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How Much is Remy Hair?

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Last Updated: March 17, 2022

Remy hair is a common term when dealing with hair extensions. It’s a type of hair that gets its name due to the way the hair is collected. 

Remy hair consists of hair that is collected in a way that keeps the hair cuticle still intact and all of the hair is aligned in one direction. This helps the health of the hair and allows you to keep the extensions for longer.

How much is remy hair?

Remy hair is a premium product that ranges in price. You can easily expect to pay around $100 for a bundle of hair. This is a typical price point for most bundles regardless of whether the hair is remy or not. 

Investing the extra money in remy hair is ideal as it will allow you to get a longer wear out of the hair. Just like any other hair, it’s generally cheaper to purchase extensions in a set. This will allow you to complete a full look at an affordable price point.

Sets consist of 3 to 4 bundles that allow you to have a full look. You can generally purchase a full set for somewhere in the $200 range. If you buy hair bundles individually instead of in a  set you can expect a single bundle to cost around half of an overall set price.

Remy hair is pretty easy to get your hands on. You can easily purchase remy hair at beauty supplies and even online shops. Purchasing online oftentimes allows you to save additional money as they offer coupon codes and additional discounts for shopping online.

Pros and Cons of Purchasing Remy Hair

Remy hair has its pros and cons just like anything else. Let’s take a look at what makes remy hair so worth it, or not, depending on your liking.


  • Longevity – Since the hair is on the healthier side, this makes the hair quite durable. The fact that the cuticles all go in the same direction also helps with styling. Easier styling once again helps with how long you can keep the hair.
  • Texture – Since the hair comes from one place, the hair is the same throughout. This allows styling to be quite easy and the overall look to be natural. Since the hair is slightly processed, the hair is sealed allowing the texture to stay at its peak for a good amount of time.
  • Blending – Due to the fact that the hair is all facing the same way, this is ideal for blending. This allows the bundles of hair to lay flat against your natural hair causing a seamless look. 


  • Upkeep – It’s recommended that the hair is taken care of just like your natural hair. This includes trimming the hair regularly and conditioning the hair to keep the hair moisturized. This also ensures that the hair lasts longer since it’s taken care of better.
  • Suppliers – If not cautious, you may find suppliers trying to scam you. They may advertise hair one way and then provide products that are completely different. This is one reason why it’s important to know what remy hair consists of so you can inspect the hair strands.

Common Misconceptions 

Many people think that remy hair is too expensive and not worth the price tag. This may have been true in past times but not so much in recent years. Finding affordable hair, even of the highest quality, is a lot easier nowadays.

Shopping online generally allows you to find the best deals. You are likely able to find remy hair for just a subtle price increase to other types of hair. Since remy hair is not as expensive as many have thought, it’s generally worth the purchase considering the quality of hair you receive in return.

Another misconception is that remy hair is hard to deal with. When people hear this often they don’t want to spend money as they don’t think the hair will be easy to manage. Figuring out that remy hair is similar to natural hair allows you to know how to better deal with the hair.

Is it better to purchase remy hair or just virgin hair?

  • Single donor / Texture – Since remy hair comes from all the same place, the texture is consistent throughout allowing the hair to be styled easily. The hair is also all the same length which makes it easier to naturally style.
  • Chemical process – Remy hair can still be processed unlike virgin hair. If virgin hair is processed, it doesn’t qualify as virgin hair anymore. Since remy hair is generally chemically processed that makes the biggest difference between the two.
  • Longevity – While both types of hair are likely to last a long time, remy hair is preserved in a way that makes it last a bit longer. The fact that the cuticles all face the same way helps the hair to tangle less and last longer.

Is remy hair real human hair?

Yes, remy hair is 100% real human hair. It falls under the human hair category just like other hair such as virgin hair. The main difference from remy and other types of hair is the way that the cuticle is faced. 

Remy hair means that all the cuticles of a hair strand are facing the same way. This means remy hair is some of the healthiest hair available on the market and sure to last long. Since the cuticles face the same way this allows for the blending to be ideal.

How long can remy hair last?

Remy hair can last close to a year and even longer if you happen to maintain the hair properly. If you regularly detangle, condition, and wash the unit, you are likely to get the most out of the hair. A general rule of thumb is the better you take care of a hair unit, the longer wear time you can get out of it.

You should treat remy hair just like your natural hair which causes a bit of upkeep. This can be a downside if you don’t like to spend much time on your hair. 

Is remy hair worth it?

Majority of the time, yes the hair is well worth it. You will likely have to spend a little more than you at first expected but this will last to months of wear and healthy hair in the long run. Remy hair also feels amazing so you can expect to get multiple wears out of one wash not to mention a full install.

Since remy hair is so easy to blend this is another area that makes the hair worth it. You can easily style the hair and blend allowing you to not have extra work and make the price seem reasonable.


Remy hair can easily range a couple of hundred dollars. While this may seem quite expensive this will allow you to get a long wear out of the hair.

There are many pros and cons to remy hair just like any other hair type. There are also a good amount of misconceptions but as we talked about, there is no need to worry about those concerns.

More often than not, remy hair is worth the price and is sure to last you a long time making the investment worth it.


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