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How To Make Your Hair Fluffy

Published By: Kennedy

Last Updated: February 10, 2022

Sometimes our hair can get weighed down by all the cares of the world, but the good news is it doesn’t have to stay that way! This article will help you find ways to make your hair go from droopy to super fluffy. 

What is fluffy hair?

Fluffiness for hair implies that the hair is soft with a lot of volume. It also means that the hair has a lot of bounce and stands up. There are many ways to make your hair fluffy, whether you have straight or curly hair.

Hair being fluffy is not the same as hair being frizzy. Frizziness implies that the hair is not soft or uniform, and is more brittle. When hair is fluffy, it has been nicely moisturized and styled.  

How to Make Your Hair Fluffy

There are several ways to perk up those limp locks. Here are 9 effective tips on how to beautifully fluff up your hair.

1. Blow Dry 

One of the best ways to make your hair fluffier is to blow dry your hair. Blow drying increases volume while separating the strands. Brushing the hair while combing it will definitely make it expand, giving you a light and fluffy look. 

Also, blow-drying your hair upside down will help lift your roots off of your scalp, which gives it even more volume. Blow drying your hair before you style it can increase that style’s fluffiness, including a braid out or twist out. 

2. Curl Cream

Curl creams are great for those with curly hair, even those without, to increase fluffiness. Curls automatically create a fluffy look for hair, so to enhance curls is to enhance fluffiness. Curl creams do a great job of curling hair while leaving it soft when it dries. 

Curl creams are lighter than gels and allow for the hair to have bounce and movement. It is best to apply a curl cream while your hair is wet, this allows for the hair to soak up the product to its maximum capacity. It is also best to let the hair air dry, this prevents any frizziness and promotes fluffiness instead. 

3. Diffuser

A diffuser is like a blow dryer, but it blows air upwards instead of downwards. This allows for your curls to scrunch up so that they will not be flat. Using a diffuser is a great tool to use if you want your hair to be extra fluffy because it adds a lot of volume and helps the hair to perk up. 

Even if you do not have curly hair, you can still use a diffuser to add volume to the hair. A diffuser helps to form waviness in the hair, which can also make it look fluffy. 

4. Layers

When you cut your hair into layers, your hair will sit on top of itself, which will give it an automatic fluff factor. The shorter you cut your hair, the more fluffy it can be. The optimal length for fluffiness is neck length. 

The best way to ensure you are creating a lot of volume in your cut is to go to a professional and explain that you want to achieve more volume.

5. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a product that absorbs oils and sweat from your hair. Unlike wet shampoo, dry shampoo does not need to be washed out of your hair. Many people like to use it to get rid of sweat on their scalp after a workout or on a hot day. The sweat that your scalp produces can cause buildup and greasiness sometimes, especially for people with Type 1 hair. 

Due to always washing or blow drying your hair constantly being time consuming and unhealthy, dry shampoo helps limit the amount of times you need to wash. However, dry shampoo is not a replacement for washing, as it only disguises the grease and doesn’t clean. 

6. Twist outs

Twist outs are a great way to increase fluffiness for curly hair. A twist out is the process of forming two-started twists all over the head while the hair is damp, and taking them out after they have dried. When the twists dry out, they form big fluffy ringlets that have a lot of volume as they are separated. 

A twist out needs to be done while the hair is moisturized. Moisturizers help to define the curls which help them wrap around each other and keep the twist in place. 

7. Moisturize

Keeping your hair as moisturized as possible will help it naturally fluff up. When moisturized hair dries, it becomes very soft. One great way to keep your hair moisturized is to deep condition. Deep conditioners impart extra moisture into the hair that will last throughout the week. 

Deep conditioners work best with heat. After applying a deep conditioner, it is best to cover the hair with a shower cap and let it sit on your head for at least an hour. When the shower cap is on your head, it will create a steamy effect inside and help the deep conditioner penetrate the hair shaft. 

Other great moisturizers for hair are leave-in conditioners, oils, and natural ingredients such as avocados and bananas. There are different recipes you can follow to make all-natural hair masks which work great to soften and impart moisture into your hair. 

8. Lift Roots

Although they are the most hidden part of your hair, your roots play an important role in determining the volume of your style. Many times, if you are not intentional about your roots, they tend to lay flat against your scalp – which can pull the rest of your hair down. If you have straight hair, one thing you can do is tease your hair at the roots so it can stand up more.

If you have curly hair, applying curly products to the roots and scrunching them with your hand will help them to curl against the scalp. When the roots are lifted on the scalp, it helps the curls to lift and look even more fluffy. Using a diffuser can also help to lift your roots, because the air blows directly on the scalp. 

9. Air Dry

Air drying has many benefits. Usually, we want to get the drying process over as quickly as possible, but using dryers usually limits how fluffy your hair can be. Air drying retains the moisture in your hair. 

Dryers remove the moisture from your hair, which causes it to quickly become frizzy. Air drying retains the hair’s moisture, which does not leave it frizzy. When you air-dry your hair, you essentially leave it alone to plump up and expand the way it naturally would. Air drying will definitely increase fluffiness. 

What era did fluffy hair come into style?

Big fluffy hair became popular in the 1980s. People with straight hair would do many things to make their hair big and curly. When Princess Diana came to the scene, her cropped and voluminous hairstyle also became popular among many women in the 1980’s, which lead to a vast amount of people cutting their hair into layers to become more fluffy. 

Can your hair be naturally fluffy?

Fluffy hair is achieved by styling and hair care, but hair can be naturally poofy. Poofy hair is usually curly hair, which has natural volume. Usually, when hair is poofy, it is not smooth and shiny but frizzy. Fluffy hair is not frizzy because of the style techniques used to achieve it. 

The Final Word

You don’t have to settle for floppy hair. After you have given your hair some attention, you can definitely achieve the fluffiness you want. 


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