require more hair because it has less volume. If you want layers in your hair you will also need more bundles. 

You could purchase the same length of bundles and then cut your own layers, or buy different lengths to create that layered look.


For straight hair, you will need about 3-4 bundles if you want a full and thick look. You will also need a closure or frontal for the weave, which will give it more hair coverage. 


Curly hair takes up more space in the weave, so you can use less hair than you would with straight hair. Depending on the type of curl, 2-3 bundles should be enough. The bigger and puffier the curls, the more coverage you are going to get. 


Kinky curls have a lot of volume, so they will have the most coverage. When you are using kinky hair for weaves you only need to use 2-3 bundles. If you don’t want the weave to be really thick, you may only need to use 2.


Unlike longer weaves, if you want the hair to be shorter then it will require fewer bundles. For a bob, you will only need 2 bundles and a closure. If you want a very thick bob with many layers, you may need 3 bundles. 


A DIY wig can be more cost-effective than one that is pre-made. Making a wig is very similar to installing a weave. In order to have natural looking length and thickness for your wig, you will need 3-4 bundles – depending on the texture of hair you have.[2]

For a wig, you also want varying lengths to make the hair look natural. For example, if you want your wig to be 22in long, you should get a 18’, 20’, and 22’. The 22 inch bundle will be at the bottom because it is the longest length. Getting different lengths avoids making the wig unnaturally thick at the bottom.  

Quick Guide to Making a Wig

  1. Place a wig cap onto a wig head, you need to pull the cap down at the bottom and pin it to get a natural hairline placement.
  2. Sew on your closure or frontal where you want it to be placed. You can pin it down first to hold it still. 
  3. Start from the bottom and sew the tracks onto the cap. Folding a track in half before sewing it on will give you more density. The longest length goes on the bottom and the smallest goes on top. 
  4. Style the wig the way you want it to look.

Half Up Half Down

A half up half down style is a style that requires 3 bundles for thick, flowy hair. 1 bundle is for the ponytail, and the other 2 bundles are for the bottom half of the style. However, you could manage with 2 bundles if you want a thinner look.[3]

How to Do a Half Up Down Style

  1. Part your hair in the back of your head like you would if you were going to leave the bottom half of your hair down.
  2. Put the top part into a ponytail and braid the bottom half flat.
  3. Apply a nylon cap on to the head and glue it onto the braided area.
  4. Cut the cap around the braided area so it is only stuck to that section. 
  5. Apply the tracks with glue to the nylon cap area. 
  6. Apply the bundle for the ponytail.

The Final Word

Doing your research will ensure that you are purchasing your bundles appropriately. Adding more hair to your look is a fun and beautiful way to enhance any style!


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