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How to Sell Hair Bundles

Published By: Kennedy

Last Updated: November 11, 2021

Selling hair bundles is a great idea because hair consumers have a consistent demand for hair. However, it can be a little confusing on how to actually start selling hair. 

One of the main worries revolves around getting the hair. However, it is not as difficult as you may think. Many people are successfully selling hair bundles online, and there are ways to increase those chances of success.

How to Sell Hair Bundles

Thinking of selling hair bundles? Here’s a good way to start:

#1 Choose between Inventory or Dropshipping

Before you embark on your hair selling journey, you want to know if you are going to sell the hair out of inventory or using the dropshipping method. 

Inventory means that you buy large quantities of your product, and then sell them. You will have to have a place to store your products and have all the money needed upfront. Also with inventory, you have to ship the product yourself or give it to the person yourself when a purchase is made. 

One way you can build your inventory is going straight to the manufacturers yourself. This will help you build relationships with your suppliers, which will help you to have a consistent supply of what you need. 

With dropshipping, you don’t have to buy the products you want to sell all at once, you buy from a dropshipping company as people order. You also do not have to ship the product yourself, the dropshipping company carries the product and ships it as people order. [1]

The only thing you have to do with dropshipping is pay for the product and pay the fees made by the dropshipping company.

Even though dropshipping does not require a lot of money upfront like inventory does, it can become more expensive overtime because of the percentage that you would have to pay the dropshipping company. A good dropshipping company for hair is Shopify, through the Dropship Beauty app.

#2 Create a Social Media Account

After you have decided how you are going to have access to your products then you need to create a social media for your business. 

Social media has become increasingly important over the years, and people not only want to see the products displayed, but make comments on them. Instagram and Facebook are the most popular social media platforms for hair and beauty. 

Not only can you post your bundles on these platforms, but you can make videos actually styling the hair to show people what they can do with your product. 

When you make social media accounts, you want to make sure that you make business accounts. When you make a business account on social media, people see your brand name, contact information, and link to your website.

The most important task with using social media for your business is staying active. You should post something at least once a day. 

Instagram, for example, has a feature that displays content for only 24 hours in addition to regular posts that stay on your page indefinitely. This is a good feature to use, because people can become reminded of your business each day without you having to put too much clutter on your page.  

YouTube is also a good way to engage with customers about your product. 

Making YouTube videos about the quality of the hair, or what kind of hair you are selling will increase your chances of making a sale. Also, informational videos about different styling techniques will give you more credibility with the customer, increasing the likelihood that they will share the videos with another person in addition to purchasing the hair from you.

Creative content is best when posting online. There are many videos and pictures on the internet, so you want to know what makes your product different than the rest and make sure that it is visible on your accounts.  You also want to make your content memorable, so that you are consistently making sales.

#3 Create a Website 

Social media is a great way to encourage people to visit your website. Today’s age is moving into a digital direction, so the best way to sell your hair bundles is to sell online. [2]

You want to find a host site you can register your domain name with, and then add an ecommerce section to the site. Good host sites are WordPress, Hostgator, and BlueHost. 

Whether you utilize inventory or dropshipping, you need to add an ecommerce section to your site. The plugins that are needed for the ecommerce section should be available within the website platform you are using. It is through these plugins that people can buy your products. 

Having a website gives your business credibility. Many people find themselves automatically searching for a website when they hear about a product or service, so you want to make sure you are not out of the ordinary. 

The website should be clean and simple, and easy to maneuver around. The website should  also have many pictures of the hair, including how it can be styled. The more visual your website is, the more it entices people to buy.

A website is also good to have for blogging. It has been proven that companies that have a blog included in their website make more sales. People like to know as much as they can about a product before they buy it, it gives them assurance that they are spending on something that is good quality.

For hair bundles, you can write about the quality of the hair, where the hair comes from, or anything else having to do with hair! The topics that you include on your blog do not have to be very limited, but each blog post should be at least 1000 words each. 

#4  Market and Advertise your Product

Marketing your product will bring in the most sales. Many people experience good sales in the beginning of releasing their product, but then a steep decline as time goes on. Why? It is because they stop talking about their product! 

There are many consumers of hair, which makes it easier to market. Email marketing is a great way to remind your customers on why they need to keep buying your hair. Things to include in your emails are: deals, styling tips, new product alerts, and different product options. You want to create a professional email account that includes your business’ name. 

Also, SMS messaging is becoming increasingly popular. 

When people get a text message, the content of that message seems more personal. Text messaging is an effective way to remind your customers of what you have to offer. However, you should only do text messaging with returning customers, because they will be more receptive of receiving that kind of information in their personal messages. 

Using social media is also key to advertising your product, especially in the form of feedback. When people comment well about your product on social media, it is similar to word of mouth. One of the main drivers of making a purchase is hearing other people speak well of the product. If people buy your product, encourage them to write a review afterwards.  

You want to target a specific group of people -whether they be professionals, moms, people who go out often, etc. There needs to be a specific target audience for your product to ensure that you can build on those marketing strategies better than the average person. [3]

#5 Quality Control

It is important that you check the hair quality of the hair you are selling. Some suppliers may start to take advantage of you and cut corners. 

You need to make sure you are getting good quality hair before you are selling it to other people. When your buyers see that the hair they are getting from you is good quality, they will continue to buy from you. 

A bad review on social media can really take a hit on your business, so you want to make sure any issues are rectified as soon as possible. 

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The Final Word

The success of selling hair is really on you! There are lots of resources out there, especially digitally, that can make things easier for you to manage.

There is always a high demand for hair, so knowing who to target and what tools to use is all you really need. 


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