How to Put In Tape in Extensions

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Last Updated: October 5, 2022

Tape-in extensions are popular among people who want to add a little extra to their natural hair instead of completely covering it up. This article will show you how to put them in and what you need to know. 

How to Put In Tape-in Extensions

#1. Wash the hair – You’ll need to make sure that your hair is fully washed before you install the tape-in extensions. The tape-in extensions stick better to the hair when it is clean. A clarifying shampoo gives the best cleaning power because it strips the hair of dirt and grease better than a regular shampoo. 

After you wash the hair, you will need to make sure it dries completely before applying the tape-ins. If the hair is not completely dry, you run the risk of them not sticking properly. If you are wearing straight tape-ins, and your hair is curly, you will need to blow-dry and then straighten the hair first.

#2. Part the Hair – When preparing for tape-ins, make sure you are starting from the bottom and working your way up. Part a horizontal section at the bottom of the head and tie up the rest of the hair. You will repeat this process as you go up as well. 

#3. Apply – Take a thin piece of hair and place a tape-in under or over it. You want it to be close to the roots, but not too close to the scalp because you risk damaging the hair and it would be uncomfortable. After putting a tape-in under the hair, place on the top right above (or below) that tape in so that they are sandwiched together. This process should be done throughout the head until you get to the top.[1]

Applying tape-ins on the crown depends on where you are going to part your hair. If you are parting in the middle, you will apply the tape-ins on either side of the part. You just want to apply the tape-ins in a way that isn’t noticeable when you put your hair up.  

What to Avoid With Tape in Extensions 

When applying and wearing tape-in extensions there are a few things you will need to avoid to get the most out of your experience. 

  • Putting oils in your hair – Oils can make the extensions slip out. Not only do you run the risk of the extensions slipping out, but also hair being pulled out by the extensions as they slowly come off. Make sure you are checking to see if your hair products are oil-free as well so that you are not using oil without being aware of it. 
  • Washing your hair all the time – You want to avoid the chances of your extensions falling out. Adding water now and then will not make your extensions fall out, but soaking them in water frequently will cause them to wear out sooner. Washing once a week is a good amount of time. If your hair is very oily, then once every few days is fine, but not every day. Consider using dry shampoo for the days you want a fresher feel before your wash day. 
  • Pulling on the extensions a lot – It’s great to have all of that extra hair to work with, but use caution. The tape is very sticky and close to the roots, so try not to style your hair in really tight hairstyles or tug on it every day. Be gentle while your extensions are in so that you avoid damage. 

How Do You Sleep With Tape-in Extensions?

While you are sleeping, you’ll need to make sure that your extensions are not going to tangle and become a problem for you in the morning. One way to avoid tangling is to braid the hair before you go to bed. You can do one braid or two braids on either side. You should also cover your hair with a silk or satin scarf. Braiding will cause the hair to have waves in the morning, if you don’t want that effect, then wrap your hair around your head and apply a scarf instead. 

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Why Is My Hair So Thin After Using Tape in Extensions?

No matter how many extensions you are adding to your hair, remember that it is going to add extra weight to the scalp and strain the roots. You can experience hair loss from adding too many extensions and see the effects over time. You can also experience hair loss from improper removal of the extensions. It is crucial to take your time with the removal process, to ensure that none of the tapes from the extension is sticking to the hair as you are taking it out. 

Can I Wear a Ponytail With Tape-in Hair Extensions?

You can wear a ponytail with tape-in extensions. You may have to experiment with where to place the extensions as you go, to make sure they won’t be visible when styling a ponytail, but they shouldn’t be too hard to conceal. With tape-in extensions, you can do a high or low ponytail, even buns, and it still looks like natural hair. Ponytails do add extra pulling and tugging to the roots so just be careful not to do it too tight or often. 

The Final Word

Tape-in extensions are great for anyone who wants to add length or volume to their hair in a very natural-looking way. They are easy to use and safe as long as you are careful!

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