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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

I’m Dasia, a licensed cosmetologist who has been working with hair for over 4 years. Everyone has to start somewhere when dealing with their hair and the company we are talking about today specializes in specifically that. 

Myfirstwig highlights the easiness in wig wearing. They understand how confusing the process can be and have started this company to alleviate some of the overwhelming feelings. 

Today I am going to be reviewing the Malaysian hair blunt bob lace wig. 


This company was founded in 2015. They are known to go through phaseal improvements Their product line gets continually updated and they focus on quality hair for their customers.

The overall look of the store itself was quite seamless. The layout made sense and highlighted all of the key areas a customer would want. They highlight current deals, collections, and tutorials.

The range of products include more than just your typical wigs. The company provides tour advertisement of the products and even the option to find them on sale. The hair comes in up to 6 different colors and styles.

Many have reviewed the customer service the company provides to its clients. While I personally found it difficult to get in touch with a representative, within time they did check in. The company made sure you were taken care of in the best possible way.

The delivery of the product was especially slow in my observation. The arrival times continually changed and took over a week to arrive. While this is the case many have highlighted the products came in no time at all.

Other customers have pointed out the company’s goal in trying to help out new wig owners. They value ease and letting go of all nervousness associated with wearing wigs. Clients can easily tell the company is doing their best in satisfying those needs.

What I Like

  • Tutorials – the company from videos how to videos on how to deal with wigs, great for beginners.
  • Cap size – You are able to pick the size of your cap ensuring a better fit.
  • Hair types – the company provides two available hair types, Malaysian and Indian.

What I Don’t Like

  • Return policy – the hair has to be returned within 7 days in order for the company to receive the return.
  • Rewards program – for every $1 spent, you receive 1 point. When you go to spend the points, 50 points equal to $1, only 3000 points can be used per order.
  • Packaging – For the price, I expected something a little more luxurious.

Product Quality


Hair Strand

The hair was nice, but overall felt very average. The hair was close to $300 which is quite expensive for a wig that is not customized. For that price, I expected more.

The strands themselves were soft and silky which is a plus. As you run your fingers through the hair, you could quickly tell how the hair glided through. Soft and silky hair often leads to less tangles since the hair slips so easily. 

The wig was 14’’ in length and due to this fact I feel like the hair gave up the “bob” look. It was more of an elongated straight cut than a bob. If you are still going for a bob you could easily cut the hair to your desired length.

One of the most negative things about the hair was all of the flyways. Especially at the top of the hair, the wig looked like it had more than a subtle amount of flyaways. This is what led me to conclude why the company provides a flyaway tamer.


The unit was made from swiss lace and had a closure but the entire hairline was made from lace, similar to a frontal. This means the part could only be on the top of the head where the closure was. The benefit being the entire hairline, while not as deep as a frontal, could be exposed. 

The hair coming in a lace front was the overall selling point of the wig, but not sure if it makes it worth all the money. Lace is becoming common in even the most basic of units. You could easily find a lace wig for about half the price.

The wig had HD lace which is a step up from standard lace. The HD lace gave the hair an overall seamless look by blending almost perfectly. The lace was purchased in light brown, you had the option to choose. 

The choice of lace color is not an aspect all companies have. Lace is what allows the hair strands to blend seamlessly to the scalp so having this added customization is a benefit. Having the right color lace will allow for it to look natural when blending with your scalp.


The density was 130% and you didn’t have the option to change it. This density allowed for the hair to look natural yet thick. This specific density for the wig was perfect, the length gave it the perfect ratio.

If the wig was cut to be a more distinct bob like advertised, the density could have proved to be even better. It would have resulted in a thick full look with no thin ends.

With this density the frontal was full and offered a variety of different ways to style. If you parted the hair in any section it still felt full and thick.


The wig was constructed very well, as expected for the price. The wefts were sewn straight and no excess string was present. Having excess string is not ideal as it allows for the unit to be tugged on more leading to the wig to fall apart easier. 

One thing that was different about this unit was the wig had a thick strap sewn onto the back instead of detachable like others. This is of benefit to the user as it provides a secure method of installation.

You had a lot of options for choosing how you want your wig to be constructed which was nice. If you didn’t want an extra strap or a different type of hairline, you could have easily unselected the option. 

Cap Size

The hair had three combs, two on the side, and one on the back. Along with the clips the hair had two different types of elastic. Smaller ones along the perimeter of the piece and one thick one across the back.

The cap comes in two different sizes. The fact that this hair comes in a choosable size is an extreme advantage to the customizability and makes up for the steep price in some ways.

The site has a size guide that easily walks you through how to pick the right size. Really all that’s needed is for you to measure the circumference of your head. 

Store Experience 

The store was quite refreshing. The look was quite streamline and covers all of the needed areas. From the front page you can easily access the trending deals, different types of closures and even clearance sales.

Another benefit of the website is the fact that the company highlights the mission of the company and other well known services that have utilized MYfirstwigs.

The site even provides tutorials on different aspects of the hair. How to choose, apply, style, and care for the hair. These tutorials are a great thing to advertise to encourage proper care so that the hair can be the best fit and last.

Another added benefit of the site is the preselected categories. It allows your to shop by popular categories such as headband wigs, u-part wigs, and ponytails.

A popular category is the collections section. It covers styles that would be suitable for action and even styles that cater to a certain zodiac sign.

Range of Products

This site has a wide range of products. The company stresses the ease of buying your first wig and provides everything you could ever need to get a perfect hair piece.

Lace wigs and headband wigs seem to be the company’s specialty. The products are heavily marketed and have great reviews. They are the first thing you see when you log into the site.

All hair is 100% human hair and is provided in up to 6 different colors and styles. The two hair types available are Malaysian virgin hair and Indian remy hair.

There is even a clearance section available for customers. While this is available, you are not able to filter the products at all which makes it slightly difficult to navigate and find a specific product.

Customer Support 

The customer service for the company was one are I was surprised about. Throughout the entire process I didn’t get notified about the order. I got a few updates about when the order was shipped out and delivered but nothing in between. 

The company’s primary source of customer service seems to take place over email. They have 3 different contact options depending on where you are located.

The site also provides a chat box which I didn’t find to be of much help. The representatives weren’t available at the times I had inquiries. You have to leave you email, phone number, and message and they will get back to you.

Many customers have highlighted how attentive the company was in walking them through the process and checking in to ensure everything was correct. Although this wasn’t the case for me I was hourly taken care of.

Delivery Time

The delivery was one of the biggest disappointments of shopping with this company. The hair took over a week to arrive and its arrival date continually changed.

The company seems to have a 3 part shipping procedure. First the order is received, then the products are processed, finally comes the delivery. Each procedure takes a few days to complete resulting in you receiving your order in 5-15 days.

Another factor that can determine when you will receive your product is whether the product is in stock or not. The no-inventory orders take twice as long for customers to receive.

Myfirstwig mostly used DHL and FedEx to ship their orders, I received mine via DHL. The packaging was reliable and the products didn’t get damaged at all.

The company also highlights the fact that during peak seasons delays often take place in order processing. If you are ordering a product and are expecting to receive it in a short amount of time, ensure the product is properly stocked so you aren’t waiting around.

What others are saying

This customer highlighted the nervousness she experienced while searching for a wig. While she had these worries she quickly realized that she was fully taken care of by the company. The pre-plucked unit was one advantage of the hair and resulted in an extremely natural look that covered her insecurities. The benefits she received while shopping with this company led to her wanting to repurchase.

This customer highlighted the great customer service that was received. They followed up to ensure the piece was delivered and received many compliments on the hair itself. Likely to be a returning client.


What’s the quality of myfirstwig hair? 

This company offers two different types of hair, Malaysian virgin and Indian remy. They are handpicked by natural donors and the hair is 100% human hair. The company advises that despite the hair being of good quality, do not style or use heat too often or else the hair can get easily dried and tangled.

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How long does it take to ship to the UK?

The company uses TNT to ship orders to the UK, this is due to the fact that FedEx can often charge for customs. Along with the different shipping services, the company highlights shipping will take anywhere from 7-10 days. Customized hair will take an additional 2-5 business days to process. 

Do we recommend it? 

If you have a good amount of money to spend on some hair, this is a great company especially for beginners. The hair comes with everything you could ever need: a stand, fly away product, and a safety bag for the wigs themselves. 

While there are some minor flaws to the delivery and other areas, the hair is overall good quality. If you have the money to spend you surely won’t be disappointed.


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