Quick Weave Hairstyles

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Last Updated: February 23, 2023

Are you looking for an alternative to wigs and sew-ins? Do you want a low-maintenance style that lasts?

A quick weave is a traditional style. This style utilizes glue instead of thread to lay weave on the scalp, weave cap, or on top of a diamond bond. A lot of people are scared of the quick weave because of the glue. But with diamond bond and new techniques protecting your hair is easier. The diamond bond is a black liquid that goes over your hair or a weave cap to keep the glue from getting on it. 

Quick weaves are versatile. You can do them with leave out, an invisible part method, or with frontals. Quick weaves are also versatile. Including bobs, half up and half down, and long. 

With that, here are 50 quick weave hairstyles to check out:

1. Long with Curls

Source: @hairbyd1me

This is a cute, longer quick weave with leave out. A quick weave with leave out is good for a natural look. Though the leave-out is not good for protective styles, it makes the style cuter.

2. One Side

Source: @styles_by_lamont

A shaved side quick weave is a fierce look.  Adding extensions for a fuller look is a great way to enhance styles. This is a great way to wear a quick weave.

3. Long Side 

Source: @hairstylesbynikki

This full head quick weave with a shaved side is a fantastic look. I love the ombre look with this style. It is a beautiful transition with a shorter side.

4. Bangs And Buns

Source: @hairbyprettybrown

You can get a quick weave with a frontal also. This is one with bangs and buns. This is the ultimate protection with no leave out or scalp exposed to glue. The short style with flipped ends is fun. 

5. Feathered Tresses

Source: @pearls_hairstyles

I love the feathered waves of this style. This style has excellent texture, movement, and a ton of body. This is a beautiful style to try. 

6. Voluminous Curls

Source: @shanise_glamroom

These voluminous curls may be heavy, but if that’s not a problem, this style would be great for you. To get this volume, she used six bundles. This is a beautiful look for a full curly natural look. 

7. Blunt Asymmetrical Bob

Source: @jasminedyonna

An asymmetrical bob is good in any style. But I love quick weave bobs. This is the best style for a quick weave, in my opinion. This bob is so cute, and this is a beautiful shade of red.

8. Afro 

Source: @shaunnystorm

A great way to wear a natural hairstyle while growing yours or just for the beautiful curls is to get a quick weave. You get the curls without all the work. I love natural weave looks. 

9. Short with Swooped Bang

Source: @shanelthehairstylist

If you want to try a short style, this is a perfect way. This short style is sophisticated and cute. I love the front swoop on this style. 

10. Mohawk 

Source: @33divahairbox

Mohawks are very bold. A good mohawk is hard to pull off—this is a beautiful curly mohawk. The color also makes this look pop.

11. Water Waves

 Source: @selenastyles__

This frontal quick weave is pretty. I love the water waves in any style. The baby hair and braid give this quick weave a wig look. It is a great alternative to having to reset a wig every morning. 

12. Curly Bob

Source: @shunstyles

This is a no leave-out quick weave. The invisible part is a popular quick weave style. The part is your real scalp with the hair glued around it. This is my go-to quick weave option. The curly bob look is gorgeous.

13. Middle Part Bob


The blunt middle part look is an excellent option if you are doing leave out or a closure like this look. I love how the chin-length bobs frame the face. This is a fantastic everyday look.

14. Bowl Cut 

Source: @elandadunn_stylist

The bowl cut is still a cute look, especially with color. This is a great short style to try. It is also a good protective style since all your hair is covered. 

15. Angled Bob

Source: @glam.up.studio__

The blue and pink is an amazing color on this quick weave. This is a complete quick weave with a closure. Doing color with this style is a great way to switch up from usual bobs. 

16. Crimped and Colored

Source: @33divahairbox

Getting color in your quick weave is a great option. Crimps are back, and style and is a perfect alternative to straight or curl looks. When doing quick weaves, it is the ideal style to try new ideas. 

17. Asymmetrical Bob

Source: @head2toemag

This dramatic asymmetrical bob is impressive. The curls and layers give this elegant style a soft look. I think blonde and brown are excellent choices of color for this look.

18. Natural Bob

Source: @bombtresses

This quick weave looks like a silk press. This is a lovely look. Going with a more natural bob is a terrific option for quick weaves.

19. Long With Bangs

Source: @hairbyumeka

I don’t think bangs when I hear quick weave, but this is a delightful style. I like the full bangs with the body waves. This is a cute retro look.

20. Knot Half up and Down

Source: @jazzyanabeauty

In half up half down style, the back is ordinarily quick weave though sometimes it is sewn. This top knot is nice-looking. I like the blunt cut on the hair left down. It gives this style a clean, sharp look. 

21. Blonde Half up and Down

Source: @kyhairhaven_

The braided front look is popular right now. The blonde ombre braids are cute against the tight waves left out. The back blonde waves are a quick weave.

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22. Half Up and Down

Source: @kyhairhaven_

This is another braided front style, but it is not as bold. These braids and curly back hair are adorable. The back curls have a good volume but not too much.

23. Long Invisible Part

Source: @33divahairbox

Long quick weaves are not as popular as the shorter styles. But they are just as pretty. These curls are luscious. I love the natural look of the part in this style.

24. Pixie

Source: @elandadum_stylist

The short pixie is a cute style to try. I love a good pixie style. Curling this pixie gives it some movement. But you can always leave it straight.

25. Straight Half Down

Source: @maebeezy_

The long blunt cut, half-up, half-down look is cute. I love the curtain bangs left out and the blonde ends. This is casual and pretty. 

26. Side Ponytail

Source: @_taeslay

This fun side ponytail is very pretty. Doing this style with color would be a fantastic look. The natural look is just as cute.

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27. Long and Straight

Source: @columbusbeautydirecto

The middle part with long straight tresses is a gorgeous style. This is a cute quick weave style to try if you like long hair. 

28. Layers

Source: @k.green_hair

This quick weave looks like her natural hair. That is the pro of having leave-out. This style would also look great with a frontal or invisible part method.

29. Highlights and Bangs

Source: @hairchulture

Bangs look great when doing right. I love the full bangs in this style. The highlights really bring out this look.

30. Half Up and Down with Bang

Source: @crownedbykee

The half up and half down style is always a beautiful look. This style switches up the typical look with a side bang. This is a quick cute style.

31. Electric Blue 

Source: @ulithaircompany

Doing color with a quick weave can seem complicated if you want the more natural-looking method of having leave out. But if your hair isn’t the right color, you want to try the invisible part or frontal quick weave method.

32. Red Bombshell

Source: @ulithaircompany

This is another beautiful color with the leave-out method. I love the curls in this quick weave. This is a very natural-looking quick weave. I think quick weaves are the perfect vacation style, just not in water. 

33. Ginger Curls

Source: @geegeewong

I love a good natural curl weave. This style is gorgeous. Natural curls are a good voluminous style to wear. 

34. Short Half Up Half Down

Source: @toplineboutique._

I really like how unique every up and half down style is. This one with curls is beautiful. I like that this style is done shorter because it could be a little too much with a lot of extra hair.

35. Pink 

Source: @dailydoseofhair

Pink is one of my favorites. I love this pink frontal quick weave. The straight look is beautiful with this color.

36. Swooped Curls

Source: @touchedbytae

This swooped look is adorable, and the curls bring out this look even more. I think this is a great quick weave style. This is an effortless style that everybody could pull off.

37. Blonde

Source: @chanelthestylist

Blonde is also an option for quick weaves. This is another full quick weave with a frontal. I like this blonde straight look.

38. Half Down Waves

Source: @gabrielkiara_

This is a pretty half-up look. The waves in this style are cute. I love the longer weaves when wearing looser waves. It is also an option to do a frontal with half-up styles if you do not want any of your hair out.

 39. Frontal

Source: @thereal_krissystyles

This is a unique look for a quick weave. Instead of doing a high ponytail, the ponytail is lower on the back of the head. The rubberband sections create an excellent design on this frontal, leading to the ponytail. The burgundy is also very fitting for this look and skin tone.

40. Two Braids

Source: @stylebyangle

Another change to the half-down style is the two braids in the front. I like the full look of the curls in the back paired with the braids. This is a lovely quick weave style.

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41. Afro Curls

Source: @littleplanetken

Afro weaves are always cute. I love the volume of the curly afro. The color and highlights really bring out the curls in this look. This is a great look.

42. Blunt Side Part Bob

Source: @moday2

The short side bob is pretty stylish. The splash of color added in the front gives this bob a gorgeous look. I like these shorter bobs to be blunt cut; it gives the style cleaner lines. 

43. Partial 

Source: @moday2

The partial quick weave is a great way to add length to short or shaved hair. This style adds weave to the top of this style to add length and volume.

44. Platinum Blonde

Source: @moday2

45. Pop of Color 

Source: @hollywood_stylez_

Another way to make short quick weave styles more personable is to add color. The layers of color added to this style are lovely. I do not think you can overdo feathering in a style. The feathering adds a lot of texture to the short look.

46. Twisted Updo

Source: @blondeafro

This quick weave updo is lovely. I like the creativity of the partial quick weave style. Her hair is flat twisted up to the side, then a quick weave is added to and curled. This is a good-looking style to wear, especially if you need a longer-lasting updo. 

47. Short Styles

Source: @simply.beautifulj

I love the curls and shape of this hairstyle. This is a cute asymmetrical style. The curls give this short hairstyle body.

48. Flat Pixie

Source: @wigsforblackwomen_

This short style is cute. The straight short cuts are straightforward. I love the idea of adding color to add dimension and movement to this style. The natural color is also very cute. 

49. Curled Up and Down

Source: @coliethestylist

Straight hair is a great idea in the half-up, half-down. This style is beautiful with curls and looks great in color. I love the sleek look in the half-up look. 

50. Butt Length Crimps

Source: @ulahairr

Dramatically long hair is eye-catching. Wearing long crimped hair is a stunning look. I like this style, but I find incredibly long hair cumbersome. This style would probably be more suited as a wig that you can take off after a few nights of fun. 

Final Thoughts

I love the versatility of quick weaves. I just had an asymmetrical short quick weave bob that I loved. Have you tried a quick weave before? Were there any styles you would recommend?


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