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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

I’m Dasia, a cosmetologist who has been in the industry for over 5 years. The more you work with hair, the more you notice that there are some specific areas you start to look at to determine the quality of the hair. How the company portrays itself goes hand in hand with the overall quality of the hair.

The hair I will be reviewing is a relaxed straight extension from the company Indique. To ensure an unbiased review is given, the hair was purchased out of pocket with no alternative sponsoring.


Indique hair provides 100% virgin human hair that is made from the highest quality. Indique was established in 2007 by Ericka Dotson and Krishan Jhalani. They both teamed up to build a loyal clientele and by 2009 were able to operate two boutiques. 

The store was very appealing to look at and the layout was easy to follow. They offered a variety of different collections to pick for that would work for just about anyone. They also did a good job at displaying current promotions and ways to save extra.

Indique specializes in virgin human hair that is of the highest quality, that in itself is a great reason to shop with the brand. They also have a variety of different texture options, up to eight between the different collections. One area of improvement could be the choice of additional customizations on the products sold, since they are so expensive to start with.

The customer support team did contact me but never about my specific order. They contacted me via text to offer deals and promotions that would be going on during the month. Along with phone contact, they also offer an option for email along with a contact form. All of these are useful methods for communication but keep in mind they only operate during the week.

I found the delivery to be quite fast, only 4 business days. This was shorter than the advertised time of 5-7 days. Due to the order being over $200, the shipping was free but there was an option to pay more and receive it earlier. Keep in mind the company doesn/t ship to P.O boxes.

The reviews of indique were on the positive side. Majority of the reviews I found recommended the company because of their high quality in hair. The reviewers boasted about the soft texture of the hair and the ability to experiment with the extensions while maintaining good condition.

What I Like

  • Collections –The company has a variety of different collections, perfect for anyone.
  • Layout –The store was easy to navigate and had a variety of different options.
  • Texture – This specific collection is coarse but the hair feels sturdy as a result.

What I Don’t Like

  • Price –You don’t get a lot of hair for the price you pay.
  • Packaging – The packaging puts into perspective how little hair you receive.
  • Smell – It seems as if they covered the chemical smell with perfume..

Hair Quality


The first impression dealing with this hair was how little you got for the price. The hair was well over $200 for about 4oz of hair. You would need at least double the amount of hair to do a full weave, at minimum. 

The hair also had a strong perfume smell when taken out of the container. It was better than a chemical smell, but still quite strong. You would definitely need to air out and possibly even wash the hair before installing.

The weft was purchased in the texture relaxed straight. It felt very thick and coarse. This specific bounce collection recommends using high heat when styling due to its coarse texture. Oils would also be a good product to use as it would help tame the hair.

The color of the hair was really pretty. It came across as a chocolate brown. A different look as many units are black in color or a really dark shade of brown. This color change didn’t cost any extra which is nice since the hair was already quite expensive.

The company didn’t advertise a specific density but the hair felt thick enough. This could be due to the texture of the hair. You would need an additional 2 bundles to complete a full weave and I think the result would be quite thick as a result.

The bundle was machine wefted meaning the durability is quite high. There has to be enough hair collected that the machine can catch it with a needle and thread. The only problem with this option is oftentimes users find this type of hair to be too heavy to wear long term.

Store Experience 

The site was very appealing to look at, the layout made complete sense and did a good job in accurately highlighting different collections. The site features a blog which shares helpful tips and showcases how to proper;y take care of your extensions.

The site also did a good job in advertising discount codes and deals that would be helpful to a customer. They feature a product of the month along with free shipping. They even contact you via text with additional discounts you may be able to use.

Another benefit of the website is the information they share about the company itself. This helps the customer feel more comfortable shopping with them and builds confidence.They allow for the opportunity to learn about each part of the company.

Range of Products

Indique hair specializes in virgin human hair extensions. They carry everything from weaves, wigs, clip-ins, even braiding hair. Bundles can even be purchased as a set at a discounted deal price.

Within each collection, Indique offers up to 8 different texture options. This is great as it will fit almost anyone’s lifestyle. The collection I shopped from was the Bounce collection and it came with about 4 oz of hair.

The one area of improvement would have to be further customizations and the price tag on items. The wig section of the website had some beautiful units but they were not only costly, they also had no choice to customize. For the amount of money spent, I believe you should be able to alter your desired unit.

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Customer Support 

The company did contact me via text but never about the order itself. All of the texts were about current deals going on throughout the month, nothing related to my specific purchase. While the messages appeared to be auto generated, they still proved to be helpful.

In addition to phone service, they also respond via email and have a dedicated contact form for inquiries. Keep in mind they operate from Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm EST. If you don’t get a reply right away, this may be the reason why.

While the site looks like it has a live chat, they don’t. The support button brings you to the contact form where a representative will get back to you at a later time. Depending how fast you want an answer, this may pose a problem since they are only available at certain hours.

Delivery Time

The product took 4 business days to arrive and the hair was sent via UPS. The type of shipping used was ground shipping and it ended up being free. This method typically takes 5-7 business days so it arrived early.

All products are shipped out from Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to ground delivery they offer 4 more shipping options. The shipping prices range from $15-$55 in addition to the overall cost of the products purchased.

Keep in mind that the company ships through UPS and this carrier does not accept P.O boxes as a deliverable address. If done, the company will contact you to choose an alternative shipping address.

What others are saying

This customer was very happy with the purchase from Indique. They had the hair for 6 months at the time of this review and felt as if it was holding up great. They even had the ability to experiment with the hair, likely color or lighten, and the hair is still in good condition. Overall they recommend this company as a place to shop.

This customer was amazed by the hair. They were impressed specifically with the texture of the bundles. Along with the packaging being top quality as well, they even got a free gift of lashes. Indique is a company this customer recommends for weaves.


Does Indique have any quality guarantee?

Indique offers reinforced bonds along with unique Keratin bonds. The company uses 3 headed shopping machines which allows for little to no shedding and stronger bendles that will not break down easily. Their v-shaped keratin bond also allows for a seamless fusion between the extension and your natural hair.

How long does indique hair last?

This will greatly depend on the user but the company claims over 12 months. They claim the hair will remain manageable, lustrous, and strong. Ensure you properly take care of the extensions fso that you are able to get the longest use out of the hair you paid big bucks for.

What kind of hair does Indique offer?

Indique offers 100% human hair that is also remy. This means the hair is not chemically altered in any way. The hair is also considered to be healthier along with easier to wash and wear. Remy hair has all the cuticles attached which means the hair is less likely to tangle and falls effortlessly.

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Do we recommend it? 

I would not recommend Indique as a place to shop with. While the quality of the hair is quite high, the rest of the specs do not line up. The biggest turn off was the price, by the time you purchase the needed bundles for a full weave, you can buy at least 2 wigs of good quality. 

In addition to the price, the hair had a strong smell and the packaging highlighted how little of the product you are receiving. I’d say invest your money somewhere else that excels in every aspect, not just the overall quality.


A lover of all things beauty related whose been in the industry for about 5 years. While I'd love to say I'm a self-taught prodigy, I'm actually a licensed cosmetologist who has spent countless hours studying hair. I quickly learned sharing valuable information with like-minded individuals allows everyone to make the right choices when dealing with their hair. As a curly girl myself I love to experiment with different styles on a regular basis. While I do have a busy schedule between work, freelancing, and school; I always seem to find time for my hair.

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