How we test

Our goal is to give our readers a peace of mind when shopping for hair. In order to give you full confidence, we are offering a breakdown of how our reviews work. As a result we hope to gain your trust and understanding.

What is our plan of action when writing a review?

What is our plan of action when writing a review?

It’s first important to note that the reviews are done by a licensed cosmetologist. This means they have studied the art and science of many beauty treatments and have worked directly with hair. 

Cosmetology is a hands-on trade that improves as you gain more experience. Having an in-depth knowledge of hair allows for the reviews to be more accurate and truly know, from a scientific standpoint, whether the hair is good or not. 

Oftentimes companies are determined to receive a positive review and will do whatever it takes to obtain one. This can mean free products or a payment in exchange for a good word on a certain product.

One key factor about our reviews is the fact that the products are purchased out of pocket. We don’t have companies sending the products for free or sponsoring positive posts. This allows for an unbiased report. 

At Afrolovely we review specific specs in relation to the products as well as the companies they are purchased from. Both the product and store play a big part in whether or not a customer should shop at an establishment.

For the products we review the unit purchased by first investigating the strands, this is what most prospecting customers are interested in. Going over how the hair feels and looks is very important. 

We also take a look at the hairline, density, construction, and cap size. All of these play a vital role in producing the perfect product. We include photos in all of our reviews to give a better understanding.

For the online store it’s important to go over the range of products available. Also noteworthy is the overall store experience, customer support, and delivery time. These can all be a make or break part of a successful company.

Since every customer is not likely to have the same experience, we also review others’ thoughts. This allows us to have a balanced view of the store. 

Review categories


Hair strands

The hair strands are the part of the hair that you see and touch the most, it’s important they are of high quality.

  • How does the hair feel?
  • Does it shed a lot or tangle easy?
  • How does the color come across?


The hairline can be a dead give away as to whether the hair is real or fake. Over the years the hairline of a unit has grown in popularity and importance. Lace units are starting to become standard.

  • How do the knots look?
  • Are there baby hairs?
  • Is the unit pre-plucked?


Usually hair with a higher density means the unit is pricy. This is due to more strands on the unit.

  • Does the density balance out with the length of the hair?
  • Is it worth the price?
  • Is the density consistent throughout or just at the crown of the head?


Having a well constructed unit is desirable as it leads to the longevity of a unit. Definitely something to consider if you want your investment to last.

  • Does the unit have any loose strings or uneven sewing?
  • Do the wefts blend with the closure or frontal?
  • How is the hairline constructed and attached to the unit?

Cap size

The cap size plays a big part in whether the unit will be comfortable. It can also determine how the hair will lay and if the hair will look natural as a result.

  • Are there combs, clips, or elastics installed to alter the size?
  • Are there customizations available?
  • What kind of material is it made from?

The store

Store experience

  • Is the site easy to navigate?
  • Do they provide discount codes?
  • Does the layout make sense?

Range of products

  • What products are highlighted?
  • Do they provide a wide range of colors or hair textures?
  • Are you able to customize units?

Customer support 

  • How often do they check in with customers during the order process?
  • How quick is the response time?
  • How many methods of communication are available?

Delivery times

  • What services does the company use?
  • What is the average delivery time?
  • Any shipping fees?

Others’ thoughts

  • What kind of experience have others had?

At the end of the day everyone will feel differently about a certain product but having a thorough review can be a big help. By breaking down our review methods, we hope you have greater confidence and understanding in our unbiased approach.