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How Much is Synthetic Braiding Hair

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Last Updated: June 20, 2022

Synthetic braiding hair adds length and volume to your hairstyle, which is a nice way to switch up your look! However, it is important to prepare for the total cost, including the braiding hair. This article will break down how much synthetic braiding hair costs.

How much is synthetic braiding hair?

There are two main types of synthetic hair you can buy – regular and crochet. Both on average cost between $4-$9 per pack. 

Packs of Hair 

Individual packs of braiding hair are usually $4-$6 per pack. The number of packs you purchase depends on the type of hairstyle you are getting. For example, if you are getting about 32 medium box braids, that will typically need about 4-5 packs of hair.

If you are doing more braids, you will need more packs. Also, the bigger the braids are going to be, the more hair is required. Packs of braiding hair also come in different lengths. There is a standard length which is usually 21’-22’. These will give you medium-length braids, and they are usually $4-$5.[1]

There are also extra long lengths which are usually 58’-60’. These will give you braids almost touching your butt to waist-length, and they cost more per pack. Braiding hair packs come in different colors which may vary in price. Instead of buying several individual packs, some companies sell braiding hair in 3 or 4 packs, which could save you money. 

Pre-braided Hair

There are also crochet braids, where the individual artificial braids are already braided. Crochet braids save a lot of time and labor and are easy to apply, especially for those who have shorter natural hair. 

Due to the hair being pre-braided, it is also more costly. One pack of crochet braids is about $7-$9 per pack. To achieve a whole head of braids with a fuller look, you may need 5-6 packs. You may also need to purchase a crochet hook for hair to apply the braids, which costs about $4-$5. 

Where can I buy synthetic braiding hair?

Synthetic braiding hair can be purchased on plenty of online stores and are also in beauty supply stores. Purchasing online can seem risky and untrustworthy depending on personal experience. 

However, there are plenty of great online hair stores that have a proven track record of providing exactly what the customer wanted. Purchasing hair from a beauty supply may be a bit more expensive than purchasing online. However, if you are trying to match your hair color with the synthetic hair best, going to a beauty supply store may be best. 

How much should I pay for box braids?

There are a number of factors that go into the final amount. Some stylists travel to your place, which more often adds additional costs. Other factors are the size and the intricacy of the braids. The size matters because of the time it may take to complete and also the hair needed to complete the style.

The intricacy may increase the degree of difficulty for the stylist and also add additional time, which some stylists do charge per hour. Furthermore, when taking all variables into account the prices may be different depending on the style, the stylists, and how they may operate. Box braids can range from anywhere between about $75-$450.

How long do braids last?

The longevity of braids always depends on the style and how well they are being maintained. Some styles are a lot easier to take care of than styles that are more intricate. In addition, it is often that styles with fewer braids will have a shorter lifespan than styles with more braids. 

Lifestyle is another factor in the longevity of your braids. If you’re someone that sweats a lot, or plans on going swimming, your braids may not last as long. However, braids can last anywhere between two to eight weeks.

The Final Word

The cost of synthetic hair really depends on you and what look you are trying to achieve. There are different ways you can work with your budget and still end up with a really great style!


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