How to Get Free Wigs Sent to You

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There aren’t many people who would not want a free wig, especially because wigs can get a little pricey. It is easier than you think! Today we’ll talk about the different ways you can get free wigs sent to you because it is entirely possible.  

While some of these methods will allow you to get a wig completely free of charge, other methods will allow you to try out a wig for free, prior to any purchase. 

5 Ways to Get Free Wigs Sent To You

There are several ways to get free wigs sent to you, and some are very simple!

#1 Surveys

Some companies will send out free wigs to people who complete their surveys.

To qualify for a chance to win, you will usually be required to give your opinion about the beauty products or services they offer.

Although filling out a survey will not guarantee that you will 100% receive a free wig, it is worth a try.

But how do you find these surveys?

One way is to sign up for newsletters or social media pages created by the companies that make your favorite beauty products. For example, if you are a fan of Beauty Forever, a company that makes hair extensions, it is worth visiting their website or social media pages to see whether they have any promotions. Doing this will ensure that you don’t miss out if they are giving away free wigs.

A more direct approach may be to google ‘free wigs’ or ‘free wigs surveys’ to find any other offers that you may not have heard about. You would be surprised how many offers you can find.

#2 Free Trials 

Signing up for a free trial is another way to get a free wig sent to you. 

The companies that offer free trials will usually include wigs and other products as well. You can join as many companies as you like and test their wigs out for free before you commit to buying anything. This helps to ensure that you do not spend any money on a wig that may not be suitable for you.

For example, websites such as UniWigs allow you to try out a wig in exchange for an honest review. 

#3 Charitable Donations 

Some charitable or non-profit organizations donate wigs to those that have experienced hair loss due to a medical condition, such as cancer or alopecia.

Donated wigs are usually from non-profit organizations that support research, or bring awareness to these medical conditions. 

To receive a free wig, visit the relevant charity websites and fill out an application or contact form on their website. The exact process may differ depending on the organization in question.

Some charities offering free wigs include Wigs for Wishes, Wigs for Kids, American Cancer Society, and others. 

#4 Social Media Influencer

Another way to get free wigs sent to you is to start a social media channel. However, this method does not start with you getting free wigs. Companies will send merchandise to people with a large following as a way or cheaper advertisement for their products. 

The first step is to create a social media account and post regular content to grow your following.

If you already have a large following on platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, or Tik Tok, among others, one way to get a free wig is to reach out to hair and beauty charities and let them know you are interested in promoting their brand on one of your videos, in exchange for free hair. 

You are much more likely to receive a free wig if your content is mainly about hair and beauty. When you are first starting off with a hair channel, you may have to start by buying your own wigs, styling, and reviewing them. Consider creating short videos on how you install and style your wigs, take pictures of you wearing wigs, and other beauty content. Once you have generated a substantial amount of views and subscribers, companies may reach out to you to send you free products. 

Check out this video on getting free wigs:

#5 Contact Your Insurance Company

Your health insurance company may pay for wigs if you have a medical condition that causes hair loss. We are not in full control of hair loss and it is understandable.

Hair loss can be genetic, but there are also medical conditions and procedures that can cause hair loss. However, you will need medical clearance or eligibility to qualify for a wig, and this can vary depending on your circumstances. 

Get in touch with your insurance company to find out whether you qualify.

Can Used Wigs Be Donated?

Some people do not have the means to buy a wig, and donation is their only option. For those who regularly buy wigs, or just want to help someone who doesn’t have one, a wig donation is an option. Lightly used wigs or new wigs can be donated. 

Organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Ebeauty.com, and The Wig Exchange, among other companies all accept donated wigs. 

To donate a wig, you will usually need to use a specific delivery method, which depends on the organization you are donating to. It is also possible to receive a tax deduction for the donation.

One helpful resource is wigs.com, which lists several organizations that accept wigs. It also provides detailed instructions on how to donate the wigs.


Getting a free wig may not always be a super quick process, or even easy, but it is possible and definitely worth it. All you need to do to get started is make a request to the relevant organizations by following the steps above.


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