How to Take a Quick Weave Out

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Last Updated: August 11, 2022

Quick weaves are a great style to try if you’re short on either time or money. This affordable option takes little to no time, plus it can be installed at home without the help of a professional.

While this is the case, quick weaves don’t last that long. They need to be taken out after just a few weeks. Let’s take a look at how to properly remove a quick weave without damaging your hair.

How to Take a Quick Weave Out

The first thing you want to do when taking out a quick weave is to section off your leave-out. This will allow you to avoid any unnecessary tension or pulling on hair since it likely doesn’t have any glue on it.

After you have this hair secured back, you can get started on the removing process. Take a hair bonding remover and apply it at the base of the extension where the weft is attached.

It’s usually best if the weft is drenched in the remover to ensure it’s fully saturated. The hair should start to fall off after a bit of manipulation. You can then go rinse with warm water and some conditioner to remove any of the excess glue.

Ensuring the hair is as saturated as possible with either the bonding remover or conditioner will leave you with the best results. Wash and condition as usual and you should return to your natural hair. 

Products Needed

  • Hair Bond Remover – This is the safest product to use when removing a quick weave as it’s designed specifically for this purpose. It breaks down the glue and allows the weave to easily detach.
  • Conditioner – Conditioner helps the weave to slip out of the hair and works great after you’ve used the bond remover to get the excess glue out. If you happen to not have the remover, the conditioner can be used as an alternative. 
  • Warm Water – This can help break down the glue and pairs perfectly with the conditioner to help with added slip. 

How long do quick weaves stay in?

The longest you would want to leave a quick weave in would be for about a month. The reason you don’t want to go any longer than a month is to protect your natural hair and your scalp. When you have a quick weave in, there is no way to access your scalp and it can grow quite dry leaving it with little to no protection. Even if the quick weave physically looks okay, after a maximum of one month, you’ll want to take it out. You can then decide if you want to reinstall.  

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How to get quick weave glue out of your hair?

Hair bond remover is the best way to remove quick weave glue out of your hair. While it’s advised that you don’t directly apply glue to your hair, this product is the best way to go if it happens. It will break down the adhesive and allow the weave to slip out of your hair without causing any damage. Using warm water and conditioner will also help the weave to slide out without causing any tension on your natural hair.

The Bottomline

Just as quick weaves are easy to install, they’re just as easy to take out. Just ensure you have the right products and you’re patient. 

Don’t rush the removal process and you’re sure to end up with damage-free, natural hair. 


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