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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

I’m Dasia, a licensed cosmetologist who has been in the industry for a few years now. Finding a reputable place to purchase hair from can be a struggle. On top of the company itself, finding good quality hair can be even more of a challenge.

With these points in mind, I will be reviewing the company Pretty Hair. The product purchased from them was their Brazilian body wave closure. This 16 inch unit was purchased out of pocket and no incentive was given in return for this review.


Pretty Hair was founded by Maja Sly, a woman who created the company because she felt all women deserve to feel pretty. She was greatly influenced by her uncle and Madame C.J. Walker, an icon in the beauty industry. The company prides itself in providing premium, yet affordable, virgin hair.

Overall the store was easy to navigate and covered all of the necessary information. They widely advertised the services they provide in addition to selling hair, they also help you grow your hair business. The store didn’t feel too overwhelming and maintained a simple small business appeal.

Pretty Hair is known for its wide range of weaves although they do carry other products. Their weaves come in single bundles along with sets. They also have over 6 different textures to choose from along with different hair types. 

The customer service didn’t prove to be of much help since they didn’t reach out but there was never a need to so that’s understandable. They provide a contact form if any questions arise and they will respond via email. If they wanted to reach out to a wider audience they could improve by adding a live chat.

The delivery on the unit was extremely fast. The product arrived via USPS in only 2 business days. This was under their expected time frame and had a cost of $15. If you want to receive the package at a faster rate, they provide express shipping with a $25 price tag.

Finding reviews on the company was extremely difficult which is not a good sign. Even trying to find reviews on social media seemed impossible. The reviews included in this article were some of the only reviews I could find and were over 6 years old. It seems there isn’t much to say about this company.

What I Like

  • Delivery – The unit was shipped ahead of schedule and arrived quicker than expected.
  • Company image – The site felt more personal like a small business
  • Density – The specific density wasn’t shared, but the unit looked thick no matter where parted

What I Don’t Like

  • Reputation – It was really difficult to find anything on the reputation of the company, this is usually not a good sign.
  • Lace color – The lace, especially on the sides, could be too light for some skin tones.
  • Price –This unit was on sale, had it not been it would have been over $150.

Hair Quality

Hair Strand

When first brushing through the stands, you notice how soft the hair is. This is desired as it leads to less tangles and easier styling. Another thing to note is the hair didn’t have an odd smell as some units do when first taken out of the package.

The color was another area where the company excelled. They offered a natural brown color that is rich with pigment. This offers the availability to show off the natural luster of the hair. I was a perfect in between of shine that looked healthy but not fake.

I found the unit to have little to no shedding as well. This is desired as it increases the longevity of a unit. Hair that sheds too much can start to look thin and unflatter, almost like you are balding.


The lace was purchased in transparent and was supposed to have a natural color. I did feel as if the lace was quite seamless but if your natural skin color is darker, the lace, especially near the edges might appear too light.

The unit wasn’t advertised as being pre-plucked or to have baby hairs. While this is the case, there were some shorter strands that could be used as baby hair, or easily converted into them. While the closure isn’t pre-plucked, the edge seems to be single knotted and the knots don’t appear too dark.

The size of the closure was 4×4 which gives you a good about to work with. It won’t quite meet the crown of your head meaning you can’t have a deep part but it will get the job done and finish off your weave.


The store didn’t give you the option to choose a density let alone tell you how dense the unit is. This being the case, I believe the density was good, especially for the 16-inch length.

Oftentimes closures are too thin and you can see right through to the lace, this gives off the appearance you are balding. This likely isn’t the look you are going for so it’s better to purchase a thicker closure.

No matter where you decide to part the hair, it still looks thick. The sides of closures may strat to get thin, but not this one. Remaining thick through gives you more styling options.

Cap Size

The unit is 4×4 which is an average size. For this specific unit, you are able to alter the length of the hair but not the size of the closure. If you wanted a larger lace area, you would have to choose a different product. 

Keeping this in mind, 4×4 gives you a lot of area to work with. The closure is usually installed at the top of your head allowing for you to create a part anywhere in that specific area.

Since the unit is 4×4, the deepest you can part is 4 inches. If you want a deep parted style this may not be the unit for you as you can’t go farther than 4 inches back.

Store Experience 

The website was overall easy to navigate. They professionally showcased the products and provided relevant information. With this in mind you could sense the brand was not as big as other international sites.

The site maintained a small business feel by providing few models and really focusing on the origin of the business rather than how the business runs.

The brand also widely advertises their physical stores along with the option to shop wholesale and become an authorized vendor. This makes the site perfect for anyone looking to grow their business.

Range of Products

The company seems to mainly focus their attention on the area of weaves. They have a handful of wigs but nothing compared to the variety in bundles and closures.

Some of the company’s top sellers appear to be bundles deals. You receive 3 bundles per deal that allow you to complete a full weave in most cases. The texture of hair they provide is another aspect that adds to the variety of products available.

Pretty Hair offers well over 6 different texture types along with hair types, including Brazilian and Peruvian. Considering this type of hair is highly sought after, they also provide reasonable pricing for their products.

Customer Support 

The company never contacted me throughout the order process but I didn’t find that to be a problem. Bearing this in mind there are a few ways to contact the company. The easiest way would likely be by email or phone. 

The company is based out of the USA, specifically Atlanta, Georgia. This may affect their response times especially for international customers. They also have social media handles for the company which is another way to contact the company. 

They don’t offer any sort of live chat or texting option which, the lack of, could be a hassle in some cases. The company doesn’t accept any refunds or exchange which makes it understandable as to why they don’t have representatives available 24/7.

Delivery Time

The unit was delivered relatively fast, unjust 2 business days, 4 including the weekend. This was under their expected time of 3-5 business days. The hair was shipped via USPS.

Once the payment has gone through, orders are shipped within 48 hours. Keep in mind orders placed over the weekend will not be shipped out until Monday. The company also does not ship any products out on federal holidays.

There are two different shipping methods available, standard and express. Standard shipping has a $15 fee and is expected to arrive in 3-5 business days. Express has a $25 fee and takes 1-2 business days to arrive.

What others are saying

This customer was very happy with the hair that was received. They pointed out the fact that the hair doesn’t shed and that a full weave was completed with just two bundles. They even express wanting to purchase more hair just to have an extra supply.

This customer was commenting on one of the physical store locations for the company. They were particularly disappointed with the fact that the store was not open during the hours advertised. This falls under bad customer service and can turn a potential customer away. 


Does Pretty Hair have a return or exchange policy?

Yes, the company does carry out exchanges under certain circumstances. The company needs to be notified within 48 hours and the product needs to be untampered. Keep in mind the purchaser will be responsible for all fees associated with the exchange. The company does not issue refunds. 

Can Pretty Hair be colored?

Yes, but the company recommends leaving that to a professional. Someone who specializes in color specifically on extensions would be a great choice. The company is not responsible for the outcome of the hair, whether colored by you or a licensed professional. 

How long does Pretty Hair last?

The longevity of the hair falls on you and how well you care for the units you have purchased. The company provides a care guide and maintenance instructions on how to better extend the life of your hair. Typically the hair lasts several months up to a year.

Do we recommend it? 

Yes, one of the hair reasons being the density! Closures can often look so thin that it appears you are balding. This unit was thick no matter where you parted it. A huge factor in finishing off a weave.

The delivery was fast, the product was good, and the price was reasonable. The company gives off a small business feel that makes you want to support even more.If you’re thinking of shopping with Pretty Hair, do It!


A lover of all things beauty related whose been in the industry for about 5 years. While I'd love to say I'm a self-taught prodigy, I'm actually a licensed cosmetologist who has spent countless hours studying hair. I quickly learned sharing valuable information with like-minded individuals allows everyone to make the right choices when dealing with their hair. As a curly girl myself I love to experiment with different styles on a regular basis. While I do have a busy schedule between work, freelancing, and school; I always seem to find time for my hair.

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