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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

As a licensed cosmetologist, I’ve found that there are certain specs you need to look for in hair to ensure you’re getting a good product. Keeping this in mind, I’ve found the benefit of being on the lookout for these subtle details.

Today I will be reviewing the brand Queen Hair Inc. Specifically focusing on their lace frontal deep wave wig. The site gives the unit a five star review and I’ll get to see if the hair truly lives up to all it’s advertised as. 

Keep in mind this unit was bought out of pocket and no incentives were given to write this review.


Queen Hair is a China based company that has been in the business for 10 years. They provide 100% human hair and have a variety of different grades available.

The site was easy to use, they had a site that wasn’t too similar to others but easy enough to navigate. They highlighted both discounts and sales available to customers. Queen Hair has 3 different physical locations that are highly advertised on the site as well.

This company is so popular with their products they even highlight a sold out tab to keep track of which units are not available. They have a wide range of styles and colors. Queen Hair has some of the highest hair grades available for their bundles as well.

While I personally didn’t have the opportunity to work with their customer support, there are plenty of options to get in contact. They highlight at least 3 different methods; Facebook, email, and phone numbers.

The fast delivery was one of the strong points in this company. I received my package in 3 days, damage free. The products also came with free shipping due to the threshold spent that qualifies for this discount.

There were definitely mixed reviews about this company. Some seemed to love both the products and store, while others had a problem with both. This is similar to many places and everyone will obviously have a somewhat different opinion.

What I Like

  • Measure guide – They have a step by step of how to accurately measure hair to achieve your desired size.
  • Shipping – I received the product in less than a week, 3 business days to be exact.
  • Pricing – For a lace front wig, the unit was quite affordable.

What I Don’t Like

  • Packaging – The product came in a bag and if it didn’t have a receipt it would have been difficult to identify the company.
  • Hairline – Despite being a frontal, had a part line that made the unit look like it was balding.
  • Construction – There were a few too many errors on this wig that can decrease the longevity.

Hair Quality

Hair Strand

This wig was purchased in the deep wave style and the product accurately matched the description.  The hair strands are relatively straight closer to the cap and don’t start to curl till about 2 inches down the strand.

The color of the hair was consistent from root to tip and rich in color. The shine was balanced as well. Sometimes wigs can look fake due to the color looking dull and not having enough shine. Since the hair is a grade 10A, this is one of the reasons the hair is such great quality.

As the hair was detangled, not only did the curl pattern stay intact, but the shedding was minimal. This is highly desired as it increases the longevity of the unit. 


This product had a 13×4 lace frontal installed. The lace is advertised as breathable Swiss lace. It also has the color of medium brown. All of these are desired as they lead to a natural look. The unit is advertised as having a middle part and the hair is more sparse in this specific area, it may be hard to alter the parting.

The unit has a pre-plucked hairline which means less work for the buyer. As well as a pre-plucked hairline, the unit also has baby hairs installed. They are on the longer side but perfect for anyone who wants to further customise to their liking.

The knots on this unit are not advertised as being bleached. Since the lace blends so seamlessly, it makes the knots stand out even more. It would be of benefit to carefully do this subtle customization to make the hair look more natural.


The hair was purchased in a 150% density which is quite high. There wasn’t the option to alter the density on this unit. For the price of the unit, I think it’s fair they didn’t offer this option.

The wig was 16 inches in length which paired well with both the texture and density. If you buy a longer hair length I would anticipate people wanting to increase the density, but due to the curly texture, I think you could get away with 150%.

The density feels quite slim around the frontal but thickens up as you reach the back of the head. As you are styling the hair it may be a good idea to keep this in mind and use methods to increase volume near the hairline.


I was quite disappointed in the construction of this wig, especially when dealing with the frontal. 

The material of the lace was great but the way the wefts were connected to the frontal was quite sloppy.If not styled properly you would be able to distinctly see the disconnect of the frontal to the rest of the cap. 

There were also a handful of leftover strings attached to the cap. This is bad because as they start to get pulled it can deteriorate the wig. This can easily be fixed by cutting the excess strings.

Cap Size

The cap has a standard size that is said to fit all wearers. The sizing is 22.5 inches but there are ways to adjust the cap.

The unit comes equipped with 4 combs and elastics along the back that can be attached at the nape of the neck. The overall size seems quite big, perfect for protecting your natural hair. It is also of benefit that the cap is on the bigger size since it’s easier to decrease the size.

While they don’t offer an option to customize the size, at least they make it reasonable to play around with different sizing. The cap is also made from a stretchy material that can aid in flexible sizing.

Store Experience 

The store had character and didn’t look identical to other hair sites. While the layout could be seen as similar they added lots of color and had various eye-catching product photos.

Queen Hair highlights sales and discount codes on the homepage which is great for a buyer. They also have links to both sold out items that are likely sought after as well as hot items.

They have 3 physical stores which are widely advertised on the site. They highlight addresses and numbers to get in contact with the stores. Along with in person they also provide wholesale and dropshipping.

Range of Products

The company works with selling both wigs and bundles, both are considered hot buys on the site. The bundles are available in not only sets but also a variety of different grades. All of the wigs seem available with lace, both closures and frontals are available.

Along with these specific types of units the products also come in a variety of styles. Body wave, water wave, deep wave, and straight are just some of the options. They also have several different colors available as well.

The company even offers a sold out tab that links their most popular items. This is a great tool to find the highest rated units and know which products are the most sought after.

Customer Support 

While I personally didn’t receive any contact from customer service about my order, there are plenty of options to get in contact with the company if need be. Queen hair uses email, Facebook messenger, and numbers are available for their physical stores.

The live message feature most companies have on their site is slightly different for Queen Hair. Their messaging system is directly linked to Facebook.

If you choose not to use this option, the site does have a messaging form that can be filled out. This is likely directed to the customer service team and you will get an answer via email as soon as a representative answers.

Delivery Time

The shipping on this item was surprisingly fast. The company advertises 3-5 business days and my product fell right in that allotted time. The package came in 3 days by the USPS.

Orders carried out via USPS are shipped within 48 hours. The other shipping services available are UPS and DHL. Free standard shipping is also available on orders over $80.

It’s important to note that while the company does ship internationally the delivery time goes up to 8 business days. A tax or custom fee may also occur but the company is not responsible and you will be charged.

They also have the option to order online and pick up in store. This would only be helpful if you lived in the area. This is a great option if you’re unsure about the logistics of your packaging arriving, you will have a safe place of delivery.

What others are saying

This client was very happy with the quality of the hair. The customer service proved to be helpful as well as the affordable pricing. This lead to the customer feeling like a real queen.

This customer felt as if the quality of the hair purchased was not worth it. The hair is advertised to last up to 3 years and she barely got 2 months out of the hair. This was a bad investment in her opinion and didn’t feel as if it was worth it.


Why does Queen Hair send a verification email?

One reason the company does this is to avoid fraudulent orders. You may receive this email if your shipping address is different from the billing address. They may attempt to verify either your phone number or email before processing the order.

How do you know if Queen Hair actually provides human hair?

The easiest way to know for someone who knows little about hair is to burn a hair strand. Human hair will turn to ashes and smell bad. Synthetic hair, instead of ashes, will produce sticky balls when burned.

Can Queen Hair be dyed?

Yes, the hair can be dyed. The company recommends darkening the color instead of lightning as lightning can cause damage. If you would like to change the color purchase something with a lighter coloring to start off with. Also ensure to do a test strand before coloring the whole unit.

Do we recommend it?

Yes, I found this wig to be a great deal! The pricing was good for what you get in return, the unit was constructed with some of the highest grade hair and was under $200. 

The product came in 3 days which was very fast and had no damage. The store was easy to navigate and although I didn’t have the opportunity to communicate with customer service, other reviewers highlighted this as a strongpoint of the company.


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