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I’m Dasia, a licensed cosmetologist who has been in the industry for a while now. Specializing in hair has made it easier to direct clients on what their best options are.

Peruvian hair is a sought-after hair type that is both voluminous yet lightweight. This is perfect for someone who isn’t used to wearing extensions and the weight that comes with it.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Peruvian hair units on the market.

Best Peruvian Hair Review

Peruvian hair is a hair type that produces lightweight hair yet still maintains a lot of volume. If you are not used to the weight, Peruvian hair is a great choice for you.

  • Best Peruvian hair overall – Beautyforever takes the spot overall as it covers all the factors that’s important to consider when purchasing Peruvian hair. The bundles are priced right, have a great density, and are constructed well.
  • Best Peruvian hair for value – Nadula offers affordable units to their customers. While the units are basic, you can ensure you are getting great quality hair at an unbeatable price.
  • Best Peruvian hair for high quality – Dsoar offers high quality hair at a steep price. The hair has great density throughout the entire unit and is constructed well. You also get 4 bundles making the hair worth it.
  • Best Peruvian hair based on reputation – Unice has been around for over 20 years and continues to put their customers first. They have 24/7 customer representatives available to help answer all of your needs.
  • Best Peruvian hair for easy use – Tinashe offers easy to use units for their customers. The body wave texture makes styling easy and the hair is constructed well meaning it will last long.

1. Beautyforever Body Wave Peruvian Bundles 

Beautyforever was founded in 1999 and is based in China. They have many years in the industry that have allowed them to grow their reputation. In 2016, they made their official website that now services millions of users.

The company offers more than just weaves, they also have a wide variety of wigs and closures in many different textures. Their products are made from some of the highest grade hair to ensure their clients are getting the best hair.

The unit is in a 10A hair grade which is one of the highest grades on the market. Pairing this with the way the hair is constructed makes a great unit overall. The bundles are long lasting and have a great density making the hair worth the affordable price.

The bundles don’t have many downsides but one is the fact that the hair is only available in a set of 3. This makes the customization difficult and hard to reach your ideal look. The body wave texture also falls after a few wears making styling more difficult.


  • Price – Even the longest lengths are priced well making the hair affordable.
  • Density – The ends of the hair are just as thick as the rest of the hair.
  • Construction – The hair is machine double wefted creating a durable base.
  • Hair grade – The hair has a hair grade of 10A making it highly desirable.


  • Lack of customization – Aside from the length, you can’t customize the unit.
  • Number of bundles – The hair is only available in a set of 3.
  • Texture – The body wave starts to fall after a few wears.

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2. Nadula Straight Peruvian Bundles 

Nadula is dedicated to providing luxury products that are durable. They ensure innovation is a main part of their company. Through research and development they have been able to produce the best products for the customers.

While the company got their start on Alibaba, they have been able to grow by establishing a warehouse in the USA and implementing social media to grow their company. They are a top seller in China and that reputation has carried the brand.

The price is the main selling factor of this unit. The bundles are basic but made in a high quality way. The density of the hair is another selling factor as the hair is consistently thick throughout.

Since the bundles are so basic you don’t have much room for customizations. This is not ideal as you can’t get a unit designed specifically for you. The set is also only available in a set of 3 which makes customizations difficult.


  • Price – Even the longest lengths of the hair are affordable.
  • Density – The ends are just as thick as the rest of the unit.
  • Construction – The hair is machine double wefted creating a thick base.


  • Lack of customization – Aside from the length, you can’t alter the unit.
  • Number of bundles – Only sets of 3 are available for purchase.

3. Dsoar Straight Peruvian Bundles 

Dsoar is a leading online hair retailer that provides top-grade quality units. Providing great products and services is what keeps this company up and running. Based in China, they provide services to people all around the world.

If you happen to receive a product that is damaged in some way the company offers the option to refund or exchange. This is available for 15 days after you have received the product. Just reach out to customer service and they will respond within 24 hours of the request.

The main selling factor of this hair is the density. The hair is constantly thick and full throughout. Pairing this with 4 bundles you are able to have a voluminous and thick look with little to no effort.

While the hair is thick and well constructed, you have to pay for this luxury. The hair is quite expensive, especially considering you don’t have any option for customization. Expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars on this quality hair.


  • Density – The hair is consistent throughout creating thick ends.
  • Construction – The hair is machine double wefted creating a durable base.
  • Number of bundles – With 4 bundles you are able to create a full look.


  • Price – The hair is on the expensive side of the scale.
  • Lack of customization – For the price of the hair I would expect to alter the unit.

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4. Unice Body Wave Peruvian Bundles 

Unice has been around since the 90’s and has been providing quality service since day 1. The company is customer focused and aims to provide the best quality to their customers regardless of what it takes.

Unice is known for their outstanding customer service. They have representatives available  24/7 to answer all of your questions pre and post purchase. They also have several store front locations so you can view the products in person.

The main selling point of the unit is the density. The ends are just as thick as the rest of the unit. This makes it ideal for looking healthy, especially when paired with the shine it gives off. The hair is constructed well ensuring it will last long.

Some downsides to the unit would be the texture. The hair falls flat after just a few wears and this makes styling take longer. The hair is also on the expensive side considering you don’t get any customizations.


  • Density – The hair is thick all the way down to the ends.
  • Construction – The hair is double-wefted creating a durable base.
  • Shine – The shine of the hair is perfect in between healthy but not fake looking.


  • Texture – The body wave texture falls after just a few wears meaning more styling.
  • Price – The shorter lengths are reasonable but get expensive for longer lengths.
  • Lack of customization – Aside from the length you can’t alter the unit.

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5. Tinashe Body Wave Peruvian Bundles 

Tinashe was founded in 1996. With over 20 years in business, they have found a way to keep customers coming back. By cutting out the middleman, they have been able to provide reasonable prices to their customers.

The company also sells wholesale which allows you to grow your business. Since Tinashe has their own factory they are able to control the overall quality. This allows only the highest quality hair to be sold and distributed.

This hair is easy to use due to the texture. The body wave texture makes styling easy and getting ready fast. Pairing this with the construction you can expect to have a unit that will last long.

The price point of this hair is a bit of a downside. Shorter lengths are priced reasonably but longer lengths get a bit too pricey considering the basic unit you get. It also would have been nice to have a few options for customizations.


  • Construction – The units are machine double wefted and have a sturdy base.
  • Density – The ends are just as thick and full as the rest of the unit.
  • Texture – The body wave holds for multiple wears making styling easy.


  • Price – The shorter lengths are reasonable but longer lengths are quite expensive.
  • Lack of customization – The hair is quite basic and doesn’t allow customizations.
  • Number of bundles – The unit is only available in a set of 3.

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What factors to look out for when buying Peruvian hair


The price of Pervian hair can vary just like any other hair type. Generally Peruvian hair isn’t the cheapest option, but the hair is still quite affordable. Brazilian hair is generally the cheapest hair available and Peruvian isn’t much more in terms of price.

Many companies offer the option to choose a hair type as a customization. By looking for products that offer this benefit, generally you don’t have to pay more which makes the unit worth it. 

The cheapest you can expect to find Peruvian hair is around $60 which is about a $10 increase from Brazilian hair. Be on the lookout for discount codes and deals to get an additional discount on certain products.


Density can be a tricky factor when dealing with Peruvian hair. Due to the fact that the hair is so light weight you may think the hair lacks density. The opposite is true considering the hair is quite thick.

You could install 5 bundles and the hair will look thick but not feel overwhelming on the head. You can generally get away with the typical 3 to 4 bundles and won’t need an extra to thicken the look.

If you are purchasing Peruvian hair in bundles you generally can’t alter the density. This is more common with wigs. Keep in mind the average density of natural hair is around 130%. You can alter the hair to your liking.


Finding hair that is constructed well is an important factor for any hair you’re interested in, not just Peruvian. Hair that is constructed well is highly desired as the unit will last significantly longer.

Some areas to be on the lookout for are how well the hair is attached together. Units that are double wefted are a great way to ensure the hair is constructed well. This helps the base be more durable.

Also ensure there aren’t any loose strings on the units. If loose strings are present they have the possibility to be pulled and decrease the longevity of the hair.


How do I know if my hair is Peruvian?

The main identifying factor of Peruvian hair is its lightweight feel that creates a lot of volume. Peruvian hair is available in a variety of different textures. While the hair is lightweight, it’s also quite thick which makes it ideal for blending if you are planning on utilizing leave out. If the hair is similar to relaxed African American hair you are likely dealing with Peruvian hair.

Is Peruvian hair expensive?

Peruvian hair is generally more expensive compared to Brazilian hair but still affordable. This hair type is rare compared to Brazilian hair which is available at an abundant range. Peruvian hair also includes some benefits such as extra shine which increase the value of this hair type.

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Is Peruvian hair real human hair?

Peruvian hair is made from 100% human hair and is some of the best hair available on the market in recent years. Peruvian hair is a top-quality product that is sourced from real donors and ensures you get the best quality hair.


Peruvian hair is a great option for someone who wants a thicker look without the added weight. Peruvian hair is an affordable option that you may be interested in.

If you are considering Peruvian hair be sure to consider some important factors. The price, density, and construction are all important areas to be aware of when shopping for Peruvian hair.


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