How to Keep Your Weave Silky

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Last Updated: August 11, 2022

We all want our weave to keep looking like the first day we bought it, so how do we keep it looking silky and gorgeous? Good news, we have the answers!

How to Keep Your Weave Silky

1. Wash it Regularly 

Dirt, grease, and product buildup all contribute to a weave looking dull and brittle. In order to continuously remove the filth, be sure to wash your weave regularly. Once every two weeks is a good amount to shampoo the wig. 

You don’t want to shampoo the weave too often, however, because that will strip the hair of necessary moisture and leave your hair dry. If you find that you want to wash your hair more than once every two weeks, a good option is to co-wash it. 

The method of co-washing is simply using a conditioner to clean your hair. Shampoos are great for the day that you want to do a deep clean, but co-washing is great for removing product buildup and dirt that comes from everyday wear. 

Co-washing will not only re-moisturize your hair but also cleanse your hair and scalp enough to hold you over for the next wash day. You should co-wash as needed, but not every day because you risk pulling the hair out from too much manipulation. 

2. Condition and Deep Condition 

You should always condition the hair to replenish the moisture in the hair after shampooing. A good conditioner will revitalize the weave and nourish it again. Good conditioners are free from sulfates and parabens – which damage the hair over time. 

Letting the conditioner sit on the hair for a while will also help it to penetrate the hair and leave it silky when it dries. The longer you leave a conditioner on the better. Use something that traps heat to put over your hair while you let the conditioner sit – like a plastic bag or plastic cap. 

The heat will help the conditioner to penetrate the follicles. You could also use a deep conditioner if you have really dry or brittle hair, and let that sit for at least an hour. Letting a conditioner sit overnight will give you the best results. 

3. Protect at Night 

Protecting your weave while you sleep is not only more comfortable, but it helps the hair retain moisture. Wearing a silk bonnet or scarf is best for sleeping because it is soft and slippery and will not cause friction when you move your hair against it. 

If you sleep with your hair exposed to your pillowcase,  the pillow can absorb the moisture that you imparted during the day – causing it to become dry and dull. Even though you can get a satin pillowcase to solve this issue, a bonnet or scarf will lock in any moisturizer you have placed in it. 

Night time is a good time to take advantage of what you can do for your hair because it is a time when you are the stillest. Applying oils and leave-in conditioners is great to do at night, in order to keep your hair moisturized throughout the night so it is fresh and silky in the morning. 

4. Heat Protectant  

Heat protectants are very important for keeping your hair’s shine and silkiness. It is best to limit the amount of heat you use on your weave – ideally not use heat at all – but if you do, use a product that creates a protective barrier between the hair and the heat.

Oils are natural heat protectants because they can withstand high temperatures and impart moisture to the hair. Argan oil and coconut oil are some of the best natural heat protectors – but you don’t want to use too much or your hair will smoke.

I like argan oil the best because it is very lightweight and promotes a silky texture because it doesn’t weigh the hair down. Deep conditioning your hair will also help it to retain moisture during the heating process. Use a heat protectant before you use any heating technique – such as blow-drying and straightening. 

5. Lightly Style 

Using a bunch of products on your weave is just going to make it dull and droopy. In order for your weave to be silky, you need it to stay light and shiny. It is best to use very little product on your weave so that it maintains the texture you bought it with.

If you do use products on your weave, be sure that they are also moisturizing so that they minimize damage to the hair. Also, be sure not to run your fingers through the hair during the day because you can transfer the dirt and oils on your hand onto the hair. 

How do I keep my weave from frizzing?

A good way to keep your weave from frizzing is to keep it moisturized. Good moisturizers are leave-in conditioners and oils. You can use oils as heat protectants before you use styling tools so that your hair comes out silky and straight – instead of frizzy and dull. Great moisturizing oils for hair are grapeseed oil and argan oil – because they are light and won’t cause droopy hair.

Why do weaves itch?

Most people don’t take the extra time it requires to properly wash out all of the product, sweat, and dirt buildup on the scalp and natural hair. As a result of not washing properly, the scalp will start to get irritated from matting, bumps, rashes, dandruff, and other factors. Not drying thoroughly can also cause the scalp to itch. Additionally, the tightness of the braids underneath the weave or the tightness of the sew-in can cause the scalp to be irritated – creating the urge to scratch. 

How do I protect my weave while working out?

You can protect your weave while working out by putting it into a bun or ponytail so that the hair isn’t absorbing the sweat from your neck and forehead. You can also wrap your hair in a silk scarf or durag so that it absorbs the sweat as you are working out. 

The Final Word

Treating your weave right is the key to it looking its best. Consistency is key, so set up a routine and enjoy the results!


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