Mayvenn Hair Review (2023): Quality, Price, Pros & Cons

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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

This is a detailed review of Mayvenn Hair in 2023.

I’m Dasia, a licensed cosmetologist who has worked with hair for over four years. Finding good hair and a reputable company can be a challenge. Mayvenn hair claims to have you covered. 

This e-commerce site is a known American company that deals with wigs, extensions, and bundle packs.

In this article, I will be reviewing Brazilian curly hair bundles from Mayvenn. The hair is a natural black color and 14’’ in length. Keep in mind the hair has been purchased without any incentive.

Overview of Mayvenn Hair Quality

Mayvenn hair was founded in 2013 by Diishan Imira. Diishan expressed that growing up in a stylish setting and not seeing hair products being sold by black stylists was something he wanted to change.

The store has a wonderful selection of 100% virgin human hair, and the overall use of the site is quite easy to navigate. It has hair guides, tips on how to find a stylist, and lots of products. There is even a way to set up payment installments to get the product now and pay later.

While Mayvenn is known for its weaves, they also sell wigs, extensions, and other hair products which come in a variety of textures and colors.

My personal experience with customer support was pleasant. They continually checked in via text to assist, there are also many other options to connect with the company. Though some have complained that if there is something negative to report, they aren’t as helpful.

Mayvenn hair provides free standard shipping on all orders. You are expected to receive the hair in 4-6 business days, but I received the product in just 3 days! If you choose to expedite products, you can expect to pay upwards of $40 extra in shipping to receive them in a day.

The reviews for this company were all across the board, some love it, and some hate it. Keep in mind the benefit of doing proper research, and be aware of the exchange and return policy. 

In this case, for the Brazilian curly hair bundle set, the bundles were great but the closure could be improved. This wouldn’t be my go-to e-commerce store but if you’re in a time crunch, it will do.

What I Like

  • Exchange policy – Even if the hair has been altered in any way, if notified within 30 days an exchange can be completed.
  • Selection – Their hair is 100% virgin hair, available in 8 different textures and 5 colors.
  • Certified stylists – The company has chosen industry leading stylists to ensure your hair is properly installed.

What I Don’t Like

  • The Packaging – The hair comes in little bags that feel quite cheap.
  • Affordability – Claim to be affordable but their prices are pretty standard in comparison.
  • Company morals – The reviews on the official site are extremely positive, but if you do extra searching, customers aren’t as satisfied.

Product Quality


I was pleasantly surprised by the bundles. The brand had a high name to live up to and the extensions did just that. The hair was double-wefted and thick, which means they are likely to last longer, making them a good investment. 

The curl pattern and color were both beautiful. The curls instantly bounced back to their original shape when pulled straight. This gives you a good way to determine that even when worn multiple times, the pattern will remain. 

The hair strands themself were soft and silky, you could instantly feel them as you run your fingers down the hair strand. This makes the hair easier to work with when styling. It also allows for the hair to be manipulated in more ways since it’s starting off so healthy.

The hair had subtle fraying at the base of the extensions. However, the fact that the hair was double-wefted made up for this. It allowed for a thicker base and distracted you from the shorter pieces of hair throughout. The fraying wasn’t bad enough to criticize, but it’s worth mentioning.

Another thing to note is that there was a slightly unpleasant odor when you opened the hair. Once the hair had been outside of the package for a while, it went away. You may want to ensure it’s properly aired out before a complete installation.


The closure was also very rich in color. While the hair was purchased in natural black, the hair has subtle hints of browns and even reddish strands woven in. This makes the hair look more natural as opposed to one distinct color throughout.

Hair Strand 

The curl pattern of the closure was beautiful, it perfectly matched the bundles. It had consistent curls throughout the entire hair stand that retained their original shape.

The hair didn’t have any fraying at the base as the bundles did. This was most likely due to the way the hair was attached.


The hair was relatively thin, so you could clearly see the knots where the hair strands were attached. This unit would blend well with the hairline because of the lace, but it may give off a balding look due to the lack of hair. 

In order for the hair to look natural, you would need to do a lot of customization, and for the price, I expected a lot more. Having less hair makes it difficult to work with because you can always remove extra hair, but you can’t add more hair.

When the hair is too thick, you can pluck strands out with a tweezer to remove the bulk. If you do this, you would have to use a darker cosmetic and apply it to the scalp to make the base look thicker.


Sadly, I was not impressed by the density of the closure at all! The hair was extremely thin and had a very low density. You could see too much of the lace, and it would look too sparse if installed.

The company didn’t allow you to choose a specific density which would have been a great option for this unit. Most units that aren’t density specific are around 120% and this unit seemed even less than this. The amount of lace showing looked unnatural.

The only way I could see making this work is by separating the curls to create more volume. The problem with doing this is you would start to lose the curl pattern. I don’t feel as if the quality of the closure matched the bundles.


The company didn’t allow you to choose a specific size for the closure. Even If they did, it more than likely wouldn’t have helped the overall look.

The company needs to increase the number of strands attached to the closure instead of focusing on the overall size of the unit. The site also didn’t share the exact size of the closure and states it’s made from standard lace.

For the price, I would have expected a few upgrades in lace material and a more elaborate description of the product.

Store Experience 

The store itself is easy to navigate. It easily allows you to search for products and book an install. It also has comprehensive guides for both beginners and experts. They cover how to correctly pick, care for, and style your hair.

Another big plus of this store is the highlighting of their quality guarantee. They offer risk-free exchanges and easy returns. Buy your hair with added peace of mind. 

Mayvenn also works with quadpay. This service allows you to make four interest-free payments on your product. You are able to receive your product right away but pay over the span of sixteen weeks.

Range of Products

Mayvenn is most known for its bundle sets, but they also provide a great range of products. The hair comes in Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, and Malaysian packs. Textures include straight, yaki straight, kinky straight, loose wave, deep wave, curly, body wave, and water wave hair.

The sets are typically paired with either closure or frontal to complete the look. Other types of products include wigs and both clip-in and tape-in extensions. All Mayvenn hair is made with thin wefts that blend seamlessly with your hair. 

All of their products are 100% virgin hair. This means the hair is of high quality and can be worn for multiple installs. If you are ready to make an investment, Mayvenn hair is a great place to start.

Customer Support 

The customer support provided was a big highlight of ordering from this company. As soon as the order was processed, they got in contact via text message to follow up.

The product came with a free installation service and they followed up by making an appointment promptly. Their representatives swiftly worked to find a suitable stylist. Along with text messages, they also had the option to call or email the company for any additional support.

The website is even equipped with a help center to answer any questions you may have. This center provides general information as well as shipping, return, and exchange support. 

Mayvenn makes sure you are taken care of greatly. There have been some reviews found that highlight customer service is great until you have a problem. Keep this in mind when ordering, you don’t want to get stuck with hair you don’t like.

Delivery Time

Mayvenn offers free shipping on all orders and states to deliver in 4-6 business days. 

If the order is made before 10 am PST, the order will be shipped the same day, otherwise, it will be sent the following business day. 

If this doesn’t fit your desired time frame, they offer three additional options: priority, express, and overnight. Priority shipping is provided by USPS averaging 2-4 days for $2.99.

Express and overnight are both done by FedEx. Express shipping is expected to take 1-2 business days for $20, and overnight for $40. Neither of these services ships on the weekend.

What Others are Saying

This customer previously had a very pleasant experience with Mayvenn hair. However, things have now changed and she highlighted that the hair she received as a replacement was not of the same quality.

She explained the difficulty in leaving her thoughts on the official website and was not the only reviewer to come across this obstacle. Her review serves as a great reminder to do thorough research on products and the morals of the company before purchasing. 

She was not the first person to comment on the low quality of the hair. The reviewer highlighted that she was sent the wrong product and did not receive the free installation voucher. Mayvenn also failed to honor the return policy, although this could be due to the fact that the hair had been altered in some way but returned after 30 days.


Is Mayvenn Hair Black-Owned?

Yes! Mayvenn is actually the largest black-owned hair extension company in the United States. The founder and CEO of the company started the business specifically to encourage people of color to strive to build a business in an industry that is greatly catered towards them.

Where Is Mayvenn Located?

Mayvenn is based in Oakland, California. Since the company is in the USA, shipments are provided to that country. While this is the case, it is possible to have products shipped to other countries. This won’t fall under free shipping and will likely require the assistance of other services.

How Does Mayvenn Hair Installation Work?

Mayvenn provides the customer with an installation voucher. This takes care of your wash, dry, braid-down, installation, and basic style. The company works as the middleman between you and your stylists, so you don’t have to do anything.

How Long Is Mayvenn Hair Shipping?

Their free standard shipping takes 4-6 business days. They also offer three alternative types of shipping; priority, express, and overnight. Their prices range from 2.99 all the way up to $40, depending on how fast you want your products, so plan accordingly.

Do I Recommend It?

Long story short, If you’re in a time crunch, yes. Otherwise, think twice. The hair comes extremely fast, but the quality seems a bit hit or miss. 

The bundles I received were great and worth the so-called affordable price. The closure on the other hand felt as if it was cheaply thrown together. You don’t seem to receive luxury products, but a cheap alternative.

If you are new to hair weave, Mayvennn would be a good option due to their free installation services provided by certified stylists. Do your proper research and you are likely to be pleased with the result.


A lover of all things beauty related whose been in the industry for about 5 years. While I'd love to say I'm a self-taught prodigy, I'm actually a licensed cosmetologist who has spent countless hours studying hair. I quickly learned sharing valuable information with like-minded individuals allows everyone to make the right choices when dealing with their hair. As a curly girl myself I love to experiment with different styles on a regular basis. While I do have a busy schedule between work, freelancing, and school; I always seem to find time for my hair.

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2 thoughts on “Mayvenn Hair Review (2023): Quality, Price, Pros & Cons”

  1. Hello Dasia,
    Great blog posts. Found it while researching Mayvenn. All the 5 Star reviews on the website made me research further. Nobody collects that many 5 Star reviews for selling anything.
    They seem to offer too much. The mark-up for Virgin Hair doesn’t allow that. It starts at $40.00 per bundle. Remy hair, maybe. Will be reading all you blog posts.


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