How much is a sew-in weave?

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Last Updated: March 17, 2022

Sew-ins are a great option for anyone who wants a quick change in their look. They last quite long making the investment worth it.

How much does a sew-in weave cost? This is a common question one asks when looking into getting a weave. Let’s take a look at how much you can expect to spend on a typical sew-in weave.

How much is a sew-in weave?

A sew-in weave should cost you a couple of hundred dollars if you decide to get it installed professionally. You can expect the price to range greatly depending on whether or not you install the hair on your own or go to a stylist. The products needed to complete a sew-in are quite cheap.

You can expect to pay around $100 – $120 solely for the supplies needed to complete a sew-in. Majority of the money will go towards the bundles that will be needed. Covering just the cost of the supplies will save you a lot of money.

If you decide to go to a stylist’s, you can expect to pay an additional $100 – $200 just for the service. This will cause the price to double meaning you will likely spend around $400. Some stylists offer the option for you to have bundles included in the total service which may allow you to save a few hundreds of dollars.

Products to Purchase in Order to Complete a Sew-in

  • Bundles – This is needed to complete the look and a necessary part of a sew-in. Expect to pay around $100 -$200 on a full set.
  • Thread and needle – This is the primary tool used to install a sew-in weave. You can expect to pay around $1 for these materials.
  • Moisturizing products – This will keep your natural hair moisturized and healthy. Expect to pay around $10 -20 on a product. Conditioners and oils are a necessity.

Factors that Could Affect the Price of a Sew-in

Type of hair 

There are a variety of different hair types available to those interested in installing a weave. Brazilian hair is one of the most common hair types available and it is relatively affordable. The hair is easy to blend with and matches a variety of hair types.

One of the most high quality hair types is Indian hair. This type of hair is thick and durable which results in long lasting hair. As a result, the hair is slightly more expensive.

Most other hair types are a great inbetween price range. This is great for anyone who wants great quality hair without spending too much. Deciding on a hair type allows you to find the best option for you and achieve a versatile look.

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Length of hair 

The length of the hair you are interested in will affect the overall price as more product is used. The longer the hair, the more expensive it will be. This area is almost impossible to avoid regardless of the place you decide to shop at.

Hair lengths typically range from around 8 inches all the way to 30 inches. You have the ability to purchase a full weave set of 8 inches for probably the price of one 30 inch bundle. 

Finding hair available in a set is likely your best option to save money. This will allow you to bundle longer lengths together at a discounted price. Also try to look for coupon codes on store sites that allow you to receive even further discounts.

Density of hair 

The density of the hair is extremely important as it affects the overall look you’re going for. Your ideal density will make a difference as it will likely affect the amount of bundles you need to purchase. This will drive up the price.

Most of the time you can’t choose the density on a sew-in but you can look at how full the ends are. If the hair is thick throughout you are likely able to get away with fewer bundles. This will allow you to save more money in the long run.

If you decide to go for bundles that are a bit thinner on the ends you will likely have to purchase more bundles. This will help fill up the ends and make the hair look healthier. 

Pros and Cons of Going to a Stylist


  • Supplies – Stylists know the best supplies to choose for a specific look. Often they carry them in the salon so you don’t have to purchase prior to booking.
  • Time – Stylists have more experience and can get a look done faster than if you do it yourself.


  • Price – Since you have to pay for labor, the price is going to be about double compared to if you do it yourself.
  • Book their time – You aren’t free to do your hair whenever. You have to work with the stylist to find a time that works for both parties.

How long does a sew-in weave last? 

A sew-in will last a variety of different lengths depending on the way the hair is installed. You can expect a sew-in to last around 6 weeks. Depending on how fast your hair grows you should expect to go in a few weeks in between an install to get the hair tightened. This is a pretty long time for the amount that you pay.  

Why are weaves so expensive?

Weaves can be overpriced for a variety of different reasons. One of the main reasons is due to the stores themselves upcharging. Hair stores generally get their products from wholesalers at a ridiculously cheap price. In order to get a greater profit, they upcharge the weave to make more money which is a downside for the customer. 


While you can expect to spend a chunk of money on a sew-in, it’s not as much as other installation methods. You only need a few products to complete the look.

Depending on the type of hair you use, the density, and length of the hair, you can expect the overall price to fluctuate. Also keep in mind the benefit of going to a stylist. While they do charge more, having your hair done professionally leads to great results.

Generally the amount you pay to install a sew-in is worth it, especially since you can get weeks of wear out of the hair.


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