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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

I’m Dasia and as someone who has spent many years working with hair. I’ve found there are some things to look for, specifically when shopping for it. The company and overall quality of the hair are two very important aspects to consider.

Keeping this in mind. I will be reviewing the company Kabeilu hair, also known as KBL. The specific product I will be reviewing is one of their transparent straight lace closures. This hair was purchased out of pocket, no incentive in return, and a 100% honest review will be given.


Kabeilu hair, also known as KBL, is a professional human hair supplier. They specialize in providing high quality virgin human hair. The company is dedicated to providing excellent service and this has led to them being in business for nearly 11 years. 

The first look of the online store was not very good in my opinion. The site looked very commercialized and didn’t look put together well. The layout of the store made it a little difficult to navigate and they also didn’t advertise current deals.

The range of products was pretty impressive. They had a wide variety of both hair types and texture. This allows for customers to get a product that accurately suits their needs and desired look. One area they could have improved in was their range of color.

I found the customer service to be extremely helpful. They immediately contacted me once the order was placed to confirm shipping details and products to be shipped out. This was all done via Whatsapp, but the company does have a variety of other methods to get in contact.

The shipping was very fast on this product, only 3 business days. The company sent the unit via FedEx and shipped it out within 24 hours along with a tracking number. If you are ordering for a business, Kabeilu even offers customizations to your package.

The reviews for this company were honestly all over the place. Some customers were very happy while others felt like they got scammed. The specific review that was sceptical of the company felt as if the hair in their promo videos was different than what was used. On the other hand another has been using the company for 3 years.

What I Like

  • Customer service – They checked in right away to confirm the order information.
  • Delivery – The shipping was fast and they offered options to customize your order.
  • Size – The 5×5 area gives you a lot of options when styling.

What I Don’t Like

  • Website – The site looked very commercialized and I found it difficult to navigate.
  • Packaging – The packaging was not appealing at all, they didn’t advertise themselves.
  • Density – The unit was uneven, thicker on one side and thinner on the other.

Hair Quality

Hair Strand 

When first touching the strands of hair, you instantly realize how thick the strands themselves are. The hair feels quite coarse and not smooth to the touch as many units are. Depending on what you like, this closure could still be a good option.

While brushing through the hair you can see the unit doesn’t shed a lot. This is desired as it results in further longevity of the hair.

Due to the texture of the hair being straight, it clearly shows off the color of the unit. The closure appears to be a neutral black with little to no undertones. The shine the hair gave off also gave a very healthy look.


The specific type of lace was not mentioned but the material felt of good quality. It was stretchy which gives you room to manipulate the unit in a way that will best fit you. It was also thick enough to not rip after a few uses.

The unit came with baby hairs which means one less step of customization for the user. This also disused the distinct hairline as the unit doesn’t appear to be pre plucked.

The knots that attach the baby hairs are close to impossible to see. This is desired as it creates a natural look. The hair further back on the unit does contain thicker knots. While they are thick, this could easily be fixed with some bleach.


The description of the unit doesn’t give a specific density. While this is the case, I do believe they could have improved in this area as the unit doesn’t feel thick at all.

One side of the unit is clearly thicker than the other and that poses a big problem. The specific section on the closure that has less hair attached looks like the unit is slightly balding. You can prominently see the uneven placement of hair.

It would have been nice if they did offer the option to customise a density for the closure. Even if this is not feasible, they could have at least made the closure even on both sides to give a more appealing look.

Cap Size 

The closure was purchased in 5×5 which is an average size available. The 5 inch area gives you a great amount of space to work with when styling the hair.

You can easily reach the crown of your head with this unit. This offers you the availability to do a deep part if you want. While I didn’t find this closure to be consistent throughout I would avoid parting it in certain areas, but hopefully that wouldn’t be the case for all units. 

Choosing a closure with a bigger surface of coverage is almost always a great option. The 5×5 was a great choice in my book.

Store Experience 

When first logging onto the store, the overall look is not very appealing. The site looked very commercialized. Aside from that they do a good job in accurately highlighting their products.

The categories are usually displayed across the top screen on most websites. Kabeilu showcases the sections by having a hideaway menu on the side of the screen. This section was quite touchy and popped open every time the mouse skimmed past the area.

The site also didn’t highlight any discount codes which is quite common. I found the prices to be very reasonable so it makes sense they don’t offer additional discounts on their products.

Range of products

The company has at least 4 different types of hair, this means there is an option for anyone. They carry Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, and Malaysian. They also offer up to 8 different textures of hair to choose from.

One thing I noticed was there wasn’t much of a range in color. Majority of the units come in the color 1B which is black. The only other option seems to be blonde and that option is only available if you purchase specific hair.

I feel as if the company could have provided additional options to customize the hair. Since the hair is more affordable, this option could be done with an upcharge. Products that are customized better assist the customer because they have more control of the product.

Customer Support 

The company was very quick with reaching out. As soon as the order was placed they contacted me via Whatsapp. They confirmed the shipping address and they desired products that were to be sent out. 

They have a customer hotline to take care of customer service needs along with Whatsapp numbers and emails. 

The company also offers a live chat, but they weren’t online at the time to get in contact. If you decide to take this option they will respond via the chat, if online. Onthersie, the company will get back to you by contacting you through the email you provided on the live chat form.

Delivery Time

This order was delivered in 3 business days, 5 including the weekends. The order was shipped via the service FedEx. Orders that are in stock typically ship within 24 hours of a payment being complete.

If an order is customized, it may take an additional 3-5 days to complete the shipment of products. The company provides customizations to not only their products but also packaging. They offer design services that can be attached to the packaging.

One area of improvement could be the packaging. The hair was sent in a plastic pouch that didn’t even have any branding on it. Packaging is part of the overall experience any they missed an opportunity to make a good impression.

What others are saying

This customer was happy with the hair received. They felt the overall quality was high and have used the company for about 3 years. The hair had no shedding or tangling.

This customer was not very happy with the hair that they received. They felt the company was a scam and the hair is not worth the high prices. The customer service seemed to avoid all the problems the customer had brought up and even go to the point of stopping communication.


Is Kabeilu a legit company?

Yes, the company is a professional hair supplier that specializes in high quality virgin human hair.  They are based out of China and have been in business for nearly 11 years. Customers have been impressed by the consistency in their quality of hair.

How long does hair from Kabeilu last?

The longevity of the hair depends on how well you take care of it. Keeping this in mind the company points out the hair should last over 1.5 years if handled with care. This is a fairly long time for hair extensions to last, so you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Does Kabeilu have any quality guarantee?

KBL has their hair quality audited by two different companies. They are both a part of the leading global independent test providers who have a history going back 140 years. The company is also a part of the supplier assessment in Alibaba.

Do we recommend it?

Honesty, I’d say skip it. I didn’t find anything majorly wrong with the company but they didn’t seem to put in a lot of effort. Since the unit wasn’t outrageously inexpensive, I’d rather take my money somewhere else.

While the customer service was good, the unit was lacking and the website had no appeal. It didn’t feel like the company cared much about its reputation or products, they just wanted to sell. While KBL isn’t a terrible option, if you have to shop for hair, I’d say go somewhere else.


A lover of all things beauty related whose been in the industry for about 5 years. While I'd love to say I'm a self-taught prodigy, I'm actually a licensed cosmetologist who has spent countless hours studying hair. I quickly learned sharing valuable information with like-minded individuals allows everyone to make the right choices when dealing with their hair. As a curly girl myself I love to experiment with different styles on a regular basis. While I do have a busy schedule between work, freelancing, and school; I always seem to find time for my hair.

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